Cesar Vialpando Missions GTA: San Andreas


Cesar Missions

High Stakes, Low Rider Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Cesar asks CJ to race, warns him taht the others do NOT like to lose.

  GP: Follow Cear to the starting point (Don't HAVE to wait for him either). You should use a better handling low rider rather than a fast one. I did it in a Voodoo, which you can find parked across the street from Cesar's house. Just gun it, get past the guys ASAP and just keep going.

Money: $1000

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King In Exile Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Kendl & Cesar approach CJ and tell him about Big Smoke pushing drugs into Los Santos.

Phone Call: Catalina calls, reminding you about the missions to be done.

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Wu Zi Mu Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ waits impatiently for a late Cesar, then you're introduced to Wu-Zi-Mu(Wu-Zi-Mu - James Yaegashi).

  GP: Just race! Learn the route, helps if you drive it outside the mission a few times as well.

  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu gives his number & tells CJ to look him up some time.

Money: $5,000

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Farewell, My Love Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Catalina is really pissed at CJ & decides to take a swing at CJ and his car. She then goes on to profess her love to some mute guy (Later named Claude, this is the guy from GTA3{Liberty City}).

  GP: Again, just race your heart out. This is the same race as the "Wu-Zi-Mu" mission just reversed and is quite a bit trickier than the "Wu-Zi-Mu" one.

Property: Former Xoomer Gas Station & Garage in San Fierro, becomes CJ's base of operations in San Fierro.
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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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