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San Andreas Import/export guide

- by IKHAM

Like the previous GTA games, the import/export job is included. In San Andreas, you do not get the chance to do any exporting or importing until you complete the mission 'Customs Fast Track'. Customs fast track is one of CJ's garage missions, which only becomes available when you buy Wang Cars (opposite the building site next to CJ's garage). Wang car's can only be bought when you get at least bronze for all test in driving school and completing the mission "Ya Ka Boom Boom". Find out more from the Getting wang cars topic.

Once this mission is complete, you can return to the docks to find a blackboard with a list of cars on it. There is also the yellow crane next to the ship that you used in the mission.

Basically all you have to do is find the vehicle's located on the list's. There is 3 lists in total, each one must be completed before you move onto the next.

The import export crane location

Vehicle Import Export crane location map

Use the map above to locate the place where you import and export the cars. There is a cargo ship, big yellow crane and a blackboard with vehicles written on it.

The import export carlist board

Vehicle Import Export car list board

The list on the blackboard tells you which cars are needed for export. There are 3 lists in total which need to be completed in turn. There is a handy little message which pops when you enter a vehicle that is currently on the export list, no matter where you are in San Andreas. (see below for all 3 lists)

The import export Crane

Vehicle Import Export crane

Use the crane to lift the cars onto the ship deck. If you have forgotten the controls, they are as follows. Rotate and navigate the cranes position with the movement controls. Lower the magnet with the X button and drop it onto the cars roof. Once connected to the car, raise the magnet with the SQUARE button. Move the car up onto the deck and drop it into the red halo. Release the magnet by pressing the CIRCLE button.

Be careful when moving the car, if you cause any damage, it will be deducted from it's value and you will recieve less money.

The Export Car Lists

List 1

Vehicle NameMaximum Value
Patriot 40,000
Sanchez 10,000
Stretch 40,000
Feltzer 35,000
Remington 30,000
Buffalo 35,000
Sentinel 35,000
Infernus 95,000
Camper 26,000
Admiral 34,000

List 2

Vehicle NameMaximum Value
Slamvan 19,000
Blista Compact 35,000
Stafford 35,000
Sabre 19,000
FCR-900 10,000
Cheetah 105,000
Rancher 40,000
Stallion 19,000
Tanker 35,000
Comet 35,000

List 3

Vehicle NameMaximum Value
Blade 19,000
Freeway 10,000
Mesa 25,000
ZR-350 45,000
Euros 35,000
Banshee 45,000
Super GT 105,000
Journey 22,000
Huntley 40,000
BF Injection 15,000


When you get in a car and the message pops up telling you that it is required at the export place, i strongly advise you to take it there straight away, if possible. Exporting all cars takes a very long time if you do it all in one go. It's better to just do it as you find them.

Also, if you find a rare car, or a car that you have never seen before, double check on all the lists above, to see if it's needed. If it is then save it in your garage, because you might spend hours later on trying to find it.

At the export ship, there is a ramp up the side. Use that if you have a bike, because it's quicker, but dont take a car up there. You'll only end up damaging it and losing money.

The more cars you export, the more cars are available for import. Walk up to the board to check which cars you can import.

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riot1221 Jul 28, 2006, 12:34 am

Parked Locations:*Sentinel - In the movie studio parking lot in Vinewood, Los Santos. The doors are usually locked so shoot the car till it blows up, go around the block and when you come back the car will be as good as new and the doors will be unlocked.
Spawn Locations:*Tierra Robada, Las Venturas *west area of Los Santos, *around the airport in San Fierro
mwtnt Jun 12, 2006, 05:04 am
Getting a PATRIOT easily:
1 - Get a fast vehicle
2 - Get a Bazooka
3 - Enter in Easter Basin in high velocity, jump out of the car, when the polices is closer, shot whit the bazooka and Get Out with the PATRIOT, good look, and Get fast to the paint shop to lost the wanted.

Portuguese BR:

1 - Pegue um carro veloz
2 - Tenha uma Bazooka
3 - Entre em Easter Basin em alta velocidade, salte do carro proximo ao PATRIOT, e quando os policiais estiverem perto (reunidos) de um tiro de bazooka neles, eles morrem, e voce tem um pequeno prazo para pegar o PATRIOT e sair correndo, vá pintá-lo para nao ser mais perseguido, então exporte-o.

Mattydude Jan 19, 2006, 06:58 am
I just got all 3 lists done.

The easiest place to find a stafford is outside the hotel in queens which CJ can buy a suite in. It's the one with the undercover bit out the front. The car is just to the left of the stairs to enter, if you are looking at the hotel side on. I got a mesa in los santos while driving around near santa maria beach, and because I saw the car early, I saved it in my garage there. I'm now speeding around in my bullet :)
supernaut Sep 12, 2005, 08:23 am
A better place to find the BF Injection is at the snake farm, next to CJ's airfield. I found most of the vehicles for list three, just hanging out in front of Michelle's house.
Boy Racer Jul 26, 2005, 05:48 am
Unfortunately the patriot can be hard to obtain. An easy(er) way is to buy the safehouse in bone county just south of the restricted area. It has a garage. In the restricted area follow the road to the gate, jump the fence and head left. Just down from the cargobob there is sumtimes a patriot but lately in my game it hasnt been there. get in it, bust the fence and drive like hell for that safehouse i told you bout. Put it in the garage, quikly get inside save and you have a patriot
Flobba Job Jul 13, 2005, 01:27 am
you import any car you take to the crane and export, you can also export the 3 cars you find there originally in crates and you can import the 6 bonus vehicles when you have taken a certain amount of vehicles to the crane, each vehicle can only be exported on certain days tho which is a pain
Flobba Job Jul 9, 2005, 01:10 am
If you really need a cheetah then look in the paradiso area in SF i find them there so much altho i find infernus's there eadier. if you still can't find one there then try Rodeo in LS or try pretty much anywhere is LV, altho in LV there is a driveway in the northen area near millie's house where you can find 1 parked on a driveway
Flobba Job Jul 8, 2005, 05:45 pm
A stafford can be found parked outside the large hotel in SF, tje one you can purchase for 50,000. Its not always there but can commonly be found parked out the front or in the carpark at the back
Anonymous Jul 7, 2005, 02:24 am
The crane can be acessed with a jetpack.
Flobba Job Jul 7, 2005, 01:12 am
Actually you can get cheetah's in all 3 cities its just easier in LV, how they appear paradiso sometimes, can also find FCR-900's there easily. and the money you get for cars can be different, you take them tio the crane and there the last one you need to take on the current list you get more because of the 'finishing list bonus' i think its 50,000 bonus for the first list, 100,000 bonus for the second list and 200,000 bonus for the last list. and after you buy a car from the list then its you'res you don't take it anywhere. sometimes you may just really want one and not be able to find it.
San_An_Master Jul 5, 2005, 06:30 am
You'll learn how all about the import/export place after u finish the CJ garage missions.
You may as well wait till you beat the game to do this as most of cars such as the Euros and Cheetah are found in Venturas(last place to unlock). Euors is under the shynx on the Venturas Strip, drive a CR350 and the Cheetah and Infernus will pop up. Drive on the railway back so you dont get damage plus its way quicker. The FCR-900 can also be found here(just drive around on a PCJ 600 or BF 400).

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