CJ's Garage Missions GTA: San Andreas


CJ's Garage Missions

Wear Flowers In Your Hair Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ steps into the run down garage for the first time. Outside The Truth talks about some guys The Mob bought out from Vice City (Can we say Tommy Vercetti?)

  GP: The Truth seems to trust these guys and we all trust The Truth so we must trust these guys! Time to go meet the guys. We meet Jethro(Jethro - John Zurhellen) & Zero(Zero - David Cross). What is up with that damned van?

  CS: Kendl tells CJ & Cesar about her idea/plan for the garage.

Phone Call: Zero calls, complaining about his landlord troubles. CJ informs Zero that he's interested in some new property and might invest in his shop.
Mission: Zero's RC Missions. (Must purchase his building first.)

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Deconstruction Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Kendl comes running in, complaining about the harassing construction workers behind the garage. Cj, the ever so protective hero, decides to go teach them a lesson.

  GP: Destroy all the portables, bomb them, ram them with the heavy duty equipment, whatever. Just destory them. Then use the bulldozer to push the final portable, with the site foreman in it, into a big hole.

  CS: Watch the hole fill up with cement. (This was probably the most repulsive mission for me. The thought of being buried alive is bad enough, but in an over turned portable? Ugh, that's just sick. Evil mission.)

Phone Call: Jethro calls and tells CJ about a Driving School just up the road from the garage.

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Photo Oppurtunity Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Cesar tells CJ about a Ballas car coming to San Fierro to make a pickup of Yay(Drugs, finally they stick to one name for the Drug.)

  GP: Get a car and go meet Cesar, jump into his car once there. Head to Angel Pines (Amazing precognitive abilities, Cesar! From Red County you knew they'd head to Angel Pines!). Don't damage Cesar's car to much or it's Mission Failed. Once you make it to Angel Pines, you'll have to take four photographs, two are on the right side of the building, 2 are on the left (Right appears first, then left).

  CS: Cesar & CJ drive away and then decide to split up.

Respect: 15
Mission: Photo Ops in San Fierro (Although they're open from the start, this is a good place to mention them.)

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Jizzy - Part 1 - Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu is talking to Cesar when CJ walks in. CJ asks Wu-Zi-Mu about the guys they phoyographed.

Mission: Jizzy
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Ice Cold Killa Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: CJ runs into the garage in a frantic scurry, rumaging aroudn looking for soemthing when Cesar asks him what he's doing. After telling Cesar, CJ is given a Silenced 9mm by Cesar.

  GP: Head out and head to Jizzy's club.

  CS: You're told you can't get in by the guards. Or if you killed them like me, you're just told about: Shown the skylight CJ needs to use to get in.

  GP: Head up to the skylight, use the lattice work ramps along the bridge support to make your way up. Jump onto the roof (or try and jump into the skylight!) and walk to the skylight. Make your way down to the main floor.

  CS: CJ walks up to Jizzy and pulls a gun on him. The wimp flees out of the club.

  GP: Kill everyone and chase Jizzy out the door.

  CS: Jizzy jumps into a car and takes off.

  GP: Chase him down in the crappy Limo, drive-by his car. Grab the phone after you shoot the fleeing wimp.

Respect: 30
Money: $12,000

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Pier 69 Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Cesar is atop the building.

  GP: Go up the street, there is a small opening in the wall, go through it and up to Cesar.

  CS: T-Bone's men have already set up on the roof tops. Cesar gets a call from Wu-Zi-Mu's men saying they're ready. But run into the building to soon.

  GP: Snipe all of T-Bone's men, there are six of them.

  CS: T-Bone & Ryder show up, then Toreno arrives in style, in his own helicopter. Which means he sees Wu-Zi-Mu's men on the roof tops, plans blown! A bunch of smoke grenades are tossed to cover their escape.

  GP: You've got to find and kill T-Bone. Don't jump off the building of problems with Cesar will arrise, so run around the back and down the stairs, the way you arrived, bringing Cesar with you. Run down the East side of the building to avoid a majority of T-Bone's men.

  CS: Cesar and CJ finish T-Bone off, as Ryder comes running by and then jumps into the water and takes off to a boat on a small island.

  GP: Jump in and go after him. Jack the second boat and pursue him, drive-by his boat. Careful with your own boat.

  CS: Cesar calls and asks if everything is okay.

Respect: 40
Money: $15,000

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Toreno's Last Flight Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu calls with some information about Mike Toreno, seems he's leaving town by helicopter.

  GP: Head to the marker (Police Station, argh). Sniper is good. Pick off as many men as you can from as far as you can first. Before running onto the Heli Pad, go grab armour & health if you need it. Then up to the Heli Pad.

  CS: Toreno's Maverick takes off.

  GP: Hop down and jump onto the PCJ-600/BF-400(not sure) and head onto the freeway. Ignore the helicopter as much as you can. Get a ways infront of it before hoping off, have your Bazooka/RPG out and ready (aiming) and wait for Toreno's Maverick to reach you. Shoot it as much as you can. If you don't take it down, speed down the highway some more and lay-in-wait again for him.

Respect: 50
Money: $18,000

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Yay Yay Ka-Boom Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ broods, Cesar celebrates. Seems CJ is still upset after having to kill Ryder. Cesar tries to talk some sense into him Wu-Zi-Mu comes in. Wu-Zi-Mu suggests that taking out the Yay factory will really finish things off.

  GP: Drive to the bombshop.

  CS: The guy tells CJ about the rigged car.

  GP: Drive to the compound, Before driving in take out the two guards.

  CS: More guards charge out of the compound.

  GP: Take them all out. Clear the way as much as you can on foot before bringing the car in so it doen't shot up and blown to pieces. Then drivethe car into the compound, clear the building first, then drive the car carefully inside it and up to the large vats. Set the bomb and get out of there! Don't worry about any one still inside the building, just get out.

  CS: BOOM! The building explodes and collapses.

  GP: Make your way forward, taking out all the guys. Just as you reach the gates a car drives in and the gates close behidn it. Take out the driver and passenger(s) and then take the car back deep inside the compound, then floor it up the building with the collapses roof (You'll be facing north). Speed up the roof, using it as a ramp. And make your escape. get back to CJ's Garage.

Respect: 60
Money: $25,000
Phone Call: Mystery Man calls with information about Sweet. Wants you to go to his ranch in Tierra Robada.
Island: Las Venturas
Missions: Mystery Man

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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