Vehicle Modifying reference (by Kremit) GTA: San Andreas


Car Modifying Reference

- by Kremit

This is Kremit's vehicle modifying guide. This guide will show you the locations of all the modifying garages in San Andreas, which cars you can modify in them and a list of modifications that can be done for each car.

Navigate to each section of the guide by clicking on the area maps below

Los Santos

San Fierro

Las Venturas

Go straight to the garages

Loco Low Co.


Wheel Arch Angel

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protus Feb 17, 2006, 10:48 am
ok you don't need to do no tests, its really simple physics and some calculations. i haven't been bothered to calculate any of the top speeds or what not, and i don't remember where but i remember openning this file while browsing in GTA's config folders which contained information like the mass of each car the acceleration, gravitaion force and stuff like that. just do some simple kinematics calculations (considering terminal velocity) and you'll know the true speeds of these cars. (i think you might actually even be able to change these number)

personally i think infernus and turismo are fastest, i dont know about banshees cuz i never drive them they look like crap in SA. turismo accelerates real quickly, infernus takes time to do that. its cool to drive these around on airport runways.
Flobba Job Jul 7, 2005, 01:05 am
the point of the hydrolics is for the lowrider thing at the station, rockstar probably thought that most people would like it on the other vehicles so put it for them all, personally i find it annoying. Also not all the rims can be put on each vehicle, some vehicle have rims which can't be gotten on all other vehicles such as the dollar ones i think can only be put on lowriders. and that huge garage is that size so you can fit an AT-400 in it (PS: this game hasn't been out for 23 months so don't lie)
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