Catalina Missions GTA: San Andreas


Catalina Missions

First Date Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ enters the bar and finds himself face to face with Catalina (Catalina - Cynthia Farrell{From GTA3[Liberty City]}) as she robs the place at knife point, making vile threats to all the men inside.

  GP: She demands a vehicle, so get one. She then tells you about her plan to rob four places around Northern Los Santos areas. You can pick any of the four, and do them in any order. However you can only do one right one.

Nothing, head to Blueberry, or even Montgomery, or stay in Dillmore or head over to Palomino Creek.

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Local Liquor Store In Blueberry Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: As CJ & Catalina get ready to rob the store, some punks on Quads get to it first. This really pisses Catalina off and she kills one of them as they flee the scene.

  GP: Jump on the quad left behind and give chase! These are rather difficult to master at first, so becareful with your steering. Catalina is a better shot than Big Smoke at least, though. When you waste one of the robbers, make sure to grab the briefcase the guy dropped, just drive over it to pick it up. Once they're all killed, take Catalina home.


Money: $1,000

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First Base Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ tries to sweet talk Catalina into not shooting him, and some how this turns into Catalina thinking she's in love with him. (*GAG!*)

Zippo, head off to another robbing mission.

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Against All Odds In Montgomery Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Cat gives CJ some Satchel Charges ands him to rob the Bettin' Shop.

  GP: Go in toss a charge against the door, run to the other side of the building and detonate. Do the same with the safe.

  CS: Holy Cripes! Catalina is PSYCHO!

  GP: Jump in car and make your escape! You need to get rid of the 4 star wanted level, so get to the Pay'N'Spray in Dillmore. Afterwards drive Catalina home.

Money: $2,000

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Gone Courting Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Uh, oh man, DISTURBING! To say the least.

Zilch, head off to another robbing mission.

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Tank Commander In Dillmore Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Catalina tries to hold up the convience stor, but fails so she steals the guy's Tanker & trailer instead

  GP: Get in the Tanker & attach the trailer, head out. Make sure you plan your route so you know when and where to turn. If the trailer detaches you will fail.

  CS: Nice end to the goons following you! Catalina takes off on a Sanchez.

Money: $5,000
Mission: Trucking Missions

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Made In Heaven Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Oh man, she's really pissed at CJ!

Zip! Do the final robbing mission.

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Small Town Bank In Palomino Creek Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ & Catalina decide to rob a bank and they do so.

  GP: Watch the hostages, as they start to lower their arms target them, once they're arms get down farenough the sound an alarm. Eventually someone does manage to sound an alarm, so kill them all. Shoot the ATM machines around the Bank. Follow Catalina through the alleyway, taking out all the pop-up policemen. Grab one of the HPV1000's and follow Catalina as you two try to make your escape. She ends up slaming into some Ranger's, so get to her on your HPV1000 and take off. Get her home.

Money: $10,000
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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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