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GTA: San Andreas Secrets and Tips

GTA San Andreas has an incredible amount of secrets, tips and funny/interesting glitches. So we decided to add all our secrets to the g-unleashed forums to make it easier for you to search for them and make your own comments on them if you wish.

So don't go away, your one click away from a ton of cool secrets.

Accessing the ghost world on PS2 version - by Flamehead
Access the Ghost world on PS2 This little trick found by Flamehead, allows you to break out of a building interior and explore San Andreas the way it shouldn't be explored!
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-Saint Cross- Feb 5, 2007, 05:47 pm
hellol everybody!!!
you wanna hear a great glitch of san andreas??
for the glitch you need:
1.full max health.
2.a parachute.
now when got these things you can just jump out of the plane,heli,skycrapers...when in theair open your parachute and then jump out of your parachute and freefall and when you hit the ground you SURWIVE!!!!but you health will be very low so watch yourself...
have fun this funny glitch!!!
Almond Jul 21, 2006, 11:14 pm
Hey I found an easy way to get an FBI Rancher. First, get into Area 69, get the Barracks, drive out of the base and you should have a 5 star wanted level. Drive back to the abandoned air strip and save the game. When you go out there should still be FBI Ranchers outside of the save house, but you won't have wanted level. There should be at least one Rancher that is completely empty. Just steal it and save it and there you go, a brand new collection to your garage.
DaBigL Jul 17, 2006, 02:23 pm
Weird little thing: If you're flying a plane (Hydra or Stuntplane r best for this) at night, turn the camera to first person, and fly towards the moon (if the weather is bright enough). Then make a barrel role, and the moon turns with you :|
DaBigL Jul 12, 2006, 08:26 pm
The license plates of your girlfriends are pretty cool:

Denise: Homegirl
Helena: *No license plates*
Katie: Trauma
Michelle: No47 gos (dunno if it means anything)
Barbara: Cuffs
Millie: Spank

The license plates on the front of the cars are different from the ones on the back.
mafiaman May 7, 2006, 07:16 pm
i found a glitch in vinewood.

you might not have to buy the property but you can go though the wall!!

you can get a bike and go through the wall and do insane stunts or you can use it as an underworld gate!! but you need a jetpack for that.

...anyway the house is in vinewood close to madd dog's house (its a house you can buy) so you go in back of the house there should be a pool there. and so the wall is the one next to the pool facing west you can go through it and there is an invisible floor. to get to the underworld walk towards the inside of the house. if you go down you will end up beside the house. i think that the house is about $100,000
theDuke Apr 19, 2006, 04:36 pm
Here are some tips and some answers...

to have sex in GTA SA you must change into your Gimp suit and then drive along till u find some hookers and walk near them. dozens will be attracted to you and they follow you around.
if one girl asks for sex, respond positively and she will get in your car for some hot fun! If you loose a car door, you won't see them doing it, just sitting in their positions as the car rocks!

Gym glich.. i heard that when the Gym says "You have worked out enough today, come back tomorrw" and the same happens the next day is because you may have done so many cheats.
it happened to me and the only way to stop it was to start the game again!!

Also there is a secret tunnel in Fort Carson, Las Venturas.
it runs parralel to the river front. If you came from the Big Ear driving along to Fort Carson, before the bend in the road, off road onto the "beach" and head towards your private jetty by your house.
You will see a round black hole, so speed through it, a long dark tunnel and you come out in Fort Carson! weird but nice to find!
drub22 Apr 15, 2006, 09:56 am
BP Sabre You have to begin the mission where you hold up the gas station and steal their gas. Don't enter the Tanker vehicle. Shoot your psycho girl friend dead. Walk over to the sabre that has appeared. Shoot it anywhere on its body with a firearm which pops it up and makes it movable. Run to your save garage in dilimore and have a tow truck already placed. Go back to the sabre and tow it to any save garage. This sabre is also dent resistant. I like to paint it green, similar to the green sabre you see in a previous mission. Mod it and have fun!
DaBigL Jan 15, 2006, 12:03 pm
I found a pretty cool thing: If u do the Siant Marks Bistro tip below, BEFORE u get out of San Andreas, Put the red indicator on the map on the little beachy area in Tierra Robada near the Kincaid bridge. Now, when u fall into the ghost world I was talking about, swim to the marker, search a little round and u should suddenly walk on the transpirant land. Now do the Jetpack cheat (ROCKETMAN). Fly to the crane in the docks of San Fierro (first, get to a big hight, to avoid obstacles) and go to CJ's garage. The doors are gone, so u can take a look around in it. There will be normal pedestrians on the streets, and the weapons, police bribes and stuff like that is is still there, but I didn't notice other cool/strange things.
DaBigL Jan 14, 2006, 06:19 pm
Here's what I did during the mission "Saint Marks Bistro". I don't cheat, so I saved the mission after I completed it in a different safe-slot then I usually do. Then load the game at the point that u're about to start this mission. I've used the cheats AEZAKMI (No police), WANRLTW (Infinite ammo, no reload), NCSGDAG (Hitman in al weapon stats), KANGAROO (Megajump) and BAGUVIX (Infinite health). Now go to the Caligula's Palace casino, and start the mission. Just get to the airport, and fly to Liberty City. Then, you can kill some people who shoot on you, but since u used BAGUVIX nothing can happen to u (U can only drop dead from high buildings). DON'T KILL THEM ALL! If u kill everyone, u will be back in the plane, and don't have the chanche to look a little round. Nou just follow the path, go outside, and the jump on the wall. Note: u used KANGAROO, so u will probably jump over the wall. U will get into a little area with snow all over it. at the other side is another wall. If u jump over this one, u just have enough time to see Liberty City, the Metro, some buldings, and stuff like that. take a picture or a Print Screen. U will fall for a long time, until u suddenly hit the water. U're now in some kind of ghost world. When I swum back to San Andreas, I didn't see the landscape, but one of the cranes in the docks. But I got blocked by the walls of the docks.
I haven't tried this yet, but if u press 'Esc', and then select 'Map', click with u're right mouse button on a place where u can get on land, so that the indicator appears there. Maybe u can explore San Andreas a different way like this. Maybe ther are some more ways and oppertunities with cheats to get there, or even further into Liberty City, I don't know, but I keep on trying, an if I find something, I'll let u guys know.
Verdant_Meadows Jan 1, 2006, 02:28 pm
How to rob a house.....
You can rob a house with a van called a boxville. One is just across the road from the Los Santos gym.ok. Hop in it just after 00:00 and press r3. Now look around for a house that has a yellow marker on the front.when you find a house reverse the van up to the door then enter the house.when your inside look around for some thing to pick up and press triangle.walk to the back of the truck and press triangle.When you have finished robbing the house hop in the vanand drive it to the little yellow marker on the radar.when you have drove it back to the garage you will get some money.It depends on how much you steal. I recommend robbing a house in a rich area like Muholland.
DaBigL Dec 13, 2005, 07:02 pm
Heey, a friend gave me this tip, so i didnt find it myself, and probably he has seen it on an other site, but its just a cool little thing:
If you can go to San Fierro, go to the trailer camp where u can also find a monster truck, just in across the bridge by the flint intersection thingy, a little in the south. Go the opposite of the road, and wait. You might have to select a camera as weapon, but im not really sure. Time doesn't matter. now just look a little around. Suddenly, there's someone with a camera, taking a few pictures. if u wait a little more, u'll see that the person will walk towards the water, and drown him/her self! Btw, if u kill him/her on land, there wont appear a camera, only a little money.
small Nov 6, 2005, 02:11 am
this is a way to get into first person view

first get the camera the jetpack and make sure u have tec 9 or the other macs i think thats what there called, first equip the camera then run into the jetpack and at the same time press r1 to go into the camera view then let go of r1 and press it again really quickly then the camera screen will come up and then it will dissapear. u should also have ur tec 9's or ur macs equiped and if u press circle or L1 u can shoot. this first person view will take some time to get use to.
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