C.R.A.S.H. Missions GTA: San Andreas


C.R.A.S.H. Missions

Burning Desire Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Tenpenny calls CJ over to sit with him and his goons, Pulaski & Hernandez. He explains to CJ to do a mission for his "freedom".

  GP: Get in the cop car & go pick up the Molotov Cocktail's Tenpenny hid in an alleyway. Then head to the house. Kill all the gang members around the house first. There are 5 windows you have to toss the Molotov Cocktail's through; 1&2) Front of the house, 3&4&5) Back of the house. Stand a bit back and toss the Molotov Cocktail through the window. May take you a couple times to get your aim right.

  CS: As the house burns rapidly, a guy breaks out the front door on fire, screaming manically. A girl also breaks the window on the top floor and screams for help.

  GP: Hero-for-a-day CJ decides to rescue her, so run into the house through the door the screaming flaming guy did. Make your way around until you find a Fire Extinguisher and then make your way to the stairs. Head upstairs to the front room where the girl is. use the Fire Extinguisher to extinguish the flames into her room.

  CS: The girl, Denise Robinson(Denise Robinson - Heather Alicia Simms) cries and complains about being scared. Part of the roof collapses blocking the way you just came.

  GP: So CJ'll have to find another route all the while using the Fire Extinguisher to put out flames as you come across them. just do it quickly! Make sure she follows you and stays close behind you.

  CS: Once you're both outside, she up and kisses CJ for his bravery.

  GP: Drive her home. On the way back to her palce the two talk.

  CS: Denise suggests they should go out some time, and so you gain CJ's first Girlfriend.

Girlfriend: Denise Robinson
Phone Call: Sweet wants CJ to amek a big scene to get the OG name out there.

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Gray Imports Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Tenpenny comes out of the doughnut shop with his goons Pulaski & Hernadez to surround CJ. Tenpenny explains how he likes an even balance of the gangs and tells CJ to go check out a frieght warehouse.

  GP: Get a car and drive to the Docklands and to the frieght warehouse.

  CS: A view of the warehouse you're told to get into, and some of the goings on.

  GP: Take out everyone outside first, then make your way inside, shoot the tiny white keypad to open the door. Kill everyone inside. Make note of health & armour pickups along the way and make good use of them. Once you get to the stairway, go under it and grab the AK-47 hidden there (Good spawn spot to remember). As soon as you run into the room the Russian takes off, so don't run in right a way. Crouch down to the left of the door and peer inside with manual aim. You should just make the guy's arm so shoot it till he dies. Clear the room of anyone else. If he does take off, chaseing him is not fun. (I HATE car chases). He will run outside so be fast and get after him, get him before he reaches his car if you can. If not, you'lll have to chase him down and drive-by him.

Nothing at all.

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Badlands Difficulty: Level 2
  GP: Get a Sanchez, head up the side of the mountain and make your way to the cabin.

  CS: Watch the Federal Agents walk around the cabin.

  GP: Creep around so you have a clear view of the car (full backend view is best) and start shooting the Federal Agents. As soon as you see someone running to the car take them out! Otherwise you'll have to give chase and Drive-By the guy.

Respect: 15

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555 We Tip Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Tenpenny calls & gets CJ to plant weed in a District Attorney's car.

  GP: Head to the Hotel, wait for the valet to go into the parking garage and then take him out. Steal his uniform. Run back to the front of the Hotel and wait for the DA's car. It's a Dark Blue Merit. Take the car, DO NOT DAMAGE IT, to CJ's Garage for the weed to be planted. Drive it back to the Parking Garage, DO NOT DAMAGE IT.

  CS: CJ calls the WE TIP hotline. The police jump at the chance of course, and arrest the DA.

Missions: Valet Missions.
Outfit: Valet (Required to do Valet Missions)

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Snail Trail Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ goes into the garage to find Tenpenny waiting for him. Seems a reporter is pissing him off, so of course he wants CJ to take the reporter, and the snitch, out.

  GP: Go grab the sniper rifle, then head to the Cranberry Station and follow the reporter, he's on the train. Just stick to the tracks and keep the train in site. Go up the stairs before he does and find a car (Don't take the taxi!) and wait for him. Then follow him. When the two meet, snipe them both. If one gets away, chase him down and cap him.

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Misappropreation Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ wanders into the backyard where Officer Pulaski and Officer Tenpenny are starting a BB-Q. Officer Tenpenny tells CJ about a DEA/FBI meeting and wants CJ to crash it.

  GP: Go to Aldea Malvada, sneak up to where the helicopters are, if you can, snipe the DEA guy (He has a red target arrow above his head), then kill everyone else. If you can't sneak up to the helicopter, Kill everyone, take the helicopter and follow. Don't worry about the wanted level. Follow them to the helipad and get out. Shoot the DEA guy and jump off the building, parachute down after him if he jumps.

Crap all.
Phone call: If you did the mission "Freefall" you'll get a phone call from Tenpenny, if not it will come after "Freefall.

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High Noon Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: The C.R.A.S.H. gang arrive and CJ hands over the dossier he got from the DEA in "Misappropriation" at which point Officer Tenpenny hits Officer Hernandez's head with a shovel, calling him a snitch. Officer Pulaski says the dossier is good and Officer Tenpenny tells CJ to start digging. After Officer Tenpenny leaves, CJ & Pulaski dig a hole, at that point Officer Hernandez wakes up and tackles Officer Pulaski. Officer Pulaski shoots him in the stomach and Officer Hernadez falls into the grave. Officer Pulaski decides to make a break for it and runs.

  GP: Jump into the Bandito and give chase. Hit him and drive-by him as much as you. Change vehicles as soon as you can when yours starts getting to beat up. Shoot him or driver over him when he gets out of his car.

  CS: Propped against his car, dieing, he continues ti insult CJ.

Respect: 10
Phone Call: Ken calls you, worried CJ has forgotten him, but CJ reassures him he hasn't.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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