Wu Zi Mu Missions GTA: San Andreas


Wu Zi Mu Missions

Mountain Cloud Boys Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: CJ learns Wu-Zi-Mu is blind and out who he really is as well.

  GP: Get a car, go aroudn to the warehouse.

  CS: HAHA! Wu-Zi-Mu steps on a dead guy! The Vietnamese attack!

  GP: Kill every last one (of course.) Long Range is good here (AK-47 for example). Jump into the car and head striaght down hill into the open area and drive in circles, Drive-By them with Wu-Zi-Mu who's really accurate!

  CS: Oh man this guy is hilarious, running into and against a wall!

Respect: 10
Money: $5,000

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Ran Fa Li Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: CJ meets Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li(Ran Fan Li - Hunter Platin), talkative fellow isn't he? CJ volunteers to get a "package" from the airport.

  GP: Head to the airport, find the car and grab it.

  CS: Ambush attackers arrive on scene!

  GP: Get the car out of there! Take the train tracks to avoid the Da Nang thugs. Take the car to the lock up in the North.

Respect: 15
Money: $6,000

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Lure Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Mmm... Videogames. I like this guy more and more! CJ suggests being a decoy so Ran Fa Li can get out.

  GP: Get in the truck, drive to Angel Pines.

  CS: Four Da Nang thugs on two Sanchez's arrive.

  GP: Don't fight them! They mustn't see you! Try not to damage your SUV as much as purpose, as the Da Nang do enough of that themselves! Race through the check points through the woods, Back O' Beyond, through Flint County, and to the rest stop just South East of Angel Pines.

  CS: Once you reach the reststop, Guppy calls you and lets CJ know Ran Fa Li got away safely.


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Amphibious Assault Difficulty: Level 4
  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu wants CJ to plant a bug on a boat in the harbor, supposedly he'd do it himself but he can't swim. (Uh, no kidding, he's blind) CJ confesses a dislike of swimming due to a childhood encounter in the ocean. At that point Wu-Zi-Mu actually confesses he's blind, so CJ agrees to take the mission.

  GP: Go to the docks.

  CS: Find out where the ship is anchored, and that you'll have to swim (above & below surface) to reach it.

  GP: Swim into the marker and make your way through the rocks. Make sure your breath meter is full (The Blue one) is full before diving under the rocks.

  CS: The patrol boats appear, you'll have swim under them to avoid detection.

  GP: Try not to move if you're at the surface, only when you're underwater. Take your time when you can! Once you're on board use stealth to sneak around killing the guards. Continue moving forward to the other end of the boat then go inside and find the marker where you have to plant the bug. Head back outside and jump into the water. Head for the marker and avoid the patrol boats again. Why not attempt to hi-jack the boat(s)?

Respect: 25
Money: $11,000

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Da Nang Thang Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu is excited about sealing his spot in the Red Gecko Tong and is on his way out when his phone rings. Trouble! (of course), and so CJ volunteers, again, to help out. CJ jumps into a helicopter.

  GP: CJ's the gunner in the helicopter, so gun down as many people as you can as fast as you can. Try to aim for the RPG totting Da Nang thugs, if you can make out which ones they are.

  CS: The helicopter takes an RPG blast and crashes into the water.

  GP: Swim to the marker, guess what, you have no weapons now! ARGH! So don't bother buying a ton for this mission!

  CS: Some guys check the wreckage for survivors, CJ "stealthily" jumps over the edge of the railing.

  GP: Sneak up on the guy and knife him in the neck! Take out everyone you come across, make sure to grab their weapons so you have something better to use than the crappy knife. Keep an eye out for the health & armour pickups. Make your way into the bowels of the vessel.

  CS: Some guy yells at a shipping container to be quiet. Then three guys appear, spotting you.

  GP: Due East after you fall is a hidden cache of ammo & armour. Be sure to grab it!. Kill all guys that you can. If you're good at jumping & climbing, especially at a bit of an angle, you you can jump onto a wooden crate, and then again onto the top of the shipping containers to easily dispatch of all the Da Nang thugs, especially good for the last one who tosses grenades at you if you're on the floor level. If not, just becareful as you go and stay as far away as you can while dispatching them. When you reach the shipping container the guy yelled at, shoot the white padlock to open the doors and release the refugees.

  CS: The refugees tell you about the Snakehead and how he tricked them. They want you to exact their revenge against him.

  GP: Head back top side, stop by the hidden cache before ascending though. Kill any guards you come across, go into the ship and confront the Snakehead.

  CS: The Snakehead toss CJ a Katana and says "Enough! We settle this here!"

  GP: Fight him, he's pretty easy, I got the first hit in and used my Uber Martial Arts skills I learned in the San Fierro Gym "Cobra Marital Arts"(Yes R* typoed the name) and took him out with like three hits. Go back to the opening into the ship's hold and meet up with the refugee's.

  CS: They race off to seek their freedom in the great state of San Andreas. CJ is left alone in a Dinghy.

Respect: 30
Money: $15,000

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Fender Ketchup Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ walks in as Wu-Zi-Mu is trying to get things fixed at the Casino. He offers CJ a share in the Casino for some work. A guy runs in and tells Wu-Zi-Mu about a delivery hit but they caught one of the guys. Wu-Zi-Mu says to get rid of him, but CJ has a better plan. CJ has Wu-Zi-Mu's men tie the guy to the front of a car!

  GP: Race up and down the main drag at top speed! Go against traffic, get close (but don't touch) other cars, make sharp hand brake turns, etc. Don't go onto the highway!

  CS: CJ gets out of the car and someone drives the car & guy away.

Respect: 10
Money: $5,000

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Explosive Situation Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Wow! Wu-Zi-Mu is great at golf! CJ walks in with a plan to hit the Mob casino. Wu-Zi-Mu tells CJ about the open mine so he can get some "free" explosives.

  GP: Grab a car, head to the Quarry.

  CS: The workers busy about getting ready to blow the dynamite. You see the big Dump Truck you'll need to break the cases.

  GP: Head straight down the, don't bother following the path. Jump in the truck, and smash the all the crates and grab the dynamite.

  CS: Security is blocking the exit!

  GP: Grab the bike, and fly up the shutes full throttle! Make your way to the top of the mine and make your daring escape! Take the dynamite to the drop point.

  CS: CJ hands the dynamite over to one of Wu-Zi-Mu's men and he drives off.

Respect: 15
Money: $7,000
Missions: Quarry Assest Missions

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You've Had Your Chips Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: CJ and WU-Zi-Mu play cards when a guy comes in and informs the two about fake chips. Wu-Zi-Mu tells CJ who's behind this and a plan is devised.

  GP: Get a car and go to the factory, take the WEST Entrance.

  CS: Oh no! They've spotted CJ!

  GP: Slice, Maim, Shoot, Punch, just KILL! KILL! KILL!!! Destroy the machines any way you can, then kill some more,and finally, get out of there! Head back to the casino.

  CS: Some guy drives out and asks CJ how it went. Voila, no more chip problem.

Respect: 20
Money: $10,000

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Architectural Espionage Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks in to find Wu-Zi-Mu in the dark. CJ thinks the room is perfect for planning their attack. Wu-Zi-Mu wnts CJ to go out and get a layout at the casino.

  GP: Grab a car, and go to the City Planning Office. Go inside and go talk to the lady at the front desk. Respond positively for everything. Go up the stairs, when you get to the top floor you realize you need to make a distraction. Go down down one floor, find the air conditioning units and destroy them. Use fists preferably. Go back upstairs and photograph the plans.

  CS: The firemen haven't shown up yet!

  GP: Get out of there, fast, using any means necessary! Grab a car and get to the mod garage and repaint your car to lose the cops. Go back to the Four Dragons Casino, use the rear entrance.

  CS: CJ hands the film to a guy of Wu-Zi-Mu's.

Respect: 10

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Key To Her Heart Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ points out the plan to plan to Wu-Zi-Mu, they get a new recruit when a guy walks in with a package from Zero. Now they just need a key card.

  GP: Go to Caligula's Casino.

  CS: You see a young lady leave the casino.

  GP: Follow her, but not very close. Follow her to the sex shop.

  CS: She goes inside.

  GP: Follow her inside, go to the red marker.

  CS: She changes into a tight suit and her "Master" calls her. They make plans to meet up at her house.

  GP: Find the Gimp Suit, it's in the back right change room.

  CS: CJ walks in and comes out changed.

  GP: Leave and follow the girl again, keep your distance.

  CS: Girl gets in her and leaves.

  GP: Follow her, be patient. Stop in the red marker.

  CS: She gets out of her car and goes inside her house.

  GP: Wait for her "Master" to arrive. Kill him and take his "weapon". Go to the front door.

  CS: She invites CJ in and they end up having a little fun.

Respect: 15
PhoneCall: Wind & Dine her a few times and she'll cal lyou about the keycard. Best way to do it is show up in the GIMP suit.

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Fish In A Barrell Difficulty: Level 1
  CS: Wu-Zi-Mu, Ran Fa Li, & CJ sign the documents to officially become partners in the casino.

Phone Call: Ken calls in a frantic mood. He tells CJ that Salvatore is in town and is going to take over Las Venturas.

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Dam And Blast Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ is pissed everyone knows about the plan. He decides to go turn the cities power off. Wu-Zi-Mu takes charge of everything else.

  GP: Get into the airport, onto the tarmac and take the plane. Fly up to the drop point. It's really high up, at the top of the planes limit. When you do make it, jump out of the plane.

  CS: The plane spirals down out of control as CJ leaps out, exploding on impact.

  GP: Parachute down to the marker. Land in the red marker and you'll keep your weapons.

  CS: Shown where to go and some guards you'll have to neutralize.

  GP: Grab the knife if you need one, take out the guards and go into the dam.

  CS: Shown where to go and what to do.

  GP: Havign a silenced pistol here is a great idea. Take out all the personelle as quietly as possible, the plant the explosives. Head out!

  CS: CJ gets trapped high atop the dam, so he jumps!

Respect: 5 Points
Hint: If you land directly in the red marker, you'll be able to keep all weapons, otherwise you just get the knife.

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Cop Wheels Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ explains more of the plan. Zero brings up a good point, follwoed by one of Wu-Zi-Mu's goons about cop escort. CJ tells the guy to go get a Packer while CJ gets the wheels.

  GP: Grab all 4 HPV1000's. You have GOT to plan your route well for this mission. Here's how I did it (test numerous times, worked everytime). Get the furthest East one first, then head to the Hospital one, then the Police Station one, finally the VRock Hotel one. For the Hospital & the VRock Hotel one, use a taxi with nitro (drop off 50 passengers) to slam into the bike, knocking the cop flying and hopefully dead. Just ride the bike onto Packer afterwards.

  CS: The Packer pulls up, let's CJ out and then takes off.

Respect: 20
Argh, You won't even use all 4 bikes!

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Up! Up! And Away! Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ talks more about te heist, he wants to steal and respray a Secruicar. Zero comes up with the idea to use a helicopter to take it.

  GP: Use a patriot if you can, or the jetpack if you've got access to it. If you have the jetpack, just fly up to the helicopter pad and jack the helicopter after dispatching any guards. When you get inside the gate, go to the left immediately, go into the building. Grab the armour and health if you need it. Continue on through the building dispatching everyone you come across. Go right out of the buildin and up the stairs o nthe left. Some hunters appear, take them out with the provided gun. Head up the stairs. Take the Leviathan. Head for the Securicar, just hover over it and let the magnet attach itself. Head to the Airstrip. Place the Securicar in the marked spot and then land in the indicated spot.

  CS: Some guy of Wu-Zi-Mu shows up and congradulates CJ and tells him Wu-Zi-Mu is driving Las Venturas (The hell?).

Respect: 25
Phone Call: Wu-Zi-Mu calls about a book.

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Breaking The Bank At Caligula's Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ closes the Securicar's door and asks Zero and Wu-Zi-Mu if they're all good.

  GP: Go to Caligula's Casino, do not show your weapons, get to the swipecard door.

  CS: A guard aks who CJ is, who almsot blows his cover.

  GP: Open the door, go down a level and into the generator room. Toss a grenade into the shaft.

  CS: CJ tosses the gas it falls into the vault room, knocking out the guards.

  GP: Get to the security door. When Zero cuts the power, switch to your Night Vision Goggles, and head to the security door. Open it, there is an armour pickup in the hallway to the right. When you get to the service bay, go to the right and get the forklift, go to the door and lift it.

  CS: The truck backs in and everyone gets out. Wu-Zi-Mu takes, right into a wall!

  GP: Time to go get the money! Take out all opposition as you make your way to the vault. Zero radios to say someone is trying to turn on the generators. Go back up and take the generators out. Attach satchel charges and leave the room, detonate them!

  CS: Boom! No more generators.

  GP: Get back to the team.

  CS: They blow open the door.

  GP: Enter the vault.

  CS: The mafia arrive! Zero complains about Berkeley?

  GP: Kill the Mafia, get the team back safely to the service bay. Kill all who resist!

  CS: The group drives away. Note that they're only using TWO of the stolen bikes. Grr.

  GP: Get to the roof, kill all Mafia.

  CS: See the roof.

  GP: Get to the parachute.

  CS: See a Maverick across the way.

  GP: Try to parachute to the roof with the heli, if you miss, it's okay, just run to the Clown Casino (buy this room before this mission!) and change clothes, Get to Verdant Meadows!

  CS: Zero confesses about telling Berkeley the plan. CJ punches him, Wu-Zi-Mu asks for a ride home.

Respect: 100
Money: $100,000
Uniform: Croupier
Phone Call: Leone Salvatore calls.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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