OG Loc Missions GTA: San Andreas


OG Loc Missions

Life's A Beach Difficulty: Level 3 One star for Eye/Hand Coordination.
  Available Only Between: 20:00 & 06:00

  CS: OG Loc tells CJ about a party on the beach. He wants CJ to steal a van with a sound system built into it so he start his "music career".

  GP: Drive down to the beach and walk into the marker. They invite you to show off your moves. A lot of people have trouble with this mission. There is no easy way to beat it. Don't look at the controller, ignore the score and everythign else that pops up. Just concentrate on hitting the correct button as it's directly in the circle. Afterwards the DJ invites you into her van. At that point, jump in and floor it out of there.Take the van to the take it to the garage.

Respect: 3 Points
Side Missions: Dancing in Night Clubs

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Madd Dogg's Ryhmes Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: OG Loc starts spewing out his crappy rap and some guy in a bathroom stall insults his music. HA! CJ walks and suggests he get a writer to help him with his music. OG Loc agrees and tells CJ to go steal Madd Dogg's (Madd Dogg- Ice T) Ryhme Book.

  GP: Head to Madd Dogg's swank house. You'll have to use stealth when you enter, sneak up and past guards that lurk about. Hide in the shadows if they hear you. Just slowly make your way along and you'll eventually find the recording studio where the book is. If you keep going (don't worry no guards are past the studio) you'll find a room with some armour in it for you. Make your way back the way you came and take out the guards, you don't have to be stealthy now. Grab the silencer they drop if you want it. Once outside, grab the Mountain Bike and head back to OG Loc.

Respect: 4
Phone Call: Officer Tenpenny calls, accusing CJ of avoiding him and tells him to meet him at the donut shop.
Missions: C.R.A.S.H. Missions

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Management Issues - Part 1 - Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks into the Burger Shot and finds out OG Loc got a promotion to a fryer cleaner. Go OG Loc! OG Loc talks about Madd Dogg's Manager making his life hard and wants you to deal with it.

  GP: Get a car and go steal the Manager's car.When you get clsoe to it, OG Loc calls you and tells CJ he'll have to take the driver our of the car. To do that, hit the car with yours. Take the manager's car to the Pay 'N' Spray to fix it up and driver CAREFULLY to the marker. You can't damage the vehicle at all. You have to park the car facing the same direction as the other two when you get to the marker.

  CS: The other drivres get in their cars, and you see Madd Dogg's manager makign a speech after winning some award. Then you're told to drive slowly in the middle of the other two cars.

  GP: Drive to the pickup spot slowly.

  CS: Watch the manager get into your car with a girl. CJ says something about taking a scenic route.

  GP: Take the car to the peir, speed down it at full tilt and bail at the end. If you stay on the pier there's a bike there. Otherwise you'll have to swim back to shore.

Respect: 5 Points.

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Management Issues - Part 2 - Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: OG Loc walks out of the Burger SHot yelling and swearing away at everyone inside. He decides he wants to throw a big party in his honour.

Phone Call: OG Loc calls you and asks you to come to the party. I saved right after the last mission and got this phone call.

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House Party Difficulty: Level 3 Available Only Between: 20:00 & 06:00

  CS: CJ finds out the mic isn't broken as he walks in on OG Loc spewing out crap. Ryder comes up and says the guys are out back, though he leads you out the way you came and into the middle of the street. As the gang is talking, some green shirted fellow on a bike flies up the street and jumps off, frantic as all get out and informs them that a Ballas group is coming.

  GP: Kill everyone! Don't stand still to much either, crough behind cars if you have to, try to get around behind them too.

  CS: More appear, on the bridge this time.

  GP: If you don't have the AK-47 you'll have to either manually aim at them, or run around and up the bridge yourself.

  CS: More appear, from the alley this time.

  GP: DO NOT stay in the street, run outside the cars and cap everyone's ass. At this point they start appearing all over the place.

  CS: Everyone chills and decides to go back to the party. Massive gang war, and the party was still going on, what a crowd.

Respect: 10 Points

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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