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As you know, the twisting storylines of GTA are integral to the gameplay and longevity of the game. Without them, we'd probably all give up after the first few missions. That's not to say that these are the only storylines out there for GTA, as we know alot of you budding writers are keen to show off your own GTA storylines.

That's what this page is about. Here you will find fan fiction submitted to us by visitors of the site. We welcome all fan fiction that entertains us, even if it's just a few short paragraphs. If we like it, we'll put it here, so if you have some fan fiction you'd like to see appear here get in touch with us at the San Andreas contact page

Title: Final Battle for the Ballas
Author: Desperado
Notes: A massive gang war between the Ballas and Grove Street.

Title: The Final Showdown
Author: gta3_guy
Notes: Follow the storyline that brings all three characters from GTA 3, Vice City and San andreas together for a final showdown.

Title: The Deserted Phone
Author: Rhino
Notes: Short, but very sweet story. Just read it, you'll be giggling all the way through.

Title: The Don: Part 1
Author: Mr T
Notes: A great storyline that takes the characters of all 3 gta games and manages to bring them together in one convincing and intriguing storyline. We look forward to part 2.

Title: Los Desperados Part 1
Author: Shahroz47
Notes: Nice story that takes all the main characters and puts them together to work for what they love.

Have you got some San Andreas Fan Fiction you'd like to submit to us? Then contact us from the San Andreas contact page.

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mahsanshiek Jun 10, 2010, 05:30 pm
where you get that
email me at
punkmoder94 May 3, 2010, 08:53 am
you all sucker :) very shit!
hipykiller Mar 17, 2009, 07:04 am
this is not a fic if u complete all the misions (zero is optional) save and go to torinos ranch in the desert and in side u will find a rpg, homein rpg, flamethrower, and a mini gun after the end of the line mision i did'nt look.
Axel Aug 4, 2008, 01:31 am
Im going to make a new story hopefuly a it will be better XDD
Axel Aug 3, 2008, 09:01 pm
T_T i did very bad with my story

Axel Aug 3, 2008, 05:05 am
Chapter one havoc
At first everything was peaceful.Cesar had married Kendl.tThey now lived in a house on Grove Street two houses away from the house CJ owned.Sweet just got out of prison and bought a house next door to Kendl and CJ.two years passed of living peacefuly and now CJ walks out of his house and gets a phone call and someone says...
Ceasar: Its me ceasar homes.
CJ:Oh,wassup Ceasar is there a a problem?
Ceasar:A big one man ya HAVE to get to here he right now!!!!
CJ:Fa show but where?
Ceasar:Im at the train stacion homes.
CJ:Ok im ony my way ill be there as soon as possible give me about 5 min to get there.Can it wait that long?
Ceasar:I guess homes.
6 minutes later CJ arrives at the Train Stacion.
CJ:YO Ceasar wassup homie Watcha want?
Ceasar:Lets take a walk homes.
CJ:Man no way am i walking on those train tracks!
Ceasar:ok,suit yourself man safety first i guess well i dont believe in that stupid nonsense so im just gonna walk on the tracks.
CJ:whatever,man just tell me whats so urgent that i have to come all the way out here?
Ceasar:well its the ballas they are....suddenly Ceasars leg gets stuck in the train tracks.
Ceasar:Help me homes!!!
CJ;show thing homie.
CJ:it wont budge.
Ceasar:hurry man a trains coming!!!!!
quickly CJ jumps out of the tracks and shouts sorry man!
Ceasar:good-bye hom and at that moment all CJ could see was Ceasars blood and insides all over the place as well as seeing Ceasars neck being dragged around by the train.
CJ:How am i suppose to tell Kendl?
CJ:I cant even give him a proper burial like i did my moms...
CJ notices that Ceasar is not dead yet he is just dying...well he is now dead after the Ballas showed up and finished him off.
CJ:I better head over to Liberty City so i dont have to be the one to tell Kendl what happened...
Suddenly Kendl appears and says tell me what?
CJ:first do you wanna meet Ceasar?
Kendl:yeah of course.
CJ:ok here you go...
CJ takes out a bazooka and shhots Kendl in the head.
CJ:Now she does not have to suffer the loss of her dear husband Ceasar...
AS CJ is about to leave TennPenny comes and CJ says to himself i cant let him tell anyone what ive done i mist kill him.And so he did.for nor apparent reason smoke,jeffery,ryder and sweet and they see what CJ has done so Sweer says just like what youve done to Brian except you tossed him in the car instead of him tripping into it.
CJ:good-bye everyone
at that moment CJ had smoked everyone dear to him.
and he gets a phone call
its Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia
CJ who is this?
Lloyd:it me Lloyd remember me CJ
CJ:no not realy never heard of you
Lloyd:well meet me at the airport i need to talk to you.
CJ meets Lloyd and Lloyd gets hit by a plane
CJ:how am i gonna tell Colette?
Colette:tell me what?
CJ:first do you want to be with Lloyd?
and then CJ shoots Colette with a SMG...
CJ gets a phone call...its Ichigo...Meet me at the top of the largest mountain in the BadLands...

Axel Aug 3, 2008, 02:50 am
This has nothing to do with crumby fan fiction i just have something to say to everyone.The Turismo is awesome!!!best freaking car ever try and get one!its rare though.
copchasingcj089 Mar 8, 2008, 03:26 am
sorry about the punctuation... and the date error, aug. 21 should be aug 24.
copchasingcj089 Mar 8, 2008, 02:55 am
San Andreas Encore

It has been 8 years since Tenpenny was laid to rest, along with his partner, Polaski. Big Smoke also got a proper burial with a polished marble headstone complete with a life-size marble sculpture of himself. Cj lives in luxury now in his own beach house in Vice City. Kendal lives with Caesar back in Los Santos. Sweet Also lives in Los Santos; none other than the place he grew up in, Grove Street. Mike Toreno became a wealthy business man in Liberty City, investing in stocks and bonds and making more than three million dollars a year. The truth is still living on his farm in Flint County, growing high class marijuana and selling it to the Mountain Cloud Boys. Speaking of Mountain Cloud Boys… Wu Zi Mu has been planting casinos all across the Midwest. He is using the Mari that he gets from Truth to make a special kind of tea he secretly sells in his casinos. Zero on the other hand... not so good. He was run over when walking across the street to his shop in San Fierro by his rival, Berkeley. Zero ended up with a broken arm, a fractured hip bone, and several broken ribs. But he got happy when it was all settled in court because Zero won the case and Berkeley was sent to jail for attempted vehicular manslaughter. Last but not least, Jethro and his cronies have been working at the garage, modding and fixing cars for the people of San Fierro and competing in state-wide street races and low rider events.

Everything has been going great since Tenpenny was killed. The Ballas have been losing turf and almost going into hiding. As the new millennium came, all of the gangs have been at peace. Well, mostly. Those Ballas are still provoking gang wars now and then.


At a luxury spa in Vice City, Carl is laying in a massage bed, getting a back rub. Suddenly, his cell phone rings.

Carl: “Ooh, right there, baby, right under the shoulder. Ooh…hello.”
Wu Zi Mu: “Carl, it’s me, Wu Zi Mu. Am I interrupting anything?”
Carl: “Nah, Woozie, how you been keeping up?”
Wu Zi Mu: “Not so good, Carl. I have something terrible to announce. Something so terrible…that…I might go insane. Like, Carl, you know how it feels to lose…”
Carl: “Hold on hold on man! Now catch your breath and tell me slowly. What the f**k is going on?!?”
Wu Zi Mu: “Carl…Ran Fa Li…has…passed on.”
Carl: “Wait…WHAT? That old guy that hung around you for a while? No s**t. What happened?”
Wu Zi Mu: “We think there is a linkage to Truth’s marijuana tea. Ran Fa Li took a cup of it before he went to bed and the next morning, he was dead. I was emotional the time I heard about it. Were not sure if the tea was the real cause, but were thinking it is.”
Carl: “Have you talked to Truth about it?”
Wu Zi Mu: “No. But that is why I called you up, Carl. I know it’s highly rude to just call you and screw your schedule up, but…”
Carl: “Ok, Woozie. So what you're sayin is; you want me to fly back to San Andreas and find out what caused Ring Su…er…Ran Fa to die.”
Wu Zi Mu: “Ehm…well…yes. I’m sorry if it’s interrupting your schedule…I shouldn’t have even called…”
Carl: “No! Woozie, my man, its cool. I just need to get plane tickets and I’m there.”
Wu Zi Mu: “Oh, thank you, Carl. I greatly appreciate your help. Drop me a line when you land in Las Venturas Airport.”
Carl: “Yeah, fo sho, ill remember to do that.”


Carl gets out his cell phone to call Woozie, but as he is about to dial, he is approached by a headband-wearing, grey-haired fellow…Truth.

Truth: “Carl! Moondoggie! Welcome back, brother!”
Carl: “Aw s**t. Eh…Truth…yeah…how you been?
Truth: “Not so good, man. The authorities’ man, they’re after me! I found another farm in Bone County, but I don’t know if that’ll help much…”
Carl: “Aw…you mean Woozie’s after you? S**t. They think you killed Fan Ra…um, I mean…Ran Fa Li. What the hell do you use to grow that stuff, anyways?”
Truth: “Eh…rich desert soil, plenty of water, but not too much...oh why does it matter? Listen to me man, your friend Woozie and his men have been coming to my farm every week for the past two weeks. I think they want to TAKE ME DOWN. You gotta help me, CJ.”
Carl: “No, nuh uh, not this time, T. You gonna handle this on your own.”
Truth: “CJ, please, brother! It’s for the sake of my farm! My magic flowers! My freedom!”
Carl: “aight, aight Truth. Damn! I’ll see what I can do. Just hang in there and I’ll give you a call later.”

Truth walks back to his hippie van (Camper) and speeds off. Carl hails a taxi, puts the luggage in the trunk, and hops in the back seat. He pulls out his cell and dials Woozie’s number. But instead of Woozie’s voice on the other end, it is another familiar voice.

???: “Hello? You have called a restricted line. Please hang up or I’ll trace this number and —“
Carl: “No wait! Toreno?? Its me, Carl! You remember me, man?”
Toreno: “Carl…Oh yeah! The one who helped me back in 92’! How have you been, Carl?”
Carl: “I’m fine, Toreno. I just landed in Las Venturas. Doing work for one of my fellow acquaintances.”
Toreno: “That’s all peaches and cream, Carl. Now remember back when we blew up that government plane?”
Carl: “Oh yeah, fo sho! I remember that like it was yesterday. I had to parachute out of it before it blew all to hell, yeah. What about it?
Toreno: “Well…funny story about that…actually, it was our guys.”
Carl: “WHAT? You gotta be f**kin me.”
Toreno: “The passengers were high-class government agents going into Iraq to drop explosives onto a terrorist-held oil refinery. I knew nothing about this because they didn’t tell me the TRUTH about it. And when I told you to go and blow it up, I didn’t know that the plane was government. So now the federal government hacked into my stocks and bonds and shut them all down. So I’m practically living off of my salary now.”
Carl: “Isn’t that what every American does?”
Toreno: “That’s not the POINT. They should’ve told me the truth but NOOO, they gotta tell old Toreno a lie so I will let them in the airstrip and pick up the load unscathed.”
Carl: “Damn. What do you want me to do about it?”
Toreno: “I’ve heard that the man that set it up is traveling to San Fierro and meeting a land manager about destroying a farm in Bone County and putting a Government Ops building in its place.”
Carl: “How ironic.”
Toreno: “If you intersect this meeting, leave the government agent alive. Put him on the phone so I can talk to him and after I’m done chatting, kill him. Leave noone in sight alive. Leave no witnesses alive, you hear me, CJ?”
Carl: “Wait, man! I aint killin no people from the government. We already went over this.”
Toreno: “Listen to yourself. CJ, how many cops have you killed in the past?”
Carl: “What’s that got to do with this?”
Toreno: “Well… the law enforcement is in charge of keeping the states crime-free, is that correct?”
Carl: “Yeah. Go on.”
Toreno: “And the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) is also in charge of keeping gang bangers like YOU from buying and distributing drugs and illegal firearms, is that also correct?”
Carl: “yea— wait a sec. What? Hold on…I don’t do that s**t anymore!”
Toreno: “Heh heh…you're missing the point. They are trained by the law enforcement AND the government. See how this is coming into picture??? So whenever you…busted a cap…into a police officer, it was just like you killing a government agent. So it is like you are used to killing government agents.”
Carl: “For real? I never thought of it like that before.”
Toreno: “So will you help me out or what?”
Carl: “Um… when are they meeting?”
Toreno: “Sunday, which is about four days from now.”
Carl: “Sigh*…alright ill see what I can do, T, but you owe me one.”
Toreno: “Thank you Carl, I greatly appreciate it. From what I’ve heard, they are meeting at the San Fierro Airport parking garage. You know where that is, right?”
Carl: “Yeah, ill call you when I got ‘em.”

The taxi stops in front of the Four Dragons Casino and Carl gets out and is met by one of Woozie’s men. He gets Carl’s luggage for him and enters the building. The casino seems the same since 8 years ago. They walk by roulette tables beaming with gamblers and slot machines dinging and flashing lights. They enter Woozie’s office and he is sitting in a chair, mourning and shedding tears.

Carl: “What the hell? Woozie…what’s happenin?
Wu Zi Mu: “Carl, I thank you for coming. I know you have a rough schedule in all.”
Carl: “Dude, don’t worry about my schedule. So Ran Fa Li is gone, uh?”
Wu Zi Mu: “Don’t get me started. It’s that dirty hippie’s fault! I’ll rip his balls off!”
Carl: “No you won’t. You're not entirely sure that this guy is the real killer. You're just assuming. Plus, you're as blind as a bat, man! C’mon, this isn’t right. Why would a hippy want to kill you're relative when he’s been supplying you guys for a while? It just isn’t right, dude.”
Wu Zi Mu: “You're right Carl. I just don’t know what to do about all this.”
Carl: “Don’t worry, Woozie man. We’ll find some way to end this. Let me think of something, ok? You sit tight and let me take care of things for the time being.”

As Wuzi began talking, one of his bodyguards stormed into the office.

Bodyguard: “Sir, our boys just captured some punk breaking into one of our slot machines.”
Wu Zi Mu: “THOSE GODDAMN ITALIANS!!! I can’t believe they try to win back my respect, when they are so into destroying my damn sl---“
Bodyguard: “Sir, the man we caught wasn’t Italian. He was a different sort. He was…ehm…”
Wu Zi Mu: “What do you mean the guy isn’t Italian?”
Bodyguard: “Eh…he is one of Carl’s type.”
Wu Zi Mu: “Chill out Carl, he means they captured a dark skinned man.”
Carl: “Yeah no s**t.”
Bodyguard: “Yes, come with me, you two. Maybe you know who he is, Carl.”
Carl: (mumbling) “You racist a**hole.”

Carl, Woozie, and the bodyguard walk past the casino floor and come to a stop at a door with the sign EMPLOYEES ONLY on it. The bodyguard slowly opens the door to show Carl who it is. Once Carl sees who it is, he recognizes him clearly from the past. The man sitting there, tied to a chair in the room was…BDup.

Stay tuned and tell me if you liked it or not... part two will be out shortly.
??homie?? Jan 2, 2008, 11:13 am

this is my fan fiction
it has been 10 years since we last seen Carl Johnson,
during this time sweet has moved to the outer suburbs of venturas
kendal and ceaser married and are living in sweets old house
carls living in grove street still
a new millenium has dawned
gang trouble has risen 50% in the last 10 years due to drugs and wealth

CHAPTER ONE: The surprise visitor...

Carl has just arrived home from east lost santos after another hard fort
battle with the Ballas.
Los Santos has expanded in size and population over 10 years and gang teritory has expanded.
Balla gang teritory has expanded the most and they own most of the area west of market.
CJ: s**t homies those ballas were rolling tight today
group of homies: fa shore CJ
*cj jogs inside to answer the phone*
CJ: speak only
RANDOM VOICE: Carl meet me at the bar in Ganton now.
CJ: who the F**k are you...
RV: you know me very well.
*Carl speeds toward the bar*
when he arrives he sees a lone figure sitting at the bar
*Cj clears his throat*
*the man turns around and smiles an carl*
CJ: no way S**ts F**ked up
*carl clenches at an empty beer bottle at a nearby table and breaks it in half*
Brian: No Cj ask me a question about me.
CJ: fin what is my middle name?
BRIAN: francias
CJ: shit it really is you....

To be continued (i know it is crappy but it was fun)

if you dont like it or liked it because im tossing up if i will write another one
flairmonkeys Nov 24, 2007, 02:43 am
4 Life

"Hey Holms!" Shouted a familiar voice. "What you doing out here man?" Cj spun around around and looke at Ceaser. "damn man, i just can't belive it." "Whats that?" "Ryder...Smoke...Tenpenny..all dead man." "You sound like your sorry for that man, you should be celebrating." "I know its just....damn where do i start now?" "you'll find awa- what the hell is that!?" "Aw damn, i hear i too! Sounds like a chopper landing, lets go and check it out"

"Ahhh what the hell is this" Ceaser inquired as a large black helicopter landed on the bridge above Grove Street " Move that f****** choper you chinese b******s" a man driving yelled out the window. At that moment 2 chinese men stepped out. "Woozie!" cried Cj. "Carl? ah yes now i remember, heh, its good to see you" "Man i ain't seen you in a while!" "yeah i had some things to take care of." Said Woozie as he signaled to his helicopter. His accomplice, pulled out an itallian man. "We found this guy stealing plans from our casino, probabley to rob us." "Aw, just like we robbed them." "Exactly" chuckled Woozie. "Carl, can you find out who ordered this....blasphemy at my casino?" "You can trust me Woozie, i'll crack him"

"Lemme 'outta this place a******" the Sindacco yelled. " 'Ey Carl!" Sweet yelled "I told you not to put bad meat on the counter" He said pointing to the Sindacco strapped to the kitchen table. " Its all cool homey i'm just doing a little clean up" said Cj pulling out a large desert eagle. A shot rings out. "Damn! Man whats Kendl gonna' say about all this blood on the table!" said Sweet.

End of Part One
Inferno Aug 20, 2007, 09:20 am
My story-CJ's Revenge

CJ is getting older & older, now he's age is 51. His bro, Sweet was killed by a couple of Ballas last year. CJ wants to revenge. He hired lots of gangs to watch out of the Ballas and killed them if they saw them.


CJ was reading a book in his bedroom & he slept after reading half page of the book, & he dream about his bro.

Sweet:Yo CJ,wake up!!!Your brother is calling you man!!!!Hey CJ!!!WAKE
CJ:What!!!!???is you bro!! you are alive man!!
Sweet:**** YOU!!!!! if i'm alive you won't dream about me!!!!!
CJ:What the ****??? is it more better that i didn't dream about you?
Sweet:I know. I have a job for you my old young bro, killed the person
who killed me.
CJ:I know who is it, the Ballas, right?!!
Sweet:Yeah, but i want you to bring the back the head of the Balla gang
leader too, Johnson Amiki.
CJ:Who is that?
Sweet:GANG LEADER, STUPID!!!!!!!!!
Sweet:He always cruise here cruise there. This is his hobby. So, you get
the car under the bridge. Get to Los Santos Downtown & find him.
He always bring a M4 with him. Get my AK47 in your room.
CJ:Ok, bro.

Sweet disappears & CJ gets up at the next morning. CJ think he wants to hire some thugs at Vice City & Liberty City.


CJ had fly to Vice City 1st. At Escobar International, a STRETCH driver called CJ to get in his car.

Driver:Yo bro, need a ride to my master's mansion?
CJ:Yeah, but just a while because i'm busy.
Driver:Hop in!!!!!

The STRETCH driver takes CJ to Vercetti Estate at Starfish Island. He thought that the mansion looks like very nice than last time. When the driver stops, CJ saw Tommy. CJ get out of the car and hug is friend.

CJ:Tommy! Nice to meet you man!!!!! I thought that you were in the jail.
Tommy:Yeah my friend, i had missed you long time in Vice City!
CJ:Eh Tommy, how's the protection and weapon business, huh?
Tommy:It's well. How's your Grove Street respect business, too?
CJ:Well too!!
Tommy:Hey, i have a news for you, I get a FLATBED & it is for to bring
your couple of gangs to killed the Ballas, right? Now the FLATBED
is your's. Remember, it must not be wrecked when you had it,
CJ:Ok, Tommy, ok. Well did you ok to buy some guns for me?
Tommy:You're my friend. You are worth with twenty AK47's. And i will
follow you too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

CJ also flies to Liberty City to meet with The Mute too. The Mute was in danger because he had a war with the Mafias. CJ saw him and helped The Mute. The Mafias was killed & the cops were investigating why does the St. Mark Bistro has lots of corpses. CJ & The Mute was at The Mute's hideout.

The Mute:.........
CJ:Well i think you will need me right? Now i'm here & helped you killed
those Mafias. You should thank me.
The Mute:(nodded & hug each other)
CJ:Now Mute, some MOTHER****ERS had killed my bro. I want you to
help me to kill those gangsters, ok?
The Mute:(nodded, he remember that he had no jobs so he wants to
work with CJ.)
CJ:He he, you are hired!!!

The Mute also brought some of his gangs & follow CJ to Vice City to meet with Tommy. When CJ arives at the Escobar International, they took a Taxi to Vercetti Estate. The Mute & his gangs arive at the mansion & CJ went in the mansion to find Tommy. But CJ couldn't find him. At last he noticed a paper that fly to his face and cover him up. The paper thought that Tommy had fly to San Andreas-Los Santos. Tommy will meet them up at Los Santos International. So CJ,The Mute and The Mute gangs also fly back to San Andreas-Los Santos.


A last day to meet together. CJ had the FLATBED that Tommy had brought it to San Andreas. CJ had called all his gangs to meet their leader at Los Santos International.

CJ:Hey boys!! Take the FLATBED under the bridge & get my dead
brother's black SENTINEL too!
Grove Street Gang Members:OK!!! SIR!!!!

All of them had ready to attack the Ballas. CJ,Tommy and The Mute gangs have ready. CJ was astonished and ask where is The Mute. One of The Mute's member said that he had go to Ammunation to buy some arms.

CJ:Hey, guy! Where is The Mute?
The Mute's Member:He is going to by some arms at the Ammunation.
Later he will come back.
CJ:Never mind, we just wait until he come back, later we go pay the
Ballas a visit, ok?

When The Mute back...

CJ:Hey, Mute, you ready?!!
The Mute:(nodded)
CJ:Ok, Tommy & Mute!!!! Lets ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!

CJ drives the black SENTINEL and his and The Mute gang members drive the FLATBED to reach to the destination. When they drive to the Ballas territory, the Ballas fired at a gang member's head. CJ shout at his gang members and The Mute's too.....

Tommy:It's time to have a war between this DAMN MOTHER****ER
CJ:Yeah but quickly, they have timed bombs along the road!!!!!!!

CJ get his AK47, while Tommy & The Mute hold a M4. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! What a lovely war is it. When CJ and his friends had kill the Ballas outside the road, they enter the Ballas gang territory building.

Tommy:Hey CJ!!!!! I watch outside & you and The Mute go inside ok!!??
CJ:WHY??!! THESE MOTHER****ERS are very busy!!!
Tommy:I know but i will take care myself bro!!!
CJ:You got it!!!!!!

CJ & The Mute entered the building & left Tommy by the outside to watch the gangs.


CJ & The Mute were in the gang building. CJ ask him about Johnson Amiki.

CJ:Hey, Mute, do you know who is he Johnson Amiki?
The Mute:(Shook his head)
CJ:Maybe he is a MOTHER****ER.
The Mute:(laughed)

CJ had enter the room of the gang territory building. He found a big fat and punked hairstyle man in the room.

CJ:Who are you?
Amiki:I am Johnson Amiki. The gang leader of the Ballas. You are CJ,
Carl Johnson, right?
CJ:How do you know me?
Amiki:When i killed your brother. He mentioned your name before he
CJ:So you are the MOTHER****ER who killed my bro, now face the
Amiki:I'm not scared. Drop your gun or you will dead to.

CJ dropped his brother's AK47. But he had ready to kill the person who killed his bro with his knife that was hidden in his pocket. When the fatty saw CJ had dropped the gun, he took his RPG & aim at CJ. CJ was afraid at the gun that was pointing at him. The fatty laughed. But The Mute also pointed his M4 at the fatty. Amiki was afraid too.

CJ:Hey fatty!! You are scared too weren't you?
CJ:I want to say to you to remember, goodnight Mr. Johnson Amiki.

CJ quickly took his knife out of his pocket & stabbed his knife at his bro's enemy gang leader. Now Johnson Amiki is dead & The Mute get to the building's generator. The Mute shoot the generator & run away from the generator. KABOOM!!!!! The building that mentioned is burning with the flame of blazing inferno. When a firetruck arives, Tommy that had waited outside shoot the firetruck's gas tank with his M4.

Tommy:Go hell!!!! Don't save the building or you will dead!!!! ****ER!!

CJ and The Mute came out of the burning building. Both them fainted & Tommy quickly pull them in CJ's bro black SENTINEL & sent them to the hospital in Los Santos Downtown.


CJ and The Mute were in the hospital in Los Santos Downtown. While CJ is sleeping, he dream again about his bro.

Sweet:CJ, wake up!!!
Sweet:You done your work completely, i very like you because you killed
Johnson Amiki. Thanks CJ!!!
CJ:Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

In the dream, CJ and his bro were drinking together!!!!!

CJ:Cheer! Brother!!!

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