San Andreas Mission Guide GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Guide
In The Beginning

In The Beginning
Big Smoke
Sweet & Kendl
Sweet Missions

Tagging Up Turf
Cleaning the Hood
Nines and AKs
Sweet's Girl
Cesar Vialpando
Los Sepulcros
Reuniting the Families
Green Sabre
Beat Down On B-Dup
Grove 4 Life
Los Desperados
Ryder Missions

Home Invasion
Robbing Uncle Sam
Big Smoke Missions

OG Loc
Running Dog
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Just Business
Courier Missions
OG Loc
OG Loc Missions

Life's a Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Management Issues
    - Part 1
Management Issues
    - Part 2
House Party
C.R.A.S.H. Missions

Burning Desire
Gray Imports
555 We Tip
Snail Trail
High Noon
Cesar Missions

High Stakes, Low-Rider
King in Exile
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell My Love
Catalina Missions

First Date
Local Liquor Store
First Base
Against All Odds
Gone Courting
Made In Heaven
Small Town Bank
The Truth
The Truth Missions

Body Harvest
Are You Going To San
    - Fierro?

Black Project
Green Goo
CJ's Garage Missions

Wear Flowers In
    - Your Hair

Photo Oppurtunity
Jizzy - Part 1
Ice Cold Killa
Pier 69
Toreno's Last Flight
Yay Yay Ka-Boom
Jizzy Missions

Jizzy - Part 2
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Wu Zi Mu
Wu Zi Mu Missions

Mountain Cloud Boys
Ran Fa Li
Amphibious Assault
Da Nang Thang
Fender Ketchup
Explosive Situation
You've Had Your Chips
Don Peyote
Architectural Espionage
Key To Her Heart
Fish In A Barrell
Dam And Blast
Cop Wheels
Up! Up! And Away!
Breaking The Bank At
    - Caligula's

Zero Missions

Air Raid
Supply Lines
New Model Army
Beefy Baron
Verdant Meadows Missions

Flight School
Ken Rosenburg

Intensive Care
The Meat Business
Free Fall
Madd Dogg Missions

Madd Dogg
A Home In The Hills
Cut Throat Business
Mystery Man Missions

High Jack
Mike Toreno Missions

Verdant Meadows
Vertical Bird
Home Coming
Salvatore Leone Missions

St. Mark's Bistro
Wang Cars Missions

Zeroing In
Test Drive
Custom Fast Track
Puncture Wounds

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vesko Aug 8, 2006, 03:20 pm
IF u want to beat the last mission easy, here is one way-
Before beggining it , go to an Ammonation with a shooting range.Buy SMG, M-4 and sawnoff shotgun.Then go to the shooting range and cancel it. Do it again, and again...Each time when u cancel the range, your bullets for this weapons will be doubled.(Warning:If you have normal shotgun or combat, their's bullets won'be doubled, they will disappear.Also this thrick is not able for AK-47.)
X-TREME Jun 25, 2006, 02:45 am
Hey, GTA-bradders all you have to do to beat "farewell my love" is put in

x,down,white,up,L,b,up,a,left = flying cars

the other cars will go super fast and start flying all you have to do is go slow and you will win!
John H Dec 24, 2005, 02:47 pm
TyRaNt- to do VERTICAL BIRD- have a heat seeking rocket launcher handy before you start (theres one in the airport grounds in San Fierro in between some fuel tanks if you ain't got one). Check your contoller setup (for PC), mine is set as follows- STEER FORWARD/DOWN=Q. STEER BACK/UP=Z. (These are the basic tilt controls for flying helicopters. You need to set 2,4,6 and 8 on the number pad to the SPECIAL CTRL on the setup list. When you do the mission, kill the guards etc. and destroy the first 2 jets, now get in the one that's left (use the one thats a bit further away from the other two so it doesn't get damaged in the blasts). Use your controls as if you were flying a helicopter (up, down, tilt foward and back etc.) As you press Q to steer forward so the jet tilts at the front, tap the SPECIAL CTRL UP key (mine is NUM8) a few times, this gives the jet it's forward thrust and you will set off forwards. Now fly it just like a helicopter. Press the SPACEBAR to aim at targets and LEFT CTRL to fire rockets. If you have bother shooting things, get away from the carrier asap, find a safe place to land and use your rocket launcher to shoot the chasing jets down. Now fly to the old airfield, park the jet on the runway and drive to the area where the next targets are at. I found high up in the hills to give a good vantage point. Shoot the targets with the rocket launcher, go back to the airfield and park the jet in the marker. Job done!!
John H Dec 13, 2005, 02:42 am
Both FREEFALL and N.O.E. are annoyingly hard to do i thought, but you can pass them with practice. For N.O.E. take off, at the end of the runway, bank right and folow the coastline all the way round, go past the marker then do a u turn, climb high over the hill and down into the marker. Watch out for the trees as well! Use your map and red dot to help find the best place to u turn. Be careful though when travelling along the coastline not to end up in the water! This is the best route as it's the only one that allows you to fly under the radar for most of the journey. Use the same route to return. As for FREEFALL fly in the direction the jet is coming from and try to keep at the same height. Keep a very close eye on the blip on the radar. The second you see the blip close in on you turn quickly and follow the jet, try to keep your height the same again and avoid any unnecessary movements, you need to use every second to catch that jet. It's difficult i know and you have very little time but it can be done.
Sith Lord Oct 13, 2005, 08:08 am
A simple answer to a common problem:

Find a patch of deep water, like the ocean (well duh) and dive under, try and find a boat too, cos when you come up climb onto the boat and your oxygen will recover faster it seems

dont use the max lung capacity cheat either, you cant do the mission with that either.

Hope this helps =)
Sith Lord Sep 17, 2005, 03:27 pm
Ok to your first question I suggest trying east LS if not idlewood (Try going to the map page and turning all icons ON.

For Los Desperados my tips are:

Take armour - try to get it 150% by doing the Vigilate missions - best done in the hunter - get all golds in flight school.

Take molotavs, chuck them around a corner, dont worry abour ceaser and the rest i think they cant die (well none of them did when i did it)

M4 is best friend here, try to get a minigun, if not the M4

strafe around corners, makes health go a bit further

swap between weapons when a clip runs slow the reload time could kill you

if u have an RPG use it, 1 shot can take out a small group.

If you can get the paramedic missions done it will help a fair bit (although i never did it with the bonus it should keep u alive longer)

Sith Lord - Taking back hoods from dope dealers
Sith Lord Sep 10, 2005, 09:02 pm
that mission is a pain..anyway, my tips are:

Pick off people with the sniper rifle (Can be unlocked by completeing all 50 snapshots)

If you get a cop on your case kill him with your fists to reduce the chances of a 2 wanted star

Dont worry about the RPG dude, he cant hit you (I think)

Get some armour before the mission

When on the bike drive to the freeway to make things easier

Get ahead of it, and I mean far, hop off the Bike then time your shots, if your lucky you make take it down with one shot.

If you dont manage to take it out on the freeway the chopper will hover at the end so it will give you a very large opening to destroy it.

If you get cops on your ass frive ahead and shoot them with an RPG shot, but this will get you a level 3 wanted star much faster so it can get annoying.

Sith Lord - Your guide to shooting down Choppers
Sith Lord Sep 6, 2005, 07:28 pm
Remeber if this is the second part this is just the same track expect the start and finnish are just swapped over.

At corners, take your finger of the acceleration and roll around them, this may seem like your giving them a chance to catch up, but its better than spinning out of control.

Try to nudge the back corner of an opponents car, This is actually called the PIT move and ur supposed to learn it at the SF driving school, but in fact you can use it anytime, you just need to know how.

By trying the PIT you maycause a big pile-up which can help alot seeing as the may drive into water trying to recover, this works good near the river.

If your up high and the next point is pretty far low, dont be afraid to try and drive off, this can create alot of distance between you and the others.

My last tip is, dont drive near the other cars, if your too close and they move, you can be knocked into a spin, instead keep your distance at their sideand once you see an opening, take it.

Sith Lord - Making racing easier (well trying to)
John H Aug 23, 2005, 07:52 pm
To do the FREIGHT TRAIN mission simply go to any train station and wait on the platform for one to come along, you won't be waiting long.

Get in the train front carriage and activate the mission using whatever button your machine is set to (same as the taxis, vigilante, paramedic etc.).

Build up speed using forward, brake using reverse. I found the ideal speed was 45-50 on straight track and no higher than 40 on bends.

If going at full pelt jump on the brakes when the distance counter is around 280 from the target and you won't be far off the mark. I think you do 2 rounds of the whole map, just land the front carriage on the marker then onto the next one. Easy!
Sith Lord Aug 20, 2005, 10:36 pm
lol, I used the jetpack too, but my failed attempts were:

Attempt one: go in with a military car, i didnt have one so I went to the base to see if there was one there, a patriot came out so I chased it, I got out, but it wouldnt stop so I tried something else.

Attempt two: I went to the airstrip in a thought of "If you cant get in by ground use the air" to grab my hunter, I made my way there, I was shot down in seconds.

Attempt 3: Now this one was dumb, I went to the Las Venturas airport and took a plane, I flew over the base, and jumped out! I tried to use my parachute and float in, but the guards aint stupid, I still got hit by an RPG shot.

Attempt four: I actually thought of this myself and didnt think of reading the forums for help, so I used the good old jetpack

That is the story of how thinking of dumb thing, WILL GET YOU KILLED, but its still fun to try them out anyway =)
John H Aug 14, 2005, 06:25 pm
When taking cars to the import/export crane drive to your garage opposite the train station before dropping the car off at the crane, park it in the garage, let the door shut then get back in and drive carefully to the crane now. Any damage done previously will have been repaired free of charge and you will get the max amount for the car.
Boy Racer Jul 27, 2005, 10:05 am
oh yeah i dnt know if any of you gamers out there are having trouble with the mission up up and away but just in case you are heres a tip:
Complete all the airfield missions so that you have a jetpack unloked. Start the mission and instead of goin there and stealin the patriot and then tryin to kill 20 or smething soldiers go to ur airfield grab the jetpak and head to the Military fuels place. Go round the back way anf keep low! There are SAMs thatll blow u to shit if you get too high.
Land near the helipad and three soldiers at most will shoot at you. Kill em, shoot down the helicoptas wen prompted and get in the helicopter and fly off. Funny the SAMs dont work once youve got the chopper.
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