In The Beginning Missions GTA: San Andreas


In The Beginning Missions

In The Beginning Difficulty: Level 1
CS: The game begins with CJ (Carl Johnson - Young Maylay) departing Liberty City and then arriving at Los Santos International Airport. You start learning about why CJ has returned. After CJ has picked up his bags, he jumps into a taxi and heads for home. On the way home a cop car with sirens blaring pulls the taxi over. Three cops arrest CJ (Introducing Officers Tenpenny - Samuel L. Jackson, Pulaski - Chris Penn & Hernandez - Armando Riesco). They talk about pinning another officers murder on CJ. After a few moments they let CJ go and toss him out of the cop car, in a rival gang territory. And thus, the game begins.

  GP: Not much to this part, just hop on the Bike in front of you. Head south east, over a bridge towards the CJ marker on the radar.

  Received: Nothing

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Big Smoke Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: As CJ walks into the house, he looks around and picks up a picture of his Moms and starts hearing voices from his past. He walks around and eventually sits down, engrossed in the picture. As such, he doesn't notice the big black guy swinging a bat (Introducing Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris - Clifton Powell) thinking CJ is an intruder. After a moment as identities are confirmed, CJ and Big Smoke hug. Quickly Big SMoke says they should go meet CJ's brother at the cemetery.

  Received: Nothing

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Sweet & Kendl Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Big Smoke and CJ walk up to Sweet (Sean "Sweet" Johnson - Faizon Love) and Kendl (Kendl Johnson - Yo Yo) & Ryder (Lance "Ryder" Wilson - MC Eiht). A big arguement between the Johnson's erupt and Kendl runs off to be with her boyfriend. Afterwards, CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke & Ryder head back to Big Smoke's car. A car rolls up and opens fire on the gang, destroying Big Smoke's car before driving off to turn around for another pass. Everyone runs across the street and jumps on some Bike's.

  GP: Your first real mission, on a lousy Bike. All you have to do is follow the gang, don't worry if you suck. They wait up for you if you fall a bit behind. But keep close because the gang members will be after you. Eventually you make it to a parking lot.

  CS: You learn the gang car is still after you, have to keep on going!

  GP: Just have to keep following the guys back home. Keep up still.

  CS: Once you get back home, everybody hangs out in the middle of the road sitting on their Bikes talking about what's going on.

Respect: 3 Points
Safe House: Johnson House. Save, change clothes once you get more, collect some prizes (currently a Camera in the upstairs bedroom)
Pay 'N' Spray's open up.
Phone Call: Sweet tells you to go see Ryder (Look for an R on the radar)
Side Missions: BMX Challenge, Stadium Events (8 Track)

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Ryder Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: You walk inside Ryder's house and find him smoking, getting high, and he informs you some pizza joint painting over the Grove Family tags. He wants to go do something about it.

  GP: Get into Ryder's Picador. CJ and Ryder talk about somethigns and discuss Reece the Barber. CJ decides to go get a haircut, so head to the barber shop. Walk into the Barber Shop and then into the red marker. Buy the cheapest haircut for now. Afterwards, go back outside.

  CS: CJ will talk to Ryder, who tells CJ he should go grab a pizza.

  GP: Go across the street and into the Well Stacked Pizza and into the red marker to buy a piece of pizza.

  CS: Ryder comes in with gun in hand and tries to hold the place up. Some commetary ends up with the pizza guy grabbing a gun and firing at CJ & Ryder as they run outside.

  GP: Get into the car, run over the pizza guy for a free shotgun. Then take Ryder home.

  CS: As CJ & Ryder part ways, he tells you to go see Sweet.

Respect: 3 Points
New Missions: Sweet Missions
Shops Open: Tattoo, Barber
Food Places open up: Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Well Stacked Pizza

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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