Vehicle: mod sf GTA: San Andreas


Car Mod Garages for San Fierro

- by Kremit

san fierro transfender wheels arch angels

Please click the Red Wrench for Car and Part lists.

Description: Each modification garage is marked and noted on your map with a little red wrench icon. There are three TransFender's in San Andreas, one in each major city, as well as two custom garages. You must get to the missions of that city before unlocking that garage. Therefore, here are the requirements to unlock the modification garages for San Fierro.

To Unlock TransFender garage: Finish Truth's mission titled: "Are you heading to San Fierro".

To unlock Wheels Arch Angels garage: Complete Driving School in San Fierro and then complete San Fierro Mission titled: "Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom". After receiving a phone call from Jethro, purchase Wang's Cars and finish the first asset mission to unlock Wheels Arch Angels.

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