Sweet Missions GTA: San Andreas


Sweet Missions

Tagging Up Turf Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Sweet & Big Smoke are playing Basket Ball outside Sweet's house when CJ approaches them. They talk to you about Gang Tags and spraying them around the city and that Ballas has been spraying on the OG territory. They want you to go out and spreay over their tags. So CJ heads back to the street, where Sweet runs up to you and decides to join.

  GP: Jump in the car and head off to the first of 6 markers. Sweet will spray the first tag for you and then tell you to go and spray the other two nearby. Afterwards Sweet wants to go and spray over some of the Ballas tags on their own turf for some payback. Drive over to the 4th marker. The 1st one of these 3 is really simple, target and spray. The 2nd wants you to run up to the 2 gang members and spray them in the face, though you can just shoot them if you have any weapons. Then just target and spray the tag. The 3rd tag, last one for the mission, is ontop of a building, you'll have to follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to climb small walls and fences. Sweet will pull up as you finish the third one, so jump down and get in the car, head home.

  CS: Sweet asks how you are and gives you some cash.

Respect: 3 Points (plus 5% for each additional tag, so if you go around spraying more before you go back home you'l get more respect). Refer to the
"LS: Gang Tags" section for the rest of the tags around Los Santos.
Money: $200
Weapon: Spray Can in Johnson house bedroom
Mini Game: Basket Ball
Phone Call: Officer Hernandez gives you a message from Officer Tenpenny.

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Cleaning The Hood Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Sweet & Big Smoke are sitting around talking about some Ballas drug dealers pushing drugs on their homies and want to do something about it. So CJ & Ryder decide to try and enlist some help from B-Cup.

  GP: Drive to B-Cups house, it's really close.

  CS: You watch CJ & Ryder walk inside and knock on the door with B-Cup (Mark "B-Cup" Wayne - The Game) answering the door. You see Big Bear (Barry "Big Bear" Thorne - Big Boy) cowering in the back. You've got to ask, just what kidn of screwed up relationship are these two guys in? B-Cup refuses to help out and sends CJ & Ryder on their way.

  GP: CJ & Ryder decide to take some action anyways, so head over to the dealer pushing drugs on an OG member. Get out of the car, run over and maim the guy. Grab the bat if you want it.

  CS: Ryder walks up and recognizes the guy and that he's from the Front Yard gang, and wants to go to his place and check it out.

  GP: So head over there and head into the building.

  CS: Ryder walks in in an uproar and decides to start beating some Ballas guy over the head with his bat. At this point, a couple more Ballas join the fray and go after CJ & Ryder.

  GP: Maim the dudes in anyways you can or want to. Afterwards, head back to Sweet's place.

  CS: CJ & Ryder depart ways.

Respect: 3 Points

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Drive-Thru Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ walks in with Big Smoke talking about respect and then food. This makes everyone hungry and Big Smoke talks everyone into going to the Cluckin' Bell to grab a bite to eat.

  GP: Get in the car with everyone else and head off to the Cluckin' Bell. On the way oer you'll hear more about Moms death.

  CS: When you pull up, everyone places their order. What the hell is up with Big Smoke eatting so freakin' much? His bill must be HUGE! Again you learn more about Moms, but a Ballas car drives by heading towards the neighborhood.

  GP: Quickly give chase! Keep up to it and slam into it as much as you can. Eventually it'll catch fire and explode, you'll have to get out and gun down anyone who got out or drive over them. Jump out and grab their guns and money they drop. Then drive back to Sweet's house.

  CS: Everyone wants to just go home, Big Smoke asks for a ride home.

  GP: Drive him home.

  CS: CJ & Big Smoke talk about Sweet and gives CJ some money.

Respect: 5 Points
Money: $200
Phone Call: Sweet calls and insults you, saying you're to skinny and such. He tells you to go to the Gym to beef up a bit.
Gym: Los Santos

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Nine's & AK's Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Everybody is inside talking over a game of dominos. I find this disturbing, big burly gang members willing to kill are playing DOMINOS? CJ brings up a discussion about firepower and where they stand. Everyone is for getting better firepower, so Big Smoke suggests going to see their former supplier, Emmet.

  GP: Get in the car and head to Emmet's. Big Smoke tells CJ a bit about why the gagns are fractured as well.

  CS: Meet Emmet (Emmet - Eugene Jeter Jr.), a tad bit on the pyscho side, he says some thigns about Moms and then about getting guns.

  CS/GP: Intersperesed with a CS's of Big Smoke shooting, and GP of CJ shooting as well. You learn about the targeting system, crouching, and manual aim. Kill them evil bottles!

  CS: Afterwards, as Big Smoke & CJ are leaving, Emmet spews some crap about being the best place for guns. HA!

  GP: Drive Big Smoke home.

  CS: When CJ drops Big Smoke off at home, Sweet calls and tells you to go get some colours.

  GP: Head to he nearby Binco's and buy some green clothes.

Respect: 4 Points
Missions: Big Smoke
Clothing Stores: Binco, Didier Sachs, ProLaps, & SubUrban. Bought and previously owned clothing appears in Safehouse wardrobes.

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Drive-By Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks in on Ryder harping on CJ, total disrespect man, and his driving skills and giving himself flowers over how great a driver he is. Sweet decides to give you your chance and puts you behind the wheel. Sweet wants revenge for the halted(by CJ & Crew) attack in the previous mission at Cluckin' Bell, he wants to go Drive-By their neighborhood.

  GP: Get in the car and head to the Ballas neighborhood.

  CS: When you get to the marker, they show you your first target and everyone getting ready.

  GP: Just drive up slowly and as close as you can. They start shooting on their own and it won't take to much, angle the car around in front of the Ballas if they don't die right away. If you have an Uzi, you can join in the fray and make it even easier to pass this easy mission. You can jump out of the car, though the gang calls you a Busta, to get free ammo and money if the Ballas drop any. For the last batch (In Glen Park, they're under the southern part of the roadway) just drive over them at full speed. When you do this, you'll get a 2 Star Wanted Level, but don't worry, just follow the path you're on around to the north part of the bridge and through the Police Bribe. Drive to the Pay 'N' Spray, and head home.

  CS: Sweet's happy as a bee when you get home. Quipping "Grove is BACK!" a couple times. He'll give you $500 for beer. Hmm, drink much guys?

Respect: 6 Points
Money: $500
Missions: Ryder

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Sweet's Girl Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks into Sweet's house looking for everybody, but no one's home. CJ heads outside and gets a phone call from Sweet. Appears he's with his girl in Seville territory and they're out to kill him. He wants a ride out of there, so go give it to him.

  GP: Best to get a strong vehicle, and some ammo. Take that as a hint, always have ammo and full health/armor for any mission from now on. Drive to Sweet's location and you'll see some guys shooting at a building, where Sweet is. I just ran over the lot, a couple swings around is all it took. You can jump out and waste them, try to keep something liek a wall or vehicle between you and them though. Once they're all dead, Sweet will call you and tell you to get a vehicle with 4 doors. Not to hard, just jack the nearest one and drive into the red marker. (Everytime I played this mission, there was one right there. I think it was Sweet's car.)

  CS: Sweet and his girl will run out to the cara nd jump in, he'll tell you to gun it for home.

  GP: Best thing to do is drive into the red marker facing North so you can easily just gun it down the street towards home.

  CS: Sweet gives CJ a brotherly hug, seems they're good now.

Respect: 7 Points

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Cesar Vialpando Difficulty: Level 3 One star for Eye/Hand Coordination.
  CS: When CJ walks into Sweet's house, Sweet & Kendl are having a heated arguement over her choice in boyfriends. Kendl won't hear a thing about it from Sweet and storms out the door. Sweet asks CJ to go and look after her at a low-rider event.

  GP: In order to go to the event you'll need a low-rider. Luckily Sweet has arranged one for you. Head to the Mod Garage (Loco Low Co.) to pick it up.

  CS: A guy drives up to a waiting CJ with a low-rider. You learn about modding vehicles here as well. Once you've done that head to the event.

  GP: Drive to the event. This event can be quite tricky. I suggest a small wager. It takes a steady hand, good hand/eye co-ordination. You have to move the move to the music, by means of the R3 (Right analog controller) to the symbols that appear on the screen. (Rip off of Dance Dance Revolution if I ever seen one. Wait, there's an even bigger rip-off soon enough.) Get the symbol correct just as it's fully in the circle.

  CS: Kendl comes up to CJ, you meet Cesar Vialpando (Cesar Vialpando - Clifton Collins Jr.), Kendl's boyfriend. The three end up in an arguement, though quickly enough ends with CJ and Cesar agreeing to just accept each being in Kendl's life.

Respect: 0 Points
Money: Depending on Wager: $50 = $100, etc. I imagine $1000 = $2000.
Phone Call: Cesar calls you and invites you to a Low Rider race.
Mission: Cesar Vialpando
Business: Mod Garages

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Doberman Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: You learn about Ammu-Nation and that you can buy weapons there, and then Glen Park, the area you have to go take over.

  GP: Long range weapons such as an AK-47 are a must for gang wars! Head to Glen Park, bring a long a couple of OGF members to help out (Can you say cannon-fodder?) If you want. Start a gang war, kill 3 Ballas that are together, CJ has to be on foot. Survive for three waves of these guys.

  CS: Told about gang wars, owning territory, etc.

  GP: Some guy runs out whining about being set-up by Tenpenny. Kill him and any other opposition.

Respect: 40
Gang Warefare
Stores: Ammu-Nation
Money Spawn at CJ's House (Steadily grows, income from gang territories. The more you control the more it earns)

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Los Sepulcros Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Tenpenny told Sweet about a Ballas Funeral & Sweet wants revenge for their attack on Moms' funeral.

  GP: Get in the car, you now have a four minute timer to get to the cemetery, you have to get there before Kang gets there.

  CS: Everyone piles out of the car and over a wall.

  GP: Walk up to Sweet.

  CS: A plan forms and you wait for Kang to arrive.

  GP: Take out every Ballas member including Kang. Sweet will go grab a car while you finish off any straglers, then just jump into the car and head back to Sweet's house.

  CS: Sweet tells everyone to go home and they do.

Respect: 10

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Reuniting The Families Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Sweet talks about a Families reunion at Jefferson Motel.

  GP: Drive everyone to the Hotel.

  CS: Sweet goes in alone, one rep per family. An LSPD Maverick, S.W.A.T. Enforcers, and LSPD appear! A Set-up! Ryder & Big Smoke bail when CJ decides to go in after his brother.

  GP: Run into the motel quickly. Take out all S.W.A.T. guys inside, beware as they pop out from rooms and skylights. If you're low on health head back ot the lobby and buy some soda pop for a health boost. Sweet is in, of course, the last room, so be sure to have full health before going in.

  CS: Sweet asks where Big Smoke & Ryder are, then hugs CJ. The two head out & up to the roof. AN LSPD Maverick appears and opens fire as CJ & Sweet run for cover.

  GP: Take out the sharp shooters, 4 of them, then the LSPD Maverick. Follow Sweet after the LSPD Maverick has crashed.

  CS: Ryder & Big Smoke show up in the car!

  GP: Shoot the cars' tires to force them to loose control.

  CS: A couple cops eating doughnuts and complain when they get the call to give chase.

  GP: Shoot the HPV1000's drivers, and the cars' tires. Becafeful, some cops jump on the car!

  CS: An LSPD Maverick giving chase pulls down to low and loses control, but Big Smoke speeds the car under the angled blades just as the car loses it's brakes. So the car barrels through the back of a billboard sign! It crashes down into a gas tanker with a fiery explosive ending. KA-BOOM! So long CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke & RYder, or is it?

Respect: 15

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Green SabreDifficulty: Level 3
  CS: Sweet rallies the gang, then CJ walks in. Sweet apologizes for ever doubting him and gives him great acolades. Everyone prepares for the upcoming fight. Once outside, CJ gives gets a call from Cesar about something incredibly important that just can't wait.

  GP: Get in a car and go meet Cesar in an alley beneath the above ground highway.

  CS: Shit hits the fan, CJ is floored by what he sees! Sorry folks this is important, play to find out what happens!

  GP: Now you have to go save Sweet again! Head West two blocks, North four blocks, & East till you see where everyone is. Try to drive over a couple Ballas if you can.

  CS: CJ finds Sweet shot & the OGF's surrounded. CJ tells Sweet about Big Smoke & Ryder.

  GP: Take out as out all the Ballas! Try to stay outside the circle, get them from behind!

  CS: And then the LSPD arrive in full force. Everybody gets arrested, including Sweet & CJ. Tenpenny personally takes CJ away from the scene.

Respect: 15
Island: San Fierro
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Beat Down on B-Dup Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: A girl sweet talks Sweet into trying some drugs, but CJ crashes the party. CJ talks some sense into Sweet and kicks the skinny chick out the door.

  GP: Head to B-Dup's place.

  CS: A drugged out clone of Sweet tells CJ where B-Dup is.

  GP: Go to Glen Park, start a gang war, take the park!

  CS: Oooh, a house, nifty.

  GP: Find and kill B-Dup, along with any cronies in the area. Stay back and take the gaurds out from afar. Go into the marker.

  CS: CJ & Sweet confront B-Dup about the drugs, though B-Dup refuses to talk. Bear appears and punches B-Dup, then leaves with Sweet.

Respect: 80

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Grove 4 Life Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Sweet rallies the troops, but CJ hesitates. Sweet talks him into taking the hood back, though.

  GP: Go to Idlewood & start a gang war. After that, start a second gang war. Then take Swet home.

  CS: CJ & Sweet congradulate each other and Sweet gives CJ some money.

Respect: 40
Money: $10,000

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Riot Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: The whole crew watches a news report on Officer Tenpenny. The citizens revolt and start a city wide riot.

  GP: Take Sweet home. Have fun watching the Riots. Make sure you've got 36-37% of territories taken by this point though.

Respect: 40

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Los Desperados Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Another confrontation between CJ & Sweet. Sweet again talks CJ into helping him and the 'hood out. Cesar runs in asking for help, CJ agrees.

  GP: Take Cesar to Unity Station to meet his homies.

  CS: Cesar introduces CJ to his homies, and vice versa.

  GP: Take out all the Vagos.

  CS: Cesar tells CJ he came prepared!

  GP: Take out more Vagos.

  CS: Aaah! Flame thrower!

  GP: Kill, Kill, Kill!!!

  CS: Cesar thanks CJ for his help.

Respect: 60

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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