The End Mission GTA: San Andreas


The End

End Of The Line Difficulty: Level 5
  CS: CJ & Sweet get together to go after Smoke.

  GP: Get in the car and head to Big Smoke's Crack Palace in Los Flores.

  CS: When they arrive, CJ tells Sweet he's going in alone. Sweet disgruntly agrees.

  GP: You'll need something to smash down the front of that building, a near by SWAT Truck will work perfectly. Jump on the bike and go get it. Tank out the cops so they don't drag you out of the SWAT Truck and bust you. Drive up the hill, just plow through the vehicles, and through the wall. Stay in the vehicle and drive over all the Ballas'. Once you're in the building you'll have to make your way up to the fourth floor and then to Big Smoke's room. At the top of all staircases there is a guard, go up the stairs only half-way and toss a molotov cocktail up there to burn the guy before he can shoot you. Completeling the Fire Truck R3 mission making CJ fireproof on foot will be a HUGE help later in this mission. There are a lot of armour and health pickups along the way, make sure to pick them up.

  CS: Eventually you will make it to Big Smoke's room. He's sitting playing a video game! CJ and Big Smoke discuss what's going on, Big Smoke wants CJ to join him, CJ wants him to see the wrong he's doing. Of course Big Smoke just grabs a gun and opens fire.

  GP: Kill the guys who show up to help him and chase him with a strong gun. Take him out!

  CS: As Big Smoke explains why he did what he did he dies. Then Officer Tenpenny arrives and forces CJ to give him a case of money. He escapes and blows up the generators, causing the building to catch fire and lose power completely.

  GP: Turn on the night vision goggles, and get out of there! Be very wary of fire, this is where being fireproof is going to be a huge help, and the tons of gangsters not bothering to flee the burning building. You'll have to use a fire extinguisher if you're not fireproof, you'll come across a few as you make your way through the building. Be sure to grab any armour and health pickups you find. To see the flames easier, switch between night vision and normal every chance you get. Don't forget the Ballas'!

  CS: Once you get to the end of the building, CJ runs out of the building just as it explodes! Tenpenny jumps into a Fire Truck and Sweet jumps off his car onto the ladder on the back of the Fire Truck.

  GP: CJ jumps in a car and you'll have to give chase, keep up to the Fire Truck as best you can. He drives madly fast and takes corners way to well. Eventually cops get onto the Fire Tuck and ends up trying to get Sweet to fall off, you'll have to drive up under them and let Sweet jump onto the car. Afterwards Sweet will take the wheel and you'll have to shoot the two cops. Get rid of them ASAP and then lookbackwards and take out all the cop cars and bikes that appear behind you.

  CS: Tenpenny swerves between some buildings, Sweet keeps up with him.

  GP: Keep shooting everyone behind you, take the drivers out on the bikes and just fire at the cop cars to cause them to explode. You have to keep going until Tenpenny drives over a bridge above Grove Street.

  CS: You'll have to beat the mission to watch the final cut-scene. Pretty much

Respect: 40 Points
Misc.: After the credits roll, you'll be able to go back and play the game as you could in GTA3 & GTA: VC
Phone Call: Catalina calls while having sex with Claude trying to make CJ jealous.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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