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This page contains all the answers to Frequently asked questions that visitors have asked about San Andreas. In time it will build in size as more questions are asked. We hope you will find it useful to answer any question you may have about San Andreas. If it doesnt, feel free to ask from the San Andreas Contact page or ask your question in the San Andreas Forums.



My girlfriend is never at home. Why?
It appears that some times girlfriends tend to be not in when you want them. At the moment there doesnt seem to be a clear reason for this. All that can be suggested, is that you leave the area (go to another city) and come back later to try.

How can I lose muscle?
Losing muscle is easy, but can take a while. Firstly you must make sure you dont feed CJ. Next you have to give CJ exercise, so running about alot helps. Go to the gym and use the tread mill too for quick loss of fat and muscle. Before CJ starts to lose any muscle, he must first burn off all the fat, but eventually the muscle will begin to fade away.

I have completed the game (insert percentage here)% and I'm so close to getting 100%. What have I missed?
As I'm sure you can appreciate, San Andreas is a very complicated game and as such, it is very simple to miss something. We advise you to check the 100% completion page if you havent done already. It contains all the info we know of for completing 100%, however it is possible that there is things missing. In time though, we will make sure it is absolutely correct.

How do i do a driveby?
You can do a driveby with gang members, or on your own. To do one on your own, make sure you have a small automatic weapon like an Uzi. When your in a car, look left or right and press fire. CJ will fire the gun automatically.

To do the driveby with gang members, first you need to recruit a gang. Go up to one of your gang members and target them. Then press up to recruit him. You will see a gang strength meter appear if this is done successfully. You can recruit up to 3 members for a driveby depending on the car you're driving.

Once you have your gang, get into a car and wait for your gang members to get in. Then just drive into enemy territory and drive by enemy gang members. Your gang members should automatically hang out the windows and shoot at them. You can join in too if you want.

How do i recruit a gang?
Recruting a gang is easy. Simply find some of your gang members (that's the ones walking around in green), target them as if you were going to shoot them. Then with the target button held down, press up once. If you do this correctly, a gang strength meter should pop up on screen to show you that your gang strength has increased. The gang member will then follow you around until he dies, you lose him or you disband the gang.

How do I activate 2-player mode?
Find a 2-player icon that are spread throughout San Andreas. Stand on it and push any button on a second controller. You can find these icons at the homes of your girlfriends to.

How do i buy Wang Cars?
You need to buy wang cars to do the garage missions, but before you can buy wang cars, you must complete the mission Ya Ka boom boom and get at least bronze for every test in driving school.

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