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GTA: San Andreas Weapons

- by Chaos Energy and tips by Mister V
A weapons guide that goes over the main weapons in the game. Each weapon is looked at for its power, Aim Distance, Volume, Accuracy, Firerate, bullets per round, Automatic, Dualwield, Gangster level, Hitman, Price at Ammu-Nation and Locations (if known).

Navigate the weapon of your choice below. Each weapon is sorted into it's relative category.

  • CJ has weapon skills which he can improve (like driving skills) by shooting a long time with a weapon - using it frequently.
  • CJ can double-wield almost any weapon except heavy assault rifles and rocket weapons, and special tools.
  • When you target someone with a weapon, green will be displayed if they have full health, yellow at half, and red if they can be killed in another shot. The auto targeting will also make much better choices based on threat level.
  • By drawing a weapon and pressing L1 you will be able to view your skill level with that weapon. You will start out with "Poor" with all weapons, but will be able to progress to "Gangster" and even "Hitman."

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colinz_87 Nov 25, 2005, 02:19 am
Hey Dudes, a couple locations for the heat seeking rpg, the one by the gas tanks that Sith Lord speaks of is in the Air Port of SF, there is also a photo opportunity here... the gas tanks are to the right of a hangar all on its own. There is one on top of a car park but i really dont know how to get you there, its in the Las Venturas area but not in the city, its only got a bottom floor and a first floor which is the open roof, that is where the heat seeking rpg is. Torenos ranch. errr there's a few more that I cant remember right now, check out the weapons topic on the forums...

and yes the girl that lets you keep ur weapons is initially found near the gym, she is doing some tae kwon do or somethin... then you have to find her house which will be one of the hearts on ur map. It's probably the location that you've been looking for, i no know.
Aewis Sep 13, 2005, 07:52 am
Some locations for the minigun:

1. Toreno's Ranch (After all his missions)
2. on the trainbridge from SF to LV (probably need that flying thing on your back...)
3. Outside the four dragons casino (After 50 horseshoes)
4. On top of a building site in the SE corner of LV (I think it was outside the big way)
5. In an ounderground garage in the eastern part of LV (but west to that big road)

Hope it will help :)
thabomb Aug 19, 2005, 10:41 am
the minigun in san fierro is here:
get the train in doherty station. drive to the north. make sure the camera is NOT next to the train.. or else you won't see the minigun.
just drive until you're approaching the bridge. you will see some kind of a red 'gate'. the minigun is on that 'gate'.
I saw the minigun immediately when I drove through the 'gate'. but maybe you'll have to look around a bit...
Tommy Vercceti Jul 22, 2005, 07:57 pm
Tec9 can be found on the roof of Sweet's house. The Flame throver can be found in Torenos ranch after completing all his missions at Tierra Robada, also you can find there minigun, rocket launcher and Heat Seeking RPG. Rocket launcher is just like Heat Seeking RPG, but to me is better Heat Seeking RPG because he follows the targets, rcoket launcher does not follows the targets. You should check it!
Renegade_333 Jul 19, 2005, 02:14 am
almost forgot, for those of you who think you can't enter a police station without getting a wanted level all you have to do is arm fists. There is also a shotgun in an interview room, but the shotgun will arm as soon as you pick it up if you are using fists and you will get a wanted level of 2, not sure if melee weapons set it off aswell, but I do know you can hold a gift without getting a wanted level so if you don't have one go get the dildo from the showers first and you can then safely pick up the shotgun.
BoyRacer Jul 14, 2005, 11:36 am
Ok i got some info for ya on weapons:

1) Flowers found in front of most petrol stations
2) If you want to get the double ended dildo, single ended and the vibrator the only way i have found these is by using the slut magnet cheat wher the prostitutes will walk up to you holding these items
3) The only way i have found the smoke grenades/tear gas is on the second level of the ship in the naval base on top of some crates
4) Thermal goggles are found in zeros shop
5) You can only dual wield the 9mm pistol, tech 9/micro smg and sawnoff shotgun by reacinhg hitman level with them
PuFFiS Jul 3, 2005, 05:03 pm
You can also find the;
Flamethrower &
at this hmm, agents house (where you drive your first Monster car/don't remember the agents Name), well walk in the house and find these wapons!

Anonymous Jun 15, 2005, 10:41 am
The minigun can be found on top of the bridge hold ontop of the Kincaid Bridge, you can only get it when you unlock the Desert Lands - Las Venturas.

For Tommy Vercetti, the rocket launcher can be found on top of a building in Glen Park, use a jet pack and fly up to there. There should be a steel tower and the rocket launcher and nothing else. The building is near Downtown Los Santos, but its in the Glen Park area
Fuzzyfish Jun 5, 2005, 07:23 am
Get dual weild micro uzi's and pistols at the beginning!!! THIS IS NOT A CHEAT, JUST A LITTLE TIME CONSUMING, in the grove there is a pisol in the far right corner from where you exit mommas house. A tech 9 on sweets roof, and a micro uzi in the big flood control by the grove. put a car in the garage and shoot the car with one of the weapons until it sets on fire. let the garage close and do it again, collecting ammo if it is needed, if the guns aren't there because u hav picked them up, save in mommas house and collect them. This way u can get dual weilding guns before the second mission.
eddaket May 22, 2005, 04:46 pm
Try to ask questions assosiated with the page, the one below me belongs on another page.
Goofy May 1, 2005, 03:15 am
if you go in to the ally way next to Zeros missions you will find a Desert Eagle in San Fierro, in the construction area behind CJ's garage( San Fierro) directly east of the garage under a angled slab of cement you will find a flame thrower and a pool cue there is also a chainsaw just north of this area it is easily visible from the ground.
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