100% Completion GTA: San Andreas


GTA: San Andreas 100% Completion Page

This is a 100% Completion page: all what you need to do to complete the game 100%.

(Notes: Info courtesy of DyingAlive and Derct - thank you so much people for getting the info! This page will be expanded further, namely with interactive location maps)

Some of the information on this page may not have been confirmed and is gathered from other sources. In due time we will confirm everything needed for 100% completion.

Downloadable 100% Guide

An3's has kindly submitted a 100% ticklist in Word Format that you can download if you prefer. It is very handy if you wish to print it off while playing the game.

Download: 100% Completion Guide in word format

What you need to do:
  • All General Missions (includes Vigilante/Ambulance/etc.)
  • Buying/Aquiring All Assets
  • Buying all Safehouses
  • Painting all 100 Gang Tags (all in Los Santos)
  • Photographing all 50 Photo Ops (all in San Fierro)
  • Collecting 50 Oysters (scattered throughtout the state)
  • Collecting 50 Horseshoes (all in Las Venturras)

Note: Expect a longer development time for our interactive maps on all those Hidden Packages etc., because of the number of different objects that are in the game.

Full Missions List:


"In the Beginning" type missions (the beginning, what):
In the Beginning
Big Smoke

Sweet Missions
Tagging Up Turf
Cleaning the Hood
Nines and AKs
Sweet's Girl
Cesar Vialpando
High Stakes, Low-Rider

Ryder Missions
Home Invasion
Robbing Uncle Sam

Big Smoke Missions
OG Loc
Running Dog
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Just Business

OG Loc Missions
Life's a Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Management Issues
House Party

C.R.A.S.H. Missions
Burning Desire
Gray Imports

Sweet Missions (continued)
Los Sepulcros

LS Missions - Final
Reuniting the Families
Green Sabre


The Courier Missions
Big Smoke's Cash
Yay Courier

Garage Missions
Wear Flowers In Your Hair
555 WE TIP (San Fierro C.R.A.S.H.)

Syndicate's Missions
Photo Opportunity
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Snail Trail
Ice Cold Killa
Pier 69
Toreno's Last Fight
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

Zero's Missions
Air Raid
Supply Lines
New Model Army

Wu-zi-mu's Missions
Mountain Cloud Boys
Ran Fa Li
Amphibious Assault
The Da Nang Thang


Casino's Missions
Fender Ketchup
Explosive Situation
You've Had Your Chips
Don Peyote
Intensive Care
The Meat Business
Scene: Fish in a Barrel
Madd Dogg
High Noon
Saint Mark's Bistro

Heist Missions
Architectural Espionage
Key to Her Heart
Dam and Blast
Cap Wheels
Up,Up, and Away
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's


Mansion's Missions
A Home in the Hills
Vertical Bird
Home Coming
Cut Throat Business

Grove Street's Missions
Beat Down on B-Dup
Grove 4 Life

Riot Missions
Los Desperados
End of the Line


First Date
Tanker Commander
Body Harvest
King in Exile
First Base
Against All Odds
Gone Courting
Local Liquor Store
Made Heaven
Small Town Bank
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell, My Love
Are You Going to San Fierro?


Toreno's Missions
Verdant Meadows

Airstrip Missions
Learing to Fly
Black Project
Green Goo

"Auto Theft"-type Missions
Zeroing In
Test Drive
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds


Missions found in Cars:
Vigilante (Police Cars/Bikes/Rhino) - Level 12
Firefighter(Fire Trucks) - Level 12
Paramedic (Ambulances) - Level 12
Taxi(Taxis and Cabbies) - 50 Fares
Burglar(Moving Van in Ganton, after 8pm) - Money value of goods stolen, to be confirmed.
Pimping(Pimp-mobile near Pay'n'Spray) - Level 10

Trucking (done in the RS Haul with the huge 18-wheeler truck)
Complete 8 missions for this asset to become yours.

Challenge Missions
BMX Challenge
NRG-500 Challenge

Chiliad Challenge
You have to complete 3 races.

Gym Missions
Los Santos Gym, San Fierro Gym, Las Venturas Gym - you have to learn there different fighting techniques, which you can later use. To learn a technique you have to beat the gym's "master".

Racing missions:

Los Santos
Lowrider Race
Little Loop
Backroad Wanderer
City Circuit
Into the Country
Badlands A
Badlands B

San Fierro
Dirtbike Danger
Benito County
Go-Go Carting
San Fierro Fastlane
San Fierro Hills
Country Endurance

Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot Races
San Fierro to Las Venturas
Dam Rider
Desert Tricks
Las Ventuars Ringroad

Las Venturas Airport Races
World War Aces
Military Service
Chopper Checkpoint
Whirly Bird Waypoint
Heli Heli

Driving School
You must complete a 360 and a 180 as well as these tricks:
Whip & Terminate, Pop & Control, Burn & Lap, Cone Coil, '90', Wheelie Weave, Spin & Go, P.I.T. Maneuver, Alle Op!, City Slicking.

Bike School
You must, again, do a 360, a 180, and the following tricks:
Wheelie, Jump & Stop, Stoppie, Jump & Stoppie

Boat School
The following training stages must be completed:
Basic Seamanship, Plot a Course, Fresh Slalom, Flying Fish, Land, Sea, and Air.

Pilot School
The following training procedure must be done (for your CJ to acquire more skill):
Takeoff, Land Plane, Circle Airstrip, Circle Airstrip and Land, Helicopter Takeoff, Land Helicopter, Destroy Targets, Loop-the-Loop, Barrel Roll, Parachute onto Target.

Shooting Range Mini-missions:
Pistol Challenge, SMG Challenge, Shotgun Challenge, AK-47 Challenge.

The Stadium Races:
8-Track, Blood Bowl, Dirt Track, Kickstart.

Valet Parking (done on the parking lot of the Van Hoff Hotel, acquired as asset)

Robi's Food Mart Asset (4 stages in Los Santos), Hippy Shopper Asset (4 stages in San Fierro), Burger Shot Asset (4 stages in Las Venturras).

Quarry Missions (acquire asset after 7 missions completion; done in the Quarry, apparently with the Bulldozer.)

Import/Export: 30 cars to bring there.
Freight Train - 2 Levels to complete (just ride the train, stop at indicated points, receive cash).

100% Completion Bonuses
- "Hydra" (Harrier Jump-Jet) and Rhino (Tank) spawn by your house. - All your stats maxed out. - You get 1,000,000$ (!) Please note this is not a definite list, nor is it accurate, because this is only a speculation on bits of game's code, so expect an update on that (!)

By Mister V (with info from DERCT and DyingAlive)

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GTM Nayan Jan 18, 2014, 06:23 am
hey man 250 collectables that'll take a long time but it'll be easier with a jetpack for land items & a seasparrow for oysters
GTM Nayan Jan 18, 2014, 06:18 am
hey, kamikaze thanks for the website
minime Jul 7, 2013, 11:40 pm
Hey, i see that u made a mistake in this thread. The mistake is that a mission says Cap Wheels it should be Cop Wheels. i just wanted u to know. :D
khan josh Jul 6, 2013, 10:48 am
it took me 5 days to finish everything and not a single is incomplete
PelaoMaiden Aug 12, 2010, 03:06 pm
after years of playing the game, I just found out that you don't need the burglar mission to complete 100%! I kept saying that I would do them later, but I got 100% without doing that mission...
Kamikaze Jul 31, 2010, 12:38 am
michael gab1

(unique jumps are not required)
try this checklist, maybe u'l find what u missed :


it helped me to find out i misssed 1 trucking mission
michael gab1 Jun 22, 2010, 03:18 pm
oh and where is the horse racing track?
michael gab1 Jun 22, 2010, 03:11 pm
i dont know what to do anymore ive completed everything on the list havent cheated and im still only 97.33% complete ive checked the stats list and absolutley everything has been done to my best ability and ive read up but still somethings are left to do, can anybody help? maybe the unique jumps or rampages which i cant seem to find but on other websites seem to have pictures of them being done?
scoobyturbo Mar 23, 2010, 06:58 pm
Kamikaze... it is there, i gaurantee that, il go through it again, go to the pirate ship, then jump in 2 water near the safe house, i should see a rocky formation near the wall, jump up onto that wer the horseshoe is and if you just keep walkin back and for on the rocks and you will eventually fall through in2 the underground world of san andreas, let me no when and if you find it..........
Kamikaze Mar 14, 2010, 10:21 pm
I can't find the passage in Las Venturas
Can u be more precise?

P.S.: why is one of my comment GOLD (the one of Feb 14, 2010, 03:12 am) ??????
ceege228 Mar 8, 2010, 06:59 am
i just got gta san andreas for ps2 a week ao but i'm already half way through los santos because i once had it for my laptop but the stupid modding broke the game
scoobyturbo Feb 18, 2010, 05:45 pm
Kamikaze... thanks for that, i did try it and it took me to the army base ship near the docks in san fiero, did u try the 1ns in lv and ls?
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