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The Don: Part 1 - Rebirth Of A Family

- by Mr T

The story starts off in St. Mark's Bistro, Liberty City. It's the current year (2004) and it's been a couple months after the death of Don Salvatore Leone. Joey Leone, now currently Don, is sitting in his office staring out the window while listening to "O Mio Babbino Caro". Luigi is on the phone arguing with one of his hoes and he quickly hangs up and starts talking to Joey.

"Joey, you have to get out of this state of depression and get the Family back together. After the death of your pops, s**t's been rough. We lost our power, our contacts, everything! Those f***in' Yakuza's are starting to cover territory now. Joey, by next year the f***in' feds are gonna up the family's ass and then what? Hell, the Vercetti's are still running good with the coke business, the Forrelli's and Sindacous have been talking and.. WE HAVEN'T GOT NONE OF THIS f***ing ACTION!"

Joey turns around.

"You think I don't f***ing know that? You think I'm gonna be sitting on my f***ing ass all day and not do anything about it? We'll start the business again once I get the f***er who killed my father, then, THEN we do business, THEN WE GAIN CONTROL BACK. You understand? Now, I've got an associate in the West Coast, he's a good friend of mine. Luigi, can you go pick him up, take Vinny and Paul with you, eh? He's found in Los Santos."

The Meet
Los Santos - December 2004

Carl is in the Johnson's house with Sweet. They're all older now, Sweet's the OG of the family and Carl is running business with Kendl still. A black sentinel strolls up on the block and Luigi steps out and knocks on the door. Carl opens it.

"Mr. Johnson? May me and my associates come in, we'd like to have a word with you."
"Ay Carl, don't let these motherf***ers in the house, we don't need no motherf***in' mob bulls**t n*gga."
"Hey, who you callin' motherf***er you scopata-testa!" said Vinny.
"Ay man, shut the f*** up! Who the hell are you assholes anyway?" said Carl
"We, Mr. Johnson, are Joey Leone's closest friends. Now can we come in?"
"Yeah aight, but tell yo' boys to chill the f*** out for a minute..damn"

Sweet leaves the house in disarray as Carl and Luigi, Vinny and Paul sit down.

"So, you Joey's mens huh? Why he ain't come over here himself?
"Don Joey isn't feeling well. He requests that you come to Liberty City... he needs you to return a favour."
"Oh, fa sho, anything for Joey mayne."
"Well Joey'll be glad to hear that then. We've provided airfare for you to go to Liberty City and a car is waiting outside."
"And what about you dudes? Where y'all gonna be hangin out then?"
"Us? Well Mr Johnson, we're going to take a visit to Caligulas."
Carl gets a bit nervous. "Oh, aiight then. Cool."

The Return To Liberty City
Portland - December 2004

Carl gets a taxi to St. Marks Bistro. He heads up to Joey's office.

"Ay Joey, guess who it is?"
"Carl, glad you can make it."
"Joey man ,sorry about your father. That s**t was f***ed up, a hit on a Don and all."
"Yeah, I know. It's been tragic really... but enough about me, how are things in San Andreas?"
"Oh, San Andreas? s**t looking cool now. In Las Venturas we rollin' dice pretty well and San Fierro, we got s**t on lock over there and the hood's doin' fine. s**t was seriously f***ed since the yay came through. So we got it poppin', and how things in Liberty?"
"Things aren't running too well. After the unfortunate business with my pops, the Leone's have been looked down upon, spit on, sneered upon. Carl, I need your help. There's not many men I can trust in my own organization, because things ain't like the 40s or 60s anymore. Anyone could be a snitch or fed or whatever."
"I heard that. So whatchu need man?"
"I need you to bring the man who killed my dad. My sources tell me his name is Claude. I dunno where he is. But if you visit the Staunton Casino, you could find his whereabouts."
"Hold up, d'you say Claude? As in Claude Speed.. the mute G?"
"Yeah...he used to work for me, that little bastard...why ask?"
"I know that punk motherf***er, he killed my brother-in-law's cousin. Aww s**t, I'mma cap his ass for you and him."
"Carl, it juss ain't that simple."
"Man, I know that, he probably got bodyguards and ery'thing."
"You know what I want...his punk ass alive and brought here."
Carl stares at Joey strangely. "ALIVE? Man, that f***a killed your father!"
"I know that. I wanna know why and who sent the hit. I'm gonna know how far this bulls**t goes, then, we'll kill him."
"s**t.. that's straight. But I'm gonna need some back up in case."
"Go to the Leone Hotel in downtown Staunton, the building's actually the former place of Love Media TV bulls**t. You'll find some men ready there."
"Aight, I'll be back in a couple of days then."
Carl gets ready to leave
"Oh and Carl, s**ts changed in the last 13 years. Be careful on the streets."
"Oh, fa sho."

Carl leaves and takes a gray Mafia Sentinel and drives over to Staunton. As he drives there, he sees a gang war between the Triads and Mafia. Carl slowly drives past it to see the troubles in Portland, what Joey was talking about. He then puts it full speed and heads toward Staunton

Southern's Finest
Downtown, Vice City - December 2004

We see Tommy in an office talking on the phone. He's talking about a coke shipment thats coming through.

"Now listen, this s**t better be some grade a quality or I'm gonna cut your f***in throat, you comprende asshole? What? What you mean the feds are gonna be patrolling the waters? You're in international waters for christ sakes! Those men in blue can'..."
Tommy is cut off as the sound of a gun blast is heard.

"s**t! Can't talk now, something's going on."
Tommy sneaks using the desks as cover to see whats going on.
"Tommy Vercetti, where are ya you f***ing pr**k! You can't hide from no cop!"
"A cop?" Tommy stands up and walks towards the entrance to see a single cop looking for him.
"Ay asshole, what the f*** is going on here?"
"Mr. Vercetti, you're under arrest for drug trafficking, drug soliciting and anything else drug related."
"What? I've been out of the business for nearly 5 years! You have no evidence against me you pr**k."
"Well we've traced the cell phone calls and tapped your home for years now. This time, you ain't getting away."
"Really? Well you know what you can do you stupid sonuvabitch?" Tommy pulls out a Colt Python from his waist "YOU CAN f*** RIGHT OFF!"
Tommy shoots the cop 2 times in the chest and walks up to the body and shoots him 2 more times in the head. Soon the SWAT comes busting through the roof and through the entrance. Three members tackle Tommy to the ground and arrest him.
"You can't do this assholes! I'm Tommy f***ing Vercetti!"
"Well Mr. Vercetti, you're under arrest and you are gonna recieve the death penalty. We've also got evidence on you for making a one called "Mr. Cortez" escape the country from the French FBI? Now I bet you're wondering how we could make these 28 year old connections, well guess what, one of your Cuban buddies, Umberto... well, he decided to get out of the game so he made the connections for us."

Tommy gets his ass hauled off by the oncoming FBI as the SWAT swarm the office to pick up more evidence.

Eye To Eye
Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale

A meeting of the heads from the Sindacao and Forrelli is happening as to when the alligence of the two families is going to happy.

"Mr. Sonnetti, if the families join together, we'll put those f***ing Leone's away for good. If we don't do this now when our enemies are weak they are going to gain strength and control business once again. Now if we do make the alliance, we can take out that punk Joey and control Liberty easily." explained Michael Tortellini
"I agree with you Michael, but please, this is a basic discussion between Me and Henry, not the lawyer." said Don Forrelli
"Alright then, I'm just stating the basic facts for, that's all."
"Okay kid, you can wait outside now." Michael leaves. "Anyway, Sonnetti, the kids right. We pull this off the only problem left is in Vice"
"Vice City, Henry? No... we haven't got no problems there. That pr**k Tommy's getting dealt with."
"Oh really? Well then, we should make the peace and commence with the plan. Killing that f***ing bastard Joey should be a piece of cake!"

The two laugh and have a drink as the Sindacos and Forrelli's make peace between one another.

Hunting Hounds
Leone Hotel, Staunton

Carl slows to a stop outside the hotel. He gets out and chills out for a while. He gets a call from Sweet.

"Ay Sweet, whats happenin?"
"Ay Carl, the f*** you doing back in Liberty for n*gga?"
"Man, I juss gotta help a friend out, thats all."
"Aight man, juss checkin, don't need no street soldiers dying now" Sweet and Carl laugh
"Coo man, good lookin' out n*gga."

Then 3 men in all black start to head down the steps.

"Mr. Johnson? Joey says you need our services. So here, knowing what we'r'e gonna get into, we've gotten bigger guns straight from Phil." The gangster hands him a SPAZ shotgun and a Desert Eagle.
"s**t motherf***er, how deep them Yakuzas rolling?"
"Deep enough"

They get into the car and get warmed up for a battle that's going to take a while. They drive down to the Staunton Casino in an unmarked car and head in with the heat open.

"Mr. Claude! We request your presence now!"

One of the gangsters fires off a burst of his AK through the guards. Eventually, the Yakuza men show up and Carl sneaks upstairs. The Yakuza start firing off Uzis. Carl bangs through the lobby doors upstairs and sees the men coming behind him. Many bystanders are caught in the crossfire, some are even lucky to escape.

"Ay, I'M f***ing CRAZY!" He fires the SPAZ 4 times and has the men get torn up badly. Carl continues looking for Claude, but on his way he gets shot with in the arm about 3 times.

"Aww, motherf***er!" One of the mafia men comes to his aid but is gunned down from the back with a Pump. Carl continues his journey and is nearly caught in a shotgun blast. Carl uses wall cover and uses the SPAZ to blow out one of the Yakuza. Soon, the downstairs is cleared out by the two remaining mafia men. They head upstairs to help Carl find Claude.

"Any luck Mr. Johnson"
"No, not yet anyway"

The rooms are cleared out by all the men so they head back outside the casino and into the car.

"Damn, the f*** ain't even in there. s**t, we pretty much f***ed up now, cops gonna be all over the place. And one of those bitches nearly shot my arm off, f***!"
"Alright Mr Johnson, I'll take the wheel, you and Paulie take care of the cops."
"But we needa get to the hospital motherf***er!"
"Just shoot the K alright? We have means and ways of our own."

Carl turns around the back of the care with his AK and gets ready for a shootout with the cops. The scene develops in downtown Stautnon still with Carl shooting inaccuractely at the cops. The car heads into an allyway where now it's trapped with two cop cars at either end. Carl slips out the back window wounded and it takes out his Uzi. He fires nearly 3 clips at the cops and kills only 1 of them.

"Motherf***ers, hey dudes, come the f*** out and fire the K! Its the only way out alive man!"

The mafia men instead speed towards the other police car and tries to ram it but instead kill themselves, and the other cops, trying. Carl sees the opportunity to escape as he runs toward the cop-free exit but Carl is then caught in sniper fire from the helicopter above. He ducks and weaves through the dumpsters and cans and eventually makes it out of the alleyway alive. He dashes straight into Beville Park and makes a jump towards the ocean.

"You bitches ain't getting me!"

Carl dives in and swims to a near by boat and heads back to Portland. He reaches Portland still losing a lot of blood but manages to get to the hospital by jacking a car.

The Revision

After getting patched up Carl calls up Joey and tells him the problems. Joey is disappointed but he tells Carl to head back to Staunton and hit up Asuka's own apartment in Torrington.

"So you know the plan right? So go hit the apartment up but take the boat there, the cops'll notice you too easy if you drive there."
"Aight man, peace"

Carl heads over to the docks and takes a boat to the dock right outside Asuka's place. Carl equips himself with a reliable silenced 9mm and picks off his first guard standing outside the apartment. Carl takes a peek in the poolside and sees nothing so he enters the place. Eventually he makes it to the third floor and sees absolutely no guards, so Carl starts running up to the penthouse suite and it was guarded with only 3 guards. Carl casually walked up to one of the guards and puts one in his eye. Carl grabs another of the guards and covers his mouth as he throws him down the stairs. The last guard Carl smacks across the head and shoots him twice in the face. Carl makes his way through one last hall and to the final door. He kicks the door in and finds that Claude is sleeping with some lady.


Claude wakes up and goes for his gun but Carl just stamps his hand.

"Well motherf***ers, glad ta make ya acquaintaince but both of you coming with me."

Carl whacks both of them and starts taping then easily. Eventually he carries one of them out than the other and he starts boating back to Portland.

"Hey Joey, get some men ready at the docks, I got him man"
"Excellent job Carl, the men'll be ready."


Don Henry is spotted driving in a Black Hermes towards the mansion in Bedford point, owned by Sonnetti Forrelli. Don Sindacao steps out with one of his bodyguards and gets greetings from Don Forrelli.

"So we put the hit out tonight?" said Don Henry
"Yeah, the time has come to kick the s**t out of this young punk for good. My men have been scoping the Bistro and mansion for nearly 3 hours. In one more hour, the place is going to be crashed down by some 'men-in-blue' and then a few of your men will come in and start shooting, you know? Do the damn thing and s**t."
"This'll be like old times, Al Capone style, *laughing* but you know after all of this, we'll have a big party at that Leone mansion out over at Callahan Point."
Don Forrelli continues laughing and then he pulls out a .380
"Holy s**t, what the f*** are you doing?"
Don Henry's bodyguard gets shot 3 times from behind and the Don himself gets shot once in the head.
"Aww, poor Henry. I knew you or your piece of s**t Family would never make it in Liberty City. They couldn't even make an establishment in San Andreas and they won't here neither. It's a shame it had to end this way... there's only gonna be one Don left in this whole goddamn country Henry... One goddamn Don and nothing can stop me. Have these bodies dumped somewhere."

Family Business

St. Marks Bistro

Joey and Carl have Claude in the office tied up still, on the couch. Joey rips the tape off of Claude's mouth.

"Claude, that is your name right? It's been a long time. Breathe easy."
"Man, this f*** ain't gonna speak, stupid mute."
"Claude, now I'm going to show you some pictures, ai'?"
Joey picks up a small board with pictures of former gang leaders and politicians.
"Now, I'm wondering if you killed my father, but before telling me that. I want to know who sent the hit, y'understand? When I point to the picture, NOD YOUR f***ing HEAD, ka-pish?"
Joey points at Donald Love, Kenji, Luigi even, Misty, and others. Eventually he gets down to Asuka. Claude shakes his head at all of them.
"See man, this f***ing bitch won't say anything." Joey grabs his .380 from his desk and smacks Claude twice.
"You sonuvabitch, who sent the f***ing hit? Was it the Yakuza? These street gangs? El Burro? WHO SENT THE HIT?"

Claude doesn't speak at all nor does he point at any of the pictures. All of a sudden 3 cops stormed in and told everyone to get down. They arrested Joey Leone and put him against a wall.

"Who the f*** are you?" Said one of the cops
"Oh me? I'm.. Alex......Shrub....Junior"
"Is that so?"
"Yeah, I guess so"
"Well sit the f*** down and don't say anything."
"Officers, why are you arresting me? I'm just a business man"
"Well you have been connected to the death of Mr. Lee Chong"
"Officer! For christ sake, I had nothing to do with that. I heard about it, but I was just a simple mechanic at the time"
"Well tell that to the judge"

Soon 3 other men with Uzi's barged into the room, CJ jumped and slammed Joey into the floor to duck from fire. CJ then took out his D-Eagle and shot up a whole clip at everyone. The 3 cops and the 3 men were all dead or severly injured to even do anything about it. CJ got up and grabbed one of the Uzi-men.

"What the f*** is this?"
The man started coughing up blood
*Coughs* "We was supposed to take the Don out"
"Yeah? And who the f*** sent you assholes?"
*Coughs even more blood* "It was Sonnetti"
The man kept coughing until he stopped and just died on the floor. Carl then helped Joey out of the cuffs .
"Motherf***ers.. always wanting to take the Don out. CJ, they're trying to hold us Leone's down."

Claude is on the floor bleeding and dead. The only lead to his father's killer was silenced and Joey Leone got enraged clearly.

"Aight, Joey, I got an idea.."
"f***, this asshole died and he had the only details! God damnit!"
"Aight Joey, chill man, I got a idea.."
"Yeah, and what is it Carl? We go shake each gang up in the city til one of them spills the beans? Is that what we should do?"
"...Yeah.. that was kinda my plan"
"No Carl, first we find out what Sonnetti was trying to do. Come on, we're calling a meeting on Forrelli grounds."

Joey and Carl walk out of the body-infested office into a telephone booth nearby. Even police arrive at Joey Leone's office and some mafia men come over and give excuses for the Don

Family Affairs
Neutral Grounds, Catalina's Former Mansion, Shoreside Vale

Joey and Carl are both seen getting out of a Mafia Sentinel onto Don Sonnetti's grounds. They head towards the innards of the mansion.

"I'm telling you Carl, f***ing Sonnetti won't live this down."
"Oh fa sho Joey, but man, here take my piece I'll keep my 9MM along with me."
"Thanks Carl, but they're gonna be searching for this s**t the minute I step into the room."
"So let's pull of some old "Badfellas" s**t then"
"So I walk into the washroom and you hand me a gun?"
"Better yet, we both walk up, cap us a couple men and be home before 10pm, knahmsayin'?"
"Good plan, sneak into the washroom once we get inside."

Carl sneaks into the washroom as Joey Leone head's upstairs into the Grand Master Living room. Sonnetti's smoking a big fat Cuban cigar as he takes a sit in his leather couch.

"Joey! Hey! Long time no see kiddo!"
"Can that bulls**t Sonnetti, you know why I'm here."
"Oh what? No greetings?"
"Sonnetti, you sent nearly 6 men out to hit me tonight, either you get to explaining or.."
"Or else what, Joey? Or else you're gonna shoot me down? Come on... take a sit kid" Joey takes a seat.
"Now, let's just let bygones be bygones. I may have attempted the hit, and I swear on my momma's grave, god bless her soul, that I am sorry. You know Joey, time's have changed. The Mafia, all the family's are slowly deteriorating because a buncha street punks who have nothing but sex and drugs on their mind. No respect, no loyalty, it's like every week they lose 1 member of a gang, the mafia families in general lose respect. Joey, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse, join me, huh? Make peace with me and we'll take out the Sindacao's together, head back to Las Venturas start rolling the dice again, the good ol' times you know?"
"You make an interesting offer Sonnetti, but I'll have to refuse. Why the f*** would you send that hit out on me? Are you f***ing crazy? Do you know the type of s**t I have on you Sonnetti? DO YA? Do you understand the repercussions from this you filthy piece of s**t?"
"Joey, lower that f***ing tone of yours.."
"Hey, f*** you, you sonuvabitch. You sent men with uzis into my own office for christ sakes. And you expect me to make an agreement with you? The Family'll run my ass outta town just like Mike!"
"Joey... please,I'll offer you double the protection. Don't do this to yourself. I got double the people on the police payroll, the newspaper payroll, anything! Joey, it'll be the first time, in nearly 50 years, that anyone's made actual peace."
Joey calming down, "Well, the offer sound's interesting... oh, can I use your washroom?"
"Oh sure you can, it's down the hall"

Joey heading down the hall into the washroom, he heads in and tells Carl it's time. Joey comes out with Carl and with a D-Eagle right in the open.

"Sonnetti you f***ing bastard, you should have never f***ed with a Leone!"

With that Joey shoots Don Sonnetti 3 times in the chest with precise aim. Carl starts ducking and weaving in the furniture and shoots Sonnetti's men's down. Carl picks up one of the shotguns in the glass case and tells Joey to head out.

"Joey, come on! Let's shake the spot mayne!"
"Alright Carl! Pass me your 9 millimetre!"

With that, Carl blasts the guts of Sonnetti's men coming from the outside. Joey makes precise shots towards the head or knee area and the two head back into the car. They make a quick exit driving back to the Leone house. The two exit when they reach the destination and head into the house which has been expanded to an actual house.

"Aww s**t Joey, that was some tight s**t man." Tired, "Ahh, yeah it was Carl. s**t, I'm tired"
"Yeah, fa sho man. Yo, can I kick it at this spot tonight?"
"Ehh, for you Carl? Anything"
"Yeah I mean nearly 3 days without rest.. s**t.."
"Yeah... anyway Carl, I think I'm going to sleep"
"EH Joey, juss keep security tight, aight?"
"No problem"
"Ay man, we got a big day tomorrow... s**t's gonna be all over the papers!"
"Yeah, but let me handle the family business Carl. I'm the only Don in the city left, shouldn't be a problem now."

End Of Part 1

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bobbington69 Oct 21, 2008, 07:25 am
urg, too long and winded, i only read the first 2 paragraphs. And doesn't joey know that CJ knocked over his pop's casino? and y did u have 2 kill tommy off? and wot did he have 2 do with everything else? and wot about Tony Cipriani? (LCS)
GroveFamiliesOG Nov 28, 2006, 05:49 am
Story was tight. Send it in. Only thing is you should've had Sweet go with Carl to Liberty City
aztekk14 Sep 4, 2006, 08:17 pm
Angel Apr 15, 2006, 01:54 pm
mr t men its a sUperCool StoRy men!! woow dude you most send it to rockstar becuase i read on rockstar north site that they are looking for people who can help them if you have talent ... send it or mail to rockstar games on rockstarnorht dude nice story men! i like your story!
Agent_Q Oct 30, 2005, 02:06 pm
Hey T-man, this story is so fu***n' great, you should send it to Rockstar! I mean, i heard they pay good cash 4 s**t like this, man. Just think: your name on the next GTA game intro... you MUST write an entire game scenario and send it to Rock*!
vgdude Sep 24, 2005, 05:19 am
Dude that is such an awesome story i so wish i could play it
GSF soldier Aug 7, 2005, 12:49 am
yo man that was tight yous made a tight story you should of made a connetion when carl messed round with catalina you should of put som feelin when cj talked bout her
Anonymous Jun 25, 2005, 10:56 pm
that was really good
wow gr8 amazin Jun 2, 2005, 02:45 pm
thats brilliant send it to rok star one problem the leones own a mens club the forellis own st marcs bistro write more do they still own luigis club so many questions
MrT Jun 1, 2005, 09:50 pm
Hey people, I'm the author of this wonderful fanfic you read.

I finally decided to register, seeing as there's a comments section. Well guys, I might as well tell the readers this, but I'm sorry to disappoint you all, seeing as I'm redoing the whole 'trilogy'. Don't worry though, it's on a short hiatus and you can expect it'll be done by late July-mid August and I mean everything...the whole 3 stories.

Sorry for the bad news! But until then, you can enjoy all the gaming preview's for "The Godfather" and "Scarface" in the coming months..seeing as GTA won't be released this fall ;)
raymsta May 30, 2005, 11:32 am
Man this is the best story i've ever read really COOL but why give Tommy Vercetti a short part he is COOl
gtanewiz May 30, 2005, 05:59 am
SWEET!!make somore.How can make 1?
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