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Jizzy Missions

Jizzy - Part 2 Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: CJ introduces himself to Jizzy(Jizzy B - Charlie Murphy), who agrees to let CJ work for him. Outside he tells CJ to drive a girl home.

  GP: Get in the car, drive the girl to the hotel.

  CS: CJ calls Jizzy, who has him run another errand.

  GP: Drive to Hashbury district and take the guy out. If you're out of the car, head back to it.

  CS: CJ talks to Jizzy again, and once again CJ is sent on another errand.

  GP: Get to Foster Valley ASAP to save the girl. They're beneath the freeway. Take out the guys but not the van! Or the girl!

  CS: CJ talks to Jizzy who informs him the first girl wants out. Jizzy wants her to be made an example of.

  GP: Head back to the hotel.

  CS: Watch the guy, some Evangelist guy, pick the girl up.

  GP: Erg, this is nutso! You have to destory the Stretch & the Huntley SUV. Drive-By them. Eventually the Stretch made it's way down to Mt. Chiliad and due to erractic driving trying to get away from me it drove into the ocean. Yay!

  CS: CJ talks to Jizzy, who tells CJ that the police are onto the car, so you end up with a wanted level.

Respect: 20
Money: $3,000
Phone Call: Wu-Zi-Mu calls and asks CJ to drop by for a visit.
Missions: Wu-Zi-Mu

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T-Bone Mendez Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks into an arguement between Jizzy & T-Bone Mendez(T-Bone Mendez - Kid Frost). After some introductions, T-Bone gets a call about an ambushed van. CJ gets to go fix things.

  GP: Get a vehicle from out front and get to the van!

  CS: Of course... As soon as CJ gets close the ambushers take off on motorbikes(PCJ-600's or BF-400)

  GP: Chase them! Quickly! Drive-By them if you wan, however all you're required to do is pull up as close as you to the ambusher's bike and tap the L1 key to steal the package. Do this to all of the ambushers, though they'll chase you and shoot at you.

  CS: CJ hops off his bike and walks inside.

Respect: 20
Money: $5,000

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Mike Toreno Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Jizzy & T-Bone are at it again. T-Bone thinks someone is hitting their runners. T-Bone gets a call from Mike Toreno(Mike Toreno - James Woods), who's been taken with a hi-jacked van. Jizzy & T-Bone want CJ to go get him back.

  GP: Get in the car and go! Go to the construction site (at CJ's Garage) Mike & T-Bone keep talking, when you get to the site they get more information and think it's at the dock so head there. Once there, they discern this location is actually at the airport freight depot. So head there, go through the gates and stick to the right, even as you drive onto the tarmac. Take them out! Don't destory the van!

  CS: Once they're all dead, Mike & T-Bone argue over torching the van or not. Mike wins.

  GP: Blow the crud out of the van. You'll get 2 wanted stars, so get out of there fast. When you exit the airport, itt's raised to 3. Take the train tracks to the train station, swerve around onto the road and up to the Pay'N'Spray. Then just drive everyone back to Jizzy's club.

Respect: 25
Money: $7,000

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Outrider Difficulty: Level 4
  GP: CJ gets a call from Jizzy, telling him to meet T-Bone at the Xoomer Gas Station near the docks. Go there to meet T-Bone.

  CS: CJ gets impatient while waiting for T-Bone and gets into the waiting car. At that point you T-Bone rise from the backseat, grab CJ from behind around the neck and put a gun to his forehead. T-Bone wants some information, eventually CJ tells him what he wanted hear and lets go. Mike shows up and wants you to hurry up.

  GP: You've got to go to a van and drive escort on a Sanchez, yay. Damn mission. So drive to the van.

  CS: When you reach it, Mike tells you to take the Sanchez and make sure the shipment gets delivered.

  GP: Grab the Bazooka and hop onto the Sanchez, ride straight to the first marker, don't wait for the van. You have destory the roadblocks as they come. I found it best to come up from behind and basically sneak attack them. Always watch out for the "snipers" with AK-47's in the windows along the construction site. Really annoying and they sometimes spawn in really hard to reach areas. After you've cleared the roadblocks, you follow the van into a walled compound.

  CS: CJ says he's goign to lead the cops away, so you get 3 wanted levels.

Respect: 25
Money: $9,000

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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