Driving, Boat, Pilot and Bike school Guide GTA: San Andreas


San Andreas Driving, Boat, Pilot and Bike School Guide

- by IKHAM

Here is a short guide about the 4 different schools in San Andreas. There is a bike, driving, pilot and boat school. Only the pilot school is necessary for 100%, but they all offer rewards for completing them.

You will find the schools marked on the game menu map as an S. I have also made a small map to point out there locations. They are only available after completing certain missions, which will be covered in this guide.

All the schools operate on a medals basis. Bronze, silver and gold. The better medals you get the better the reward. The table below outlines what percentage you need to get each medal.

Medal Percentage Needed
Bronze 70%-84%
Silver 85%-99%
Gold 100%

This guide goes over the locations, rewards and the first availability of each school. Chaos Energy has written another superb downloadable text guide on how to complete each school.

Driving School ? Boat School
Driving School

Location: San Fierro, in the Doherty area. It's just a few blocks south of the garage CJ buys in the game missions.
Unlocked: After completing the Deconstruction mission, which is one of the garage missions.
Reward: Gives you more driving skill, unlocks the race tournaments and completes the mission 'Back to School'. In addition to this, the medals you get determine what car spawns outside the driving school in the car park. At least all bronze gives you a Super GT. At least silver gives you a Bullet and at least gold gives you the Hotknife.

Driving School map
? Boat school

Location:The west side of the desert in the little town, called Bayside, near the entrance of the Gant Bridge. The school is the little hut at the end of the Marina.
Unlocked: After completing Woozie's mission, Pier 69.
Reward: What medals you get, determines what boat appears in the marina. Get at least all bronzes and a Marquis will appear. All silver and a Squallo appears. All gold and a Jetmax is yours.

Boat School map

Pilot School ? Bike School
Pilot School

Location: Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard in the desert.
Unlocked: You must buy the Aircraft Graveyard which will cost you $80,000. It is also a required part of the main story missions.
Reward: It's part of the main story missions so after completion you get $15,000, some respect and also a parachute everytime you jump out of a plane. You also recieve the pilot liscense which lets you get in an airport through the main gates. An airplane will spawn in the hanger to the west depending on which medals you get. Get at least bronzes and a Rustler will spawn. Get at least silvers and the stuntplane appears. All gold and the Hunter is yours.

Pilot School map
? Bike school

Location: Las Venturas, in the Blackfield area. It's directly south of the oval races stadium.
Unlocked: As soon as you have access to Las Venturas.
Reward: Your bike skill is upgraded. Once again the medals you get determine what bike appears outside. At least bronze gives you a Freeway. Silver, a FCR-900 and at all gold gives you the NRG-500.

Bike School map

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colinz_87 Dec 23, 2005, 03:34 am
city slicking isnt all that hard... hell, its real hard but once you do it you realise it just requires practise and some cooperation from other traffic.

my route was to go straight down the road past the garage and take the right turn after the tunnel, rather than following the road cut across the footpath and try to go straight into the left turn, you then just follow this road for a while and be careful when you go up the hill cos you cant see oncoming traffic... then go down the curve that goes past the multistory parking lot and go through the red marker. Now just follow the long road going past the police station, army base, gas station etc until you get to the right turn that'll take you back to the driving school.

If you're going for gold, dont freak out if you hit a pole or something, cos i found that it doesnt actually cause you any damage, but if you hit maybe two or three it'll probably have some damage. So if you hit something little, just keep on going if you can.
Vercetti Dec 8, 2005, 07:15 pm
A ( good or even golden) tip for jump and stoppie for the bike school.
If you begin just gas but with that button that you gonna stand so the bike don't do a wheelie. Just do in the air wat you allways do. JUST DO THAT STOPPIE. if you land (good) but you are making a salto ( that is the greatist problem) just push that button that you make a wheelie but don't push the gas button. You have now ... GOLD ;)
i try this the first time and i have the first time GOLD
malakai713 Nov 10, 2005, 02:54 pm
City Slicking(xbox): I don't know if this would work on ps2, but I don't see why not. Go into city slicking holding the gas and brake for a burnout. Push the analog stick ever so lightly and you can turn the vehicle toward the corner of your apartment acoss the street. Release the brake and get a nice quick start. Also: my gold medal route was to go all the way to the intersection on the north/south street with the trolley tracks. Cut diagonally right across the park. At the intersection by the northeeast corner of the park go north, down the hill and to the checkpoint. If you stay on the gas and burn a 180, you can head back the way you came without the game disqualifying you for stopping.
Degenerate Aug 25, 2005, 03:37 am
I have came up with a theory and it works. To get gold in burn and lap the trick is NOT to turn around correctly. What you need to do is as you go into the corner hold handbrake as well as accelerate. This will give u a burnout which means your car is ready to shoot off as well as lining you up straight for the next stretch. Usually when you handbrake you are not facing the stretch correctly and your slightly off course. But by using this you should be lined up correctly.

Hope this helps everyone as ive gotten closer to the 36 second mark but i just keep missing it. I should have it by tomorow morning though now that i know what to do. Good luck ppl ;)
John H Aug 18, 2005, 10:52 pm
When doing the flying school mission with the helicopter where you blow up the trucks and cars, the machine guns are miles better at doing damage i found. The best way i found to do this mission was to use the camera view so its like you are looking out of the chopper. Stick a piece of selotape over the left ctrl button so the guns fire continuously!! This frees up your fingers to control the chopper in the wind and also fire the odd rocket. Change the camera view back to normal before landing. You might have to remove the tape before you land as well, i did just in case.
elessar787 Aug 4, 2005, 09:20 pm
I just got all golds in driving school, and it was not easy. I have to say the burn and lap was the hardest. But i found a helpful way to get a gold on it.

If your doing the counterclockwice course, start out acelarating and glide to the right a little, not so much to the right that you'll be skimming the cones to the right, but just a little to the right. As soon as your front tires are lined with the last cone to your left, press left and handbrake simontaniously, if done correctly, you should have circled the cone just barely skimming it. It may take some practice and you may also need to use the reverse gear for the turn if it helps. Once you've done that you should kick off very smoothly without tailwhiping into the set of cones to the right. Then do that same thing for the other side it should cut down your time and be perfect for a gold. It may take some practice and a few tries but it works.

If your doing the clockwise course, just switch all of the "rights" above to "lefts" antsd all "lef "to "rights"

I f you have and trouble whith anything on driving school or bike school e-mail me at Halofan00@gmail.com. I check it daily
Mrhahn Aug 3, 2005, 12:23 am
Sorry for teh triple post, but I have some advice that might help people get gold on the ramp and stoppie bike test.

After you take off, don't let off the accelerator the entire time, even after you've jumped and landed. I noticed after a bunch of tries that doing so makes you stay straight as an arrow 90% of the time. Once you're able to stay straight, it's just a matter of time before you get the right distance for the 100% position.

As far as technique with leaning forward and braking, I don't brake whatsoever. As soon as you take off, lean forward until the brake lights are about even with the bottom of his shirt, vest, etc. Then, hold forward from the time he's just about to land to shortly after he lands. You'll be pushing forward and releasing twice for the test. I know everyone has their own way and these aren't the most precise instructions, but they should help.
BoyRacer Jul 19, 2005, 12:29 am
AT flying school during the test where you have to destroy the trucks with the hunter it might actually be easier to use the machine guns rather than the rockets. Using the rockets you must aim but ive found that the machine guns will autaim at the trucks and all you must do is angle toward them a little. I found it much easier to get gold using this method give it a try
Muffin Jun 15, 2005, 09:37 am
To do the 360 on pc turn on "steer with mouse" in the mouse controller options. then just move the mouse to the left or watever and do the 3 button thing.
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