Madd Dogg Missions GTA: San Andreas


Madd Dogg Missions

Madd Dogg Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ comes across a bunch of people telling someone to jump off a roof. CJ recognizes the jumper as Madd Doog and tries to talk Madd Dogg out of jumping.

  GP: Save Madd Dogg! Go to the blue marker, take the truck, then drive to the red marker. When you do, the camera angle will changes so you're looking down on the truck. You can only go forward and backward. Keep the bed of the truck lined up with Madd DOgg so he lands in the truck bed instead of on the pavement. Drive him to the Ivory Towers Medical Centre! Go North to Caligulas, West to the freeway, North, Crash through the fence and you're at the clinic!

  CS: CJ tells him to get cleaned up. Madd Dogg says he needs a manager when gets out and he'll look CJ up.

Respect: 10

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A Home In The Hills Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: A long one, that includes a midget, a rapper, a plane jump, and one pissed off CJ.

  GP: Open your chute ASAP and try to land on the roof of Madd Dogg's house, if not you'll have to find a way up there. Take out all the opposition, there are far to many of these guys! Then go down and make your way inside.

  CS: A guy gets his head blown off!

  GP: Kill more, find Big Poppa. Clear the house of all the guys, and chase after Big Poppa.

  CS: Big Poppa gets into a car and takes off.

  GP: You'll have to chase him down, ram him and drive-by him to get of him.

Respect: 40
Mansion: Madd Dogg's house.
Phone Call: Ken Rosenburg calls, CJ offers him a job as an account. Ken agrees.

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Cut Throat Business Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Maccer has a serious problem, gross! Yuck! Madd Dogg sees a news broadcast of OG Loc's and recognizes his own ryhmes. CJ gets the idea to pay OG Loc a visit.

  GP: Take Madd Dogg to the shoot.

  CS: When you approach, Madd Dogg starts yelling at OG Loc who takes off in a vortex.

  GP: Chase OG Loc down!

  CS: On the pier, OG Loc grabs a Kart.

  GP: Keep on him! In neither chase can you actually do anything to him, so jsut follow him.

  CS: OG Loc runs to a record label's office. CJ tells OG Loc to go get lunch, Madd Dogg gets his book back and a deal is discussed.

Respect: 40
Spawn: Kart at Madd Dogg's mansion.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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