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As you know, the twisting storylines of GTA are integral to the gameplay and longevity of the game. Without them, we'd probably all give up after the first few missions. That's not to say that these are the only storylines out there for GTA, as we know alot of you budding writers are keen to show off your own GTA storylines.

That's what this page is about. Here you will find fan fiction submitted to us by visitors of the site. We welcome all fan fiction that entertains us, even if it's just a few short paragraphs. If we like it, we'll put it here, so if you have some fan fiction you'd like to see appear here get in touch with us at the San Andreas contact page

Title: Final Battle for the Ballas
Author: Desperado
Notes: A massive gang war between the Ballas and Grove Street.

Title: The Final Showdown
Author: gta3_guy
Notes: Follow the storyline that brings all three characters from GTA 3, Vice City and San andreas together for a final showdown.

Title: The Deserted Phone
Author: Rhino
Notes: Short, but very sweet story. Just read it, you'll be giggling all the way through.

Title: The Don: Part 1
Author: Mr T
Notes: A great storyline that takes the characters of all 3 gta games and manages to bring them together in one convincing and intriguing storyline. We look forward to part 2.

Title: Los Desperados Part 1
Author: Shahroz47
Notes: Nice story that takes all the main characters and puts them together to work for what they love.

Have you got some San Andreas Fan Fiction you'd like to submit to us? Then contact us from the San Andreas contact page.

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GroveFamiliesOG Nov 23, 2006, 08:05 am
My Story- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Showdown

Its another day is South Cental Los Santos. Grove St. Familes own the streets of Ganton and the whole Southside. Smoke and Tenpenny are dead. Whats next for the Johnson brothers?

*CJ knocks on Sweet's door at 10:30 A.M*
SWEET: Who is it?
CJ: Its Carl
*Sweet opens the door.*
SWEET: Wassup baby brotha
CJ: Nuttin bruh I just been fukked up over everthang that been happenin lately.
SWEET: You still buggin over Smoke?
CJ: Yea man. its just fukked up how he did the Grove like dat.
SWEET: Dat fat azz n1gga got what what was comin to him. Dont even trip over it no more. Grove is on top, and dats all dat matters.
CJ: Yeah, you right.
*There is a Knock on the door*
SWEET: Yo CJ Get dat I gotta take a sh*t.
*CJ opens the door*
CJ: Yo who are you.
???: Wassup CJ. I just came by to let you and Sweet know that more and more dealers are sellin crack in our hoods. The drugs is flowin into the hood like water fallin from a fukkin waterfall. We need to do somethin'
CJ: Yo come in and tell me more. Whats yo name?
???: They call me G-Flex. Straight Outta Idlewood.
CJ: Dats wassup G. So tell me, how know all dis info you givin me?
G-FLEX: n1ggas is gettin high in the hood everyday. One of My homies told me that another huge drug syndicate is bein built.
CJ: Did he tell you where?
G-FLEX: No. Cause he got killed before i could ask him.
CJ: Damn. Well how we gonna know where all these drugs is comin from.
G-FLEX: Dats why i came to you and Sweet. Where is he at anyways?
CJ: He usin da restroom he be out in a min.
G-FLEX: I came to yall cause i need backup in Idlewood. The homies are givin into the pushers and gettin high. So their no good backup. So can yall help me out?
CJ: We got you G.
*Sweet re-enters the living room*
SWEET: Who is this Cj?
CJ: This is G-Flex he told me dat pushers are sellin big amounts of crack in our hoods.
G-FLEX: I need more backup so we can push deze yay slangaz out da hood.
SWEET: Ight we got you. Let me go get my AK.
CJ: Ight lets do dis sh*t.
* Cj, Sweet and G-Flex get in Sweets car and drive to Idlewood*
SWEET: Yo G-Flex do you know who supplyin those n!ggaz.
G-FLEX: Nope. But I think oe of Smoke's pushers may be tryin to bring back Smoke's buisness or somethin.
SWEET: Well we gon 4 sho' find out.
*Cj and the gang exit the car and find that dopephines and drug addicts are running rampid in Idlewood. And at the same time a turf war is raging Between The Front Yard Ballas and The Idlewood Grove Familes.*
CJ: Goddamn look at dis sh*t! Its a fukkin warzone.
SWEET: Kill all dez ball-sack azz n!ggaz!!!!!!!!!!!
*CJ, Sweet and G-Flex join the turf war and defend Idlewood*
*After over 30 minutes of non-stop gunfire, it seems that the war in Idlewood is finally over. Until a n1gga in an all Purle dickie outfit runs out of a house and gets into a car.
SWEET: Look at dat sh*t!
G-FLEX: Lets go after dat muthaphukka, he might know somethin!
*Cj, Sweet and G-Flex get back in Sweet's car and shoots the dudes car tires out. The Balla finally gets out of the car.*
SWEET: Ight Start Talkin Muthaphukka who are you?!?!
BALLA: Man I ain't no nobody i just went to see my girl! Please dont kill me man.
CJ: You got all dat purple on n!gga. Ill lay yo azz out G for real I put dat on da hood!
G-FLEX: I knew i recognized this dudes face. He use to work with Smoke. he was his right hand man.
BALLA: Look I dont do that no more. Im tryin to make a livin. Please let me go! Please!
*Cj searches through the Balla's pockets.*
CJ: What you got in deze pockets muthaphukka. Money, condoms, A
cell phone, Yea lets see who you been talkin to.
SWEET: Ey Cj let me get dat money he got.
G-FLEX: Let me get half of dat.
SWEET: Cj the one with all the money.
CJ: Here take it bruh'.
G-Flex Thanks my n!gga.
CJ: Dis a nice cell phone. You gettin paper huh?
*Cj goes through the phone and finds that the last person he talked to was a man named Tommy.*
CJ: Who is Tommy?
BALLA: Nobody man. Sh!t just let me go man damn!
SWEET: Stay yo azz down n1gga! *Sweet puts his foot on the Balla's chest.
CJ: Who is Tommy muthaphukka?! You pressin my nerve!
G-FLEX: Let me kill dis Ball-Sack! *G-Flex pulls out his strap*
CJ: Na na na na Hol on a minute. Who is Tommy. If you dont talk you dead.
BALLA: Ok, Ok, Ok, Ill talk. Tommy is real big player in Vice City. Him and Big Smoke had a mutual freindship. He got a mansion in Vice City. He supplyin The Ballas and the rest of the pushers. Thats all I know. I swear man!
SWEET: I heard of that place. Real Rich and sh*t. Where is the mansion at in Vice City?
BALLA: Its on Starfish Island. Thats all I know!
G-FLEX: Thats all you needed to do. If I was you, I'd get the fukk outta Los Santos. You gon have a price on yo head.
*The Balla Runs away.*
CJ: Ey N!gga, if you lyin we comin back for yo azz.
BALLA: Its the truth I swear!

The next morning Cj, Sweet and their new big homie G-Flex buy a plane ticket and fly to Vice City. Late that night they arrive at the Escobar International Airport.
SWEET: Damn dis ain't what i expected from Vice City.
G-FLEX: Dats cause we probably on the poor side G.
CJ: Yo we need a car and some guns.
G-FLEX: We can go to Ammunation and rent a car from a car rental. We ain't stayin.
*The gang rents a car and heads to ammunation to get heated. Then, they head to Tommy's Mansion on Starfish Island.
SWEET: This Must be the place.
G-FLEX: Sh!t man we'll never get through all those damn bodyguards.
SWEET: We got dis sh!t homie. Deze muthaphukkaz aint no match fo' da Grove Street Families N!gga!
CJ: Yea lets do dis sh!t G!
G-FLEX: G'z Up!
SWEET: G'z Up!
CJ: G'z Up Baby!
*The gang loads up their M-16's and starts bussin at Tommy's guards. There were over 40 of them just outside. The gang shoots down multiple waves of guards outside the mansion.*
CJ: Yea Take Dat muthaphukkaz!!! Grove Street Families is Rollin!!!
*The police are alerted and helicopters and VCPD swarm the mansion. Cuban gang members out of Little Havana arrive and start shooting Tommy's bodyguards. Helicopters continue to fly over the mansion. Through all the total choas Cj, Sweet, and G-Flex get seperated and they lose each other. However CJ gets into the mansion through the back door. Tommy's Security is tough. The majority of them are packed with AK-47's and M-4's. CJ manages to shoot down waves of bodyguards. He gets to the main lobby of the mansion where even more bodyguards are located. CJ shoots every single guard and heads to main room door. CJ stands by the door and then kicks it in to find Tommy sitting in his desk chair. Almost as if he doesn't know that there is war going on outside of his mansion.
CJ: You must be Tommy.
TOMMY: You must be CJ.
CJ: Im fittin to put a stop to you and your organization muthaphukka.
TOMMY: You think you have the balls to kill me? Just cause you had the balls to kill that fat fukk Big Smoke? Huh?
CJ: How you you know Smoke?
TOMMY: He worked for me.
CJ: Smoke worked for you? Damn! All this time I thought smoke was doin' his own sh*t.
CJ: Why you got Cuban Gangstaz after you. You must not be that good at what you do.
TOMMY: Thats none of your damn buisness. Smoke was my partner. We we're headed to the top until you and your b!tch made brother killed him. You fukked me over. So, in return, I sent a couple of Smoke's pushers to your so called 'hoods' to sell my drugs and get some of the money that I could of had. Money that I could of used! And you think that you and your homies can come to my mansion and do me in?! You know who your fukkin with?! Im Tommy Vercetti Dammit! Nobody comes to do me in!
*Tommy aims his assualt rifle at CJ and Cj does the same.*
TOMMY: Your not even worth it. You piece of sh!t.
*Tommy leaves the main room and enters the mansion lobby almost as if hes' gonna walk away. He turns back around and fires his gun at Cj. Cj is able to dodge out of the way and return fire at Tommy but misses.*
TOMMY: You cant fukk with me you a$$hole!!!!
*Tommy and Cj continue to fire their guns at each other. Tommy's Bodyguard's enter the lobby to help Tommy in his attempt to kill Cj. G-Flex come in through the left hallway. Tommy then escapes to the roof.
G-FLEX: Cj is you okay?!
CJ: We gotta go after him he's on the roof!
*In a Split second, one of Tommy's guards comes from behind and shoots G-Flex in his back.
*Cj shoots the guard that shot G-Flex.*
CJ: Flex is you okay?!
*G-Flex lay in Cj's arms gasping for air as blood trickles out of his mouth.*
CJ: Come on Flex stay with me G!
*G-Flex slowly stops breathing and then dies in Cj's arms.*
CJ: That muthaphukka...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Cj starts to head up to the roof where he saw Tommy go earlier. Before he goes, he lays the Green Flag on G-Flex's chest in respect for his dead homie.*
*Cj Heads to the elevator and to the huge attic where multiple packages of drugs are stored. more bodyguards await in the attic but Cj guns them down. He then heads up the stairs to the roof where tommy awaits.*
*Tommy was getting ready to escape into a helicopter but Cj grabbed Tommy from behind a continuosly hit him in the head with his desert eagle. Tommy knocks the gun out of Cj's hand and hits Cj's with jabs to the jaw. Cj blocks one of Tommy's punches and hits Tommy with a Left-Right-Uppercut combo to knock Tommy Down. Cj then picks up his gun and holds it to Tommy's head. Cj drags tommy near the edge of the mansion roof.
CJ: This is the end of you muthaphukka!!!
TOMMY: Phukk You!!!! Burn in hell with your trash mother you b!tch!!!!
*Cj pulls the trigger and blows Tommy's brains out, and then throws him off the mansion roof.*
CJ: You burn in hell muthaphukka.
*VCPD was fought off by the Cuban Gang Menbers and Tommy's Bodyguards. Cj heads back downstairs and outside to seach for Sweet.
CJ: Sweet! Sweet! Where you at man?!
SWEET: Cj, you okay? *Sweet finds Cj*
CJ: Im coo man.
SWEET: Is everything settled now?
CJ: Yea for now. We need to get the fukk outta Vice City.
SWEET: Where is Flex At?
CJ: He got shot. We lost him Bruh.......
SWEET: Damn, He was a real G-Ryda.
CJ: Ey Man lets get back to The Grove.
SWEET: Yea lets roll.
CJ: Grove 4 Life.
SWEET: Grove 4 Life.
*Cj and Sweet Headback to Escobar International Airport and then fly back to Ganton. Where its always poppin' in the hood.*
venom Jul 18, 2006, 12:14 pm
My story- Its been 8years, since Claude killed Don Salvatore. And Joey is informed of his father`s death. Joey want`s revenge for his father`s death. Joey has called many gang-bangers but no one is intrested when he had a phone call from his friend.
Friend: Joey? I have very bad news!
Joey: Well, what is it then?
Friend: There has been a fire at Luigi`s strip club and the bad news is that firemen wound Luigi dead in his office.
Joey: WHAAAT??? Who burned down my brother`s strib club? WHO?
Friend: It was a man, named Claude.
Joey: That again? He killed my father 8 years ago and now my brother!!! Hey man can you help me finding a good gang-bangers in the city`s and states?
Friend: Well i know two very good gang-bangers, but the bad thing is, that they don`t live in Liberty City.
Joey:I don`t care, tell me, where do they live and what are their names?
Friend: Well the first on lives in Vice City and his name is Tommi Vercetti and the second one lives in San Andreas and his name is Carl Johnson.
Joey: Thank you for the information, now you deal things with my brother`s body, i`ll find those two gang-bangers.
Friend: OK man, and be cool.
Joey flies to Vice City with a plane. The two bodyguard`s who are with him know exakly where Tommi is.
Guard: Hey boss, we should go to Ken Rosenberg`s office.
Joey: Good thinking, let`s go.
Joey and the two bodyguards slam the door down as they then see Tommi puting his money in the safe and Ken Rosenberg taking a nap on the chair.
Joey: Alright boys, party stops right here.
Tommy crabs a gun and says: Hey who the f..k are you three, huh?
Ken wakes up, beacause of the yelling, and then screams like a little girl.
Tommy: Shut the f..k up, Ken. Now men, tell me why are you here?
Joey: You know me Tommi Vercetti, i`m Joey Leone from Liberty City, I came here because of my brother`s murder.
Tommy: Ouuu riiiight, I know you, your brother had that stripclub, but what you want me do to?
Joey: I want you to help me kill my brother`s and father`s killer. I will pay you for helping me. And the killers name is Claude.
Tommy: OK, sounds fear, let`s go.
Joey: Wait, first we go to San Andreas and pick up mr. Johnson.
Tommy: Mind as well.
The four: Two bodyguards, Joey and Tommy fly to San Andreas and then they jack a car and drive to Ganton, where CJ lives.
Sweet:Hey CJ get the door I`m kinda` busy with Kendl here.
Cj: OK, n1gga.
CJ opens the door. Joey: Mr. Johnson like i quess?
CJ: Well yes, but who the f..k are you?
Joey explains the all story to CJ about his brother`s killer and introduses him to the bodyguards and Tommi.
CJ: Well killing one and getting pay`d for the help is quite good mission. Alright I`m in Joey.
Joey: Great, let`s go.
CJ: Hey Sweet, you wathc Kendl for me and don`t smoke man, that s..t wrecks your healt.
Sweet: Yeay, yeah n1gga. Go and have a fun time.
The five have a long plane fly to Liberty City. The five go to Joey`s old garage, when he used to repair cars.
Joey: Now, listen up gang-bangers, I know a n00b who should know where Claude is, he lives on a old cargo ship in the docks so we should get on our way. The five go to the docks and on to the cargo ship where they see a n00b.
Joey: Hey, man. Can you tell me information.
n00b: It depends on what information you want, man.
Joey: Can you tell me where Claude is?
n00b: Hell no, that guy isgoing to kill me if Im gonna tell you.
Tommy get`s a gun and shoot`s at the n00b car what is in the docks.
n00b: My car wheels, no Im still not gonna tell you the information. CJ jells and get`s a gun and shoots the n00b`s car antill it blows.
n00b: Alright, alright, I`l tell you, Il tell you. Claude usually every day eat`s in the Saint Marks Bistro, you should go there and see him.
Then while the five go to their own car, the n00b`s one friend shoot`s Joey`s two budyguards on the head with a sniper on the cargo. Joey`s two budyguards die and Tommi, CJ and Joey shoot the sniper man and he dies too. Then CJ goes and shoot`s the n00b who tried to kill them all in the chest, then CJ throes the n00b into the sea.
CJ: Sleep with the fishes, n00b!
The three go to the Saint Marks Bistro untill they see one guard behind a car. Tommi: Hey Joey, I think that guard is Claude`s bodyguard who is whatching for the car.
Joey: You read my mind, man. Go and stab him behind him.
Tommi sneaks behind the guard and stabs him in the neck, the guard dies. Joey tells CJ and Tommi to go inside the Bistro. They see Claude eating spagetties and then seein Joey, CJ and Tommi sneaking on him. Claude jumps out from a window. The three jump too out the window. The three start a car chace until they shoot Claude car`s tires flat, Claude cant drive his car well and goes to the road that leades to Leone`s house, he dosen`t drive to the house, but he drives down to the beach, CJ, Tommy ad Joey right behind him. Claude jumps out from his car and runs away. Joey shoots and get`s at Claude`s leg, Claude wells down and roll down the sand to the water. The three run to Clayude and pull him off the water. Claude wakes up in leone`s house, where CJ, Tommi and Joey talk about a plan.
CJ: Hey I think, what we should do, let`s go put Claude in front of Luigi`s strip club office door and put cocaine next to him.
Joey: Good idea.
Tommi: And then I will call the cops and we three get out of there and join the satisfaction of a job well done.
Joey: Yeah and I will put a pic of Luigi and Salvadore,make a rist with red to the pics and put it near Claude there so the police will think that Claude hated Luigi and Salvadore and then he will go to jail for two murders and for owning cocaine. The three did the plan as the telled it and Joey drived CJ and Tommi to his garage and give them money for the work.
Joey: I don`t know how to thank you but you two are the best.
CJ and Tommi: We thank you too, for the money and a good mission.
Well I`ll drive you two off at the airport and then it`s good bye.
Joey drived the two to the airport and CJ goed back to San Andreas and Tommi went back to Vice City. But Joey went back to his garage where he played with Misty for a long time.

The next day: Everybody is at his own home and the three read the newspapers. Joey reads the LC newspapers and reads that: Yesterday the LC PD busted man who is called claude for owning cocaine and for two murder`s for Salvadore leone and Luigi Leone.
Joey: Finally you got what you diserved. Have a nice life in the jail, b...h. Tommi reads to the newspapers and the same news.
Tommi: You know, Ken, that Claude was so weak man, he almost drowned himself at the beach when he got a shot from Joey to his leg.
Tommi: Always sleeping on the chair! KEN!
Ken: Aaaaaahhhhh, I didn`t stole your money, I.. , I...huh?
Tommi: Shut the fuck up, Ken, and come read the good news.
Ken: Okei, Tommi, okei!
CJ reads also the news.
CJ: Hey, Sweet, come, read the good news.
Sweet: You know wery well, that i am busy with Kenld here, CJ!
CJ: Ouu c`mon man, let me fuck Kendl too!
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