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GTA: San Andreas Gang war guide

SPOILER ALERT: This guide contains information that may spoil certain features of the game.

This page will be covering tips and strategies for taking over gang territories.

Later we will be creating a fully illustrated guide that will help you easily take over gang territories. In the meantime Chaos Energy has kindly submitted his excellent gang war guide.

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colinz_87 Nov 30, 2005, 10:20 pm
yea, i take it back, i got some new territories again and its like impossible to find dudes :p so some places are easier to find gang members in that others.

it's real weird though, it says the ballas have no territories and the las santos vagos have 3, but according to the map the ballas have one and the las santos vagos have like 3 (but that may be cos im colour blind or something)... So i took over one ballas territory and one las santos vagos territory and cant find gang members in the other/s. There is one territory connected to a whole bunch of my territories and it looks lighter so i presumed it was los santos vagos territory but theres only my gang members there which made me think it was my territory... the other its all by itself and is yellow, but its impossible to find any dudes to kill...
Sith Lord Oct 7, 2005, 06:17 pm
from what I know, if you destroy a gang (reducing thier turf to 0 on the stats page) you dont get bothered from them again. Then again im not too sure about this so go check it up.

If im right you will have a permenant asset like the hotel and quarry (unless this is at the stat of the game, when you lose it all)

To start a gang war, complete the mission "doberman" and then wander into enemy turf (take armour and have a decent weapon) kill 3 of them.

Then let the war begin.
BIG-BAD-BENOIT Aug 4, 2005, 12:02 am
not sure about cheats 4 a minigun....
but... if u go to the house where u work for toreno (that shed just east of san fierro)
you can find:
flame thrower
lock on rocket launcher
normal rocket launcher
anyway... u can only use one at a time... pick one then go outside and save...
then go back in and pick it again... keep goin till u have enough ammo... then blow stuff up....
its grerat 4 the minigun cause u get 500 shots everytime..
San_An_Master Jul 5, 2005, 10:25 pm
You can also get respect by killing cops. A easy way to do this is go inside say Binco or any store with the yellow marker at the door, get a wanted level by shotting the people inside. Then cops will come shoot the cops and more will come as the wanted level gets higher. And as you kill them off the respect will rise slowly, and since the cops respawn its an endless respect raiser.
UberFiend May 21, 2005, 12:51 pm
If you want to take over turfs effectively without using cheats, get an AK, I actually recommend getting all the gang tags done first so you can freely stock up on ammo, start the war, and then watch your radar to see where they are coming from. Pick them off from as far away as you can, then run down to where they came from and you will usually find a health and armor icon, fill up turn around and repeat. It's always useful to have a few Grove Greeners recruited to keep the enemy guessing and to suck up bullets meant for you, just make sure not to hang too close to em' cause' they always walk in front of your sights. Dumbass Greeners.
UberFiend May 21, 2005, 12:38 pm
The easiest, and most "honest" way to take over turfs is to get an AK, I actually recommend getting all 100 gang tags first so you can stock up on AK ammo as much as you want. Then, watch your radar to see where they are coming from and pick a group off from far away. As soon as you take out a group run down to where they came from and you'll find a health and armor icon, grab it and turn around to take out the next group, and repeat. After a few turfs, your AK skill should go up drastically, meaning your range gets better, making it easier. NOTE: This is a good plan only if you DONT want to use cheats.
that's the spirit! May 8, 2005, 02:02 pm
just go on a roof and crawl, because if you if crawl they wont hit you with there bullets...i think. i did it with vice city, those cops didn't hit me.
Another easy way by me again!! May 6, 2005, 06:28 pm
First, get an ak-47(gatling gun works better here), then just like an addict posted, go on the roof and make sure there is only one way up to the roof so you dont get flanked. once the gang members start climbing up on the roof, start mowing them down because they can all follow each other and fall in the same trap, which is where yo are shooting a stream of bullets at them.

also while you are in many gang wars, the fastest way to reload is by pressing R2 or L2 and switch weapons, then switch back and there you have it your gun will be reloaded. so if you are in a bad situation, and you are about to have to wait for that lengthy reload where CJ does it by himself, why not switch weapons and switch back again in less than two seconds and your gun is full reloaded. ths works with any type of machine guns, shotguns, pistols and so on.

posted by: DF
easy way 2 take over territory May 1, 2005, 06:58 pm
get an Ak-47(lots of ammo). Go kill some gang members to start the gang war. then, once the gang members appear on yor map, find a place where they can only come at you from one direction. then once they appear in front of you, shoot away for fast kills and easy way to take over the territory. Repeat step until all territories are yours. Enjoy!

Posted by:DF
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