Zero Missions GTA: San Andreas


Zero Missions

Air Raid Difficulty: Level 2
   You must purchase Zero's business before you can do these missions.

  CS: When CJ enters, Zero is all grumpy and a tad bit rude and anti-social. CJ finds out that it's because Berkley is back! A long time rival of Zero's just because Zero won first place at a Science Fair. Watch for the sign on the counter though! At the end, Berkley attacks and Zero drags CJ onto the roof. CJ holds a Minigun, while Zero holds a fire extinguisher.

  GP: Shoot down the enemy Barons! They are small targets, this will probably take a couple tries. Do NOT try this at night, the planes are dark and very hard to see. Strafe back and forth when theres three or more planes in one batch, try and get them as far in the distance as possible so they can't drop their bombs. Make sure you don't shoot Zero or it's Mission Failed. You only need to have 1 transmitter withstand the attack.

  CS: Zero acts like he's the Top Gun, and says stupid crap like "As long as we have Opposable thumbs, we will fight you!"

Money: $3000

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Supply Lines Difficutly: Level 5
  CS: CJ walks into an empty store, and hears Zero yell out to go away, again being anti-social. CJ walks into the back of the store, and finds Zero hanging from a hangar by his boxers, HA! Zero informs CJ that Berkley came and did this and vows revenge! He wants to take out the delivery drivers for Berkley's mail order business.

  GP: This is the hardest missions I have encountered thus far. It took me a ton of tries to get it done. The problem is, it involves quite a bit of luck and a lot of skill. You have to fly the little RC Baron around San Fierro shooting the delivery vehicles and drivers down. The best order is really up to you, but in my research, it seems taking the vehicles out in the following order is best.
    A) Tap the accelerator, and turn to the left slightly, fly down the building and you'll see a 2 targets, one on a Bike and a Van. Get behind the van first, you can either stop flying and land right behind the van and shoot it, strafe it from the air and hope you get on your first pass (If you don't, might as well self destruct now{Press and hold Circle key}), or land slightly to the key, shoot it and then if the driver survives you can quickly shoot him and you'll be lined up better to take off immediately.
    B) Ignore the Bike for now, and fly to the other close target, just west and down the hill a bit. Same rules apply as the last one (as it does with every vehicle). Take it out as fast as you can!
    C) Now for that Bike. Fly east again and find the Bike, take him out quickly, he's pretty easy.
    D) Now for the hard part and where the luck comes into play. Speed north as fast as you can! Go for the Western vehicle first, it should be the Sanchez. They shoot back, so get down to the ground and right behidn them to take them out.
    E) Head east to the Van, once again just use which ever method works best for you to take the van out.
  Props to Ikham & Orange_Crusader. Read their helpful hints

Money: $5000

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New Model Army Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks into the shop as zero is heading out for a show down with Berkely! An all out war, of sorts. Using RC's, sweet!

  GP: You are flying an RC Goblin (Helicopter) while Zero drives the RC Bandit. You have to fly the RC Goblin over small barells and move them out the way with the magnet attached the belly of the RC Goblin. You'l also haveto place planks across parts of the river, as well as dropping bombs on Berkely's tanks. Grab a plank right away and fly off to the first river crossing, drop it in place. Move the barrels in the way, they don't have to be moved very far though. Then go grab a bomb and go blow the tanks out of the game. Destroy all 3 tanks. Next grab the second plank and put it in place, move any barrells that have been put in palce as you go back to the fort. After the second plank is in place, just concentrate on moving the barrells, that's it! A lot easier than the last one!

Money: $7,000
Asset: Zero's RC Shop, $5,000 every 24 (In game, 24 minutes real time) hours.

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Beefy Baron Difficulty: Level 2
  GP: Go to Zero's shop, walk into the red marker in the back of the store. Fly the RC Baron around and shoot TopFun vans with the gun. Basically the same as "Supply Lines". Destroy as many as you can in the time limit.

Money: Depending on how many vans you kill.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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