Ryder Missions GTA: San Andreas


Ryder Missions

Home Invasion Difficulty: Level 1
Available Only Between: 12:00 & 20:00

  CS: CJ finds Ryder for "water" in his backyard. When Ryder gives up he tells CJ about a plan to steal some weapons off an army guy.

  GP: Head to the guys house. Take the shortcut between Ryder's & CJ's house, go east and past the stadium. Go north along the road to the west of the main highway/freeway. Go up the hill and the hosue is just on the left shortly thereafter. You have to ask your self just how stupid Ryder is when you hear him talk.

  CS: CJ & Ryder get out of the Boxville and Ryder just asks even stupider.

  GP: Go slow when inside, crouch if you have to. You have to find at least 3 of the 6 containers of weapons.

    1) Upstairs Bedroom where the guy sleeps.

    2) Upstairs Bedroom again

    3) Upstairs, beside the bedroom door

    4) Upstairs, at the top of the stairs

    5) Downstairs, behind the cannon

    6) Downstairs, go through the door beside the cannon

  If you wake the guy, he'll come after you with a shotgun and call the cops. If the cops are called you get a two star warning level. You can kill him to get a shotgun though. Once you're clear, at least 3 crates grabbed, no cops chasing you, head to the storage locker.

  CS: CJ & Ryder talk and then Ryder leaves.

Respect: 5 Points
Side Missions: Burglary Missions

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Catalyst Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks into Ryder's house and finds him brewing his own "water" which seems to boomshine. Tenpenny walks in and takes a bottle from Ryder, harasses him a bit as well. Tenpenny then tells CJ about a train with a little "somethin' somethin'" and he should go check it out.

  GP: Grab a car and head to the train. Once you get there, some Vagos gang members are already there, get out and take them out quickly.

  CS: Some Ballas arrive, what did Tenpenny tell every gang in the area or what?

  GP: Take them out quickly. Once they're down, grab the money and weapons they dropped if you want it. Then go into the marker.

  CS: As CJ gets on the train it takes off. Ryder pulls up behind you in his truck and tells you to throw some boxes for him to grab.

  GP: You have to grab 10 boxes and toss them to Ryder. Use the L1 button to power up your throw and release to throw it. Just try it a few times, may take another pass or two to get the feel of the tosses down. When you've thrown the 10 boxes CJ jumps off the train and joins Ryder. You recieve a 3 star warning, so go to the Pay 'N' Spray, and then back to Ryder's place.

  CS: Ryder compliments CJ and leaves.

Respect: 7 Points.

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Robbing Uncle Sam Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ finds Ryder smoking away in his backyard. He goes on and on about being a genius. He tells you he wants to steal from the National Guard.

  GP: Head to the docks and into the marker.

  CS: Watch the guard go through the gate. Ryder tells you to shoot the switch to open the gate.

  GP: A couple ways to do this. First the switch is on the other side of the wall, and thus can't be reached from the side of the wall CJ is on. You can climb over the wall. Or head south along that building till you find some stairs that lead up. Go up them and then head back to the gate. Shoot all the guards! You can now either shoot the gate switch and let Ryder though, as you're supposed to... OR you can find the warehosue (It's the one where the roadway bends south) and shoot the switch there and kill the guards inside. Jump in the forklift and find 6 boxes which you'll need and then stack them up close to the opening, that way it's easy to laod them into the van. Go shoot the front gate switch and let Ryder in. Take out the guards when you can, sacrifice time to load the boxes for killing a guard. Once you have all 6 boxes in the van, get the hell out of there. You have to make it to Emmet's place, head straight there, don't bother with tossing the boxes at the Patriots chasing you, just get to Emmet's place fast.

  CS: A couple OGF guys appear and walk towards CJ & Ryder as they talk for a moment.

Respect: 5 Points
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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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