Ken Rosenburg Missions GTA: San Andreas


Ken Rosenburg Missions

Intensive Care Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks in and Ken Rosenburg explains his whole mob mess. In the end, he wants CJ to move a body.

  GP: Get a car, go to the hospital.

  CS: CJ runs inside and finds out the the guy is already gone in an Ambulance.

  GP: Chase after the ambulances. Hit them to find out if it's the right one. Once you have found the correct one, kill the driver & passenger. Take the ambulance to teh Meat Factory, be quick and careful. Some mob cars come and try to take the Ambulance back.

  CS: Some fella's come and get the guy.

Respect: 5
Money: $5,000

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The Meat Business Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ finds the guys sniffing cocaine and Ken goes on and on about the Mafia. He decides to take charge and the city down.

  GP: Take Ken to the Meat Factory to meet with the Sindacco Family.

  CS: Ken talks CJ into staying and then goes to see Johnny, who is out of his coma. When Johnny sees CJ, he freaks out and has a heart attack. Then all Hell breaks loose.

  GP: Kill everyone! You have to keep Ken alive. At one point Ken calls CJ Tommy (Uh, oops). Drive Ken back to Caligula's Casino.

  CS: CJ tells Ken to go inside and be calm.

Respect: 25
Money: $8,000
Phone Call: Catalina calls.
Missions: Madd Dogg.

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Free Fall Difficulty: Level 2
  CS:Kent Paul and Maccer are hanging by their feet out a window, Salvatore Leone sitting in a chair, a guy watching, and Ken sitting on a couch, which Kent and Maccer are attached to. A girl with a familiar voice walks in to deliver food. She turns out to be Maria! (From GTA 3) (Maria La Torra - Debi Mazar) Cj comes in and tells Salvatore he worked for his son Joey Leone while he was in Liberty City. As Ken vouches for him aswell, Salvatore has CJ go and kill some incoming assassins.

  GP: Go to the airport, go through the gates and get to the plane. Take the plane and fly North. Fly way high and bank around when you see the oncoming plane. Fly into the red corona.

  CS: CJ jumps from the plane he's in to the assassins' plane! Amazing!

  GP: Kill the assassins, then the pilot and take the plane back to the airport.

Respect: 30
Money: $15,000
Phone Call: Same as the Misappropriation call.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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