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GTA: San Andreas Characters and Gangs

With such a vast territory and such a great number of missions you would expect Rockstar to employ more characters in this game. However, this being the case, some well-known characters are returning from previous GTA games.

This page also offers an extensive survey of known GTA SA gangs; also expect in the near future a full character list.

Carl Johnson: The main hero of GTA: San Andreas. CJ needs to cross the entire state of San Andreas looking for a way to clear his name, save his gang, and make it out alive.
Played by "Young Maylay"

Brian Johnson: Dead brother of CJ. His death was the main reason CJ went to Los Santos in the first place.
Sweet Johnson: Older brother of CJ and assumed member (and, maybe even leader) of the Orange Grove Families Gang. There appears to be some beef between CJ and Sweet, as Sweet looks like he's blaming CJ for the death of their brother, Brian.
Played by "Faizon Love"

Kendall Johnson: Sister of CJ and Sweet Johnson. Emotions are riding high after her mother's murder, and she's constantly warring with older brother Sweet.
Played by "Yo Yo"
Smoke: Longtime member of the Orange Grove Families Gang and bud of Sweet Johnson.
Ryder: Another key member of the Orange Grove Families, and close friend to Sweet.
Played by "MC Eiht"

Frank Tenpenny: One of two down-and-dirty bent policemen that are putting the squeeze on CJ's old gang. Most likely, it's these two coppers that frame CJ for the homicide he's accused of.
Played by "Samuel L Jackson"

Eddie Polaski: The other corrupt cop.
Played by "Chris Penn"

Don Salvatore Leone: Making a reprise appearance from GTA III, actor Frank Vincent is one again to lend his voice talent to the role of the digital mobster. It's unknown as this time as to what capacity Don will take in SA, but he's in there!
Cesar: Latino character wearing baggy slacks, an undershirt, tattoos, and a buzzcut. Is a member of the Los Aztecos and dates Kendall. You do missions for (more precisely with) him in San Fierro - he's crazy about cars.
Played by "Clifton Collins Jnr"

Old Reece: CJ's old barber that still gives him haircuts anytime he comes in. Owns the Reece's Facial Hair Studio.
"Mysterious cabin woman": an unknown secretive caracter from a previous GTA. Named "raven-haired hottie with a knack for robbery" - probably Catalina, if you ask me (remember the robbery in GTA3, in the intro cut-scene)
  • Gang members are distinguishable in several key ways, such as clothing, tattoos, and hand signs.
  • Gang fashion ends up serving two very useful functions in the game. For one, it's a useful tool for the police when they need to identify a gang set or victim; for another, it also allows gang members to interact, whether it's just instantly recognizing and showing allegiance to one another or identifying rival gangs.
  • Tags mark the territorial boundaries for the gangs in Los Santos and are effective warnings to any trespassers or other gangs in the area that they are not welcome.
  • Gangs (NPCs) can do drive-bys (yes, on you!), normal skirmishes and shoot-outs with the police and even you can see a crew of Ballas jackin a poor nutter's car and going on rampage out of their turf.
  • Gangs names are (just to know whom you're killing): The Orange Grove Families (your gang), the Temple Drive Families, the Seville Blvd Families, the Ballas (Front Yard Ballas - the radicals and Rolling Heights Ballas - in Idlewood), Los Santos Vagos, the Varrias Los Aztecos, and...thats about it for LS anyway.
Be sure to check out our Screenshots for a look at those gangs!
By Mister V

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dannyhutch Feb 6, 2014, 05:40 am
were are the hovercrafts in gta san andreaes ps2 ????
reinanpf Jul 28, 2013, 05:30 pm
yes catalina is in GTA lll if your is "the exchange" your mission is help her
and the mission in GTA SA you will race you need to beat "claude" the boy friend of catalina he is wearing a
black shirt
187um Feb 18, 2013, 09:43 pm
CJ look so much like Dr.dre and Ryder is identical to Eazy-E
gtafan47 May 13, 2012, 02:04 am
Samuel Jakson and Chris Penn both look like there charecters
CJ1903 Apr 9, 2012, 07:06 pm
Whos Completed The Mision "Farewell, My Love"???
EdwardTheGreat May 23, 2010, 12:49 am
They should make a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories, where you can play as Sweet after CJ leaves for the East Coast for 5 years, and make the very end when CJ comes back
michael gab1 Apr 22, 2010, 07:30 am
James wood is apparently voice of Mike Toreno
Maret323 Apr 12, 2010, 06:24 am
i did play gta 3 but i dont remember any Catalina in there
gamingfreak Apr 7, 2010, 01:38 am
they should make another one and have u play as one of the ballas
racer98906 Aug 30, 2009, 09:47 pm
That "raven haired lady with a knack for robbery" is obviously Catalina. It says it right in the game.
Popkorn Jul 6, 2009, 03:00 pm
FUN FACT: Frank Tenpenny or Officer Tenpenny however you would like to refer to his as, Tenpenny comes from Ten-One or 10-1 which is a Police Code. What are the odds? :D
14231423 Jun 29, 2009, 12:15 pm
i think that they shood mack sa stories and play as sweat
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