Big Smoke Missions GTA: San Andreas


Big Smoke Missions

OG Loc Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Sweet & Big Smoke are going to pick up Jeffery "OG Loc" (Jeffery "OG Loc" - Jonathon Anderson) at the police station. They ask CJ to join them.

  GP: Once you get in the car, head to the Police Station.

  CS: When you arrive, everyone hops out of the car to greet OG Loc. CJ & OG Loc reminisce and CJ tries to get OG's new name down. OG Loc wants to go cap some guy he knew in prison.

  GP: Drive to Freddie's house. Walk up the stairs.

  CS: When CJ knocks at the door OG Loc starts yelling at Freddie to come out. But Freddie sneaks out of the house via the backdoor and roars off on a motorbike.

  GP: Go hop on the other bike with OG Loc. Give chase, don't worry to much, just follow him, you don't have to shoot him or anything right now unless you want to. Eventually he'll lead you to a park in Jefferson and hop off his bike. Jump off yours and gun him and the Vagos' gang members down.

  CS: CJ & OG Loc talk, CJ gives him a hard time. OG Loc then asks for a ride to his job.

  GP: Hop on the bike or steal a car and drive him to work.

  CS: When you get there, you watch OG Loc walk inside.

Respect: 5 Points
Missions: OG Loc

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Running Dog Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Officer Tenpenny & Crew walk out of Big Smoke's house and go "Boo!" at CJ and laugh. Big Smoke comes out and asks him to go with him to meet his "cousin from Mexico".

  GP: Get in the car and drive to the marked location.

  CS: When you get there, you find out his "cousin" is drugs. Big Smoke yells at them demanding the drugs, they refuse. So Big Smoke gets out and beats one of them up, the second one takes off running.

  GP: Chase the guy down, run as fast as you can, good to use an uzi here. Target him and shoot him.

Respect: 3 Points

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Difficulty: Level 5
  CS: Tenpenny is talking with Big Smoke in Big Smoke's garage then comes over and talks to CJ. As Tenpenny leaves, Big Smoke and CJ insult the officer. Big Smoke informs you about a lead he has that "might put us in the deep game".

  GP: Head to Unity Station.

  CS: When you arrive, CJ & Big Smoke spot the Vagos & Rifa gang meeting. Unfortunatly, they spot you before you can do anythign and hop on a fast moving train. Big Smoke tells you to follow them.

  GP: Get on the convient Sanchez and give chase. Beaware, trains come at you, a car gets blown up in front of you if you don't get past it fast enough, & Big Smoke is a terrible aim. Stick to the far right of the right hand tracks. It's the only place Big Smoke can shoot the gang from. If you can, stay just in front of it and to the right as well. At one point Big Smoke will tell you to take the high road, so do so. Stick to the right hand side of the dirt road you follow. If you want to try, there is a dirt bridge over the train at one point and you can try to jump onto the train and then just drive forward to kill them, at least you can shoot them as well this way. This is a long hard mission, keep at it.

  CS: When it's over Big Smoke wants to go home. When you reach his house he tells you to clear out so the C.R.A.S.H. don't catch you.

Respect: 10 Points

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Just Business Difficulty: Level 4
  CS: Big Smoke is in his garage messin' with his car again. He asks CJ to go on a ride with him. I hate his "rides".

  GP: CJ asks Big Smoke what this is about and Big Smoke tells him some about Russians gangs. Head downtown.

  CS: Big Smoke asks CJ if they're "down together" and tells him to wait outside the building and only come in when he hears gun fire. Meanwhile, CJ flirts with some girl sitting outside, then when it looks like it's going to get interesting you hear gunfire and CJ rushes inside. Big Smoke tells you to get behind some cover.

  GP: You are going to need a lot of armour and Uzi ammo. Shoot everyone you see, grab their ammo if you need it. At the back wall there is an armour spawn if you need it as well. Follow Big Smoke outside, shoot everyone there as well, grabbing ammo if you can.

  CS: Big Smoke hops on a bike and tells CJ to get on. They take off and some guys follow.

  GP: You need a steady hand and good aim for this. For motorbikes, target the drivers and tires, don't bother with the back gunner. For the cars, target the tires. For the Packer, just ignore it. Just keep at it, if you're having trouble the best strategy is to remember where the guys show up so you can take them out quickly.

  CS: At some point just after you enter the flood control area, a fully stocked Packer tries to land on.

  GP: More shooting and tryign to stay alive. Same strategy here.

  CS: You come to a roadblock, with one of the best cut scenes in the game.

  GP: Keep on going, it's not over yet! When Big Smoke tells you to shoot the gate, look forward and do it! The bike probbly won't survive the crash through it otherwise. Before the gate, shoot the cars (Easy to hit and explode) to take out a couple more gunners. When in the tunnel, shoot the red barrels to help taking out your pursuers. You're basically finished now.

  CS: When you exit the tunnels, you end up losing the pursuers. Big Smoke stops and CJ hops off the bike. They decide to split up and he'll dump the bike.

Respect: 10 Points

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Courier Missions Difficulty: Level 2
There are actually two of these missions. They're just side missions you get while in San Fierro. Cesar will call you about either cash leaving Los Santos or Yay leaving San Fierro. All you have to do is hunt down either the Patriot with the cash, or the Sanchez with the Yay. Knock into them to make them drop cash or Yay. After everytime you complete the Patriot mission, another person will appear in the vehicle and shoot at you when you try to ram the vehicle. Up to 3 extra passengers. I suggest doing this until you've defeated the Patriot mission with all 4 passengers and take out the guy on the sanchez a couple of times.

Money: Depends on how many drops you pick up or how much Yay leaks out. Each cash drop is $300, with a maximum of 6 drops, so a maximum of $1800. The Yay is worth a maximum of $2000, but as it leaks out the backpack the value decrease, so you'll score less.
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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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