Mike Toreno Missions GTA: San Andreas


Mike Toreno Missions

Interdiction Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks in on Toreno as he speaks some crap code into a radio that probably doesn't even work. Toreno gones on to tell CJ some stuff about Sweet and government crap. He then tells CJ to take a buggy to the desert and set off a flare.

  GP: Get into the BF Injection and go to the marker. Grab the Rocket Launcher if you need them and which ever vehicle you want. Go to the next marker.

  CS: CJ gets out to set off the flare. Then the Helicopters arrive, with some "escorts".

  GP: Take out the "escort" helicopters As quickly as possible! Plus any others that appear!

  CS: The main helicopter takes off and drops the cargo before flying off again.

  GP: Grab the parachute in one of the shacksand the health icon. Next drive to the contraband,

  CS: CJ gets spooked by Toreno's voice again. Told to get to Las Brujas.

  GP: Take the Sea Sparrow!

Money: $1,000

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Verdant Meadows Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ walks in and Toreno spews crap about Hitler and Japan. He then admits to making that stuff up about Sweet. At the end he wants CJ to go buy some property.

  GP: Get a vehicle and drive to Verdant Meadows, buy it.

Assest: Airstrip
Mission: Flight School

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N.O.E. Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Toreno sneaks up on CJ and grabs him by the neck, he could have killed CJ 9 ways! He has 5 guys watching him! Wants CJ to make a drop off for him.

  GP: Get in the plane and take off. Toreno says to follow the canyon and use it as cover. Bah to that I say Bah! Fly North to the ocean, then ehad west and then south. Fly the whole way there over the ocean. When you get to the Angel Pines area, fly a bit past the corona and then fly inland and through the corona, get back out to sea quickly. Remember to avoid the trees. Head back to the airstrip the same way you came.

Money: $15,000
Phone Call: Catalina calls to say she doesn't love you.

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Stowaway Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: A huge cargo ship lands while some government agency vehicles arrive. CJ goes and hides. Toreno sneaks up on CJ and tells him about the guys and wants CJ to kill them.

  GP: Hop on the PCJ-600, speed down the runway. Lean forward to get some extra speed. Do not go at tit from directly behind, as the cargo and such will fall and knock you off the bike or off course. Stick to the left or right.

  CS: The plane takes off just as CJ gets onboard, a barrell tumbles down and almost nails CJ but takes the PCJ-600 off the back end.

  GP: Make your way forward, you'll need a parachute for when you get off.Watch out for the barrells, don't shoot at anything! You see a guy witha parachute, Cha-Ching! Kill him and take the parachute. Drop a satchel charge and run out the back end!

  CS: CJ jumps off the plane as it explodes.

Money: $20,000
Misc.: A long way down.

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Vertical Bird Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: Madd Dogg is rapping with Maccer & Kent running the recording machines. CJ walks in, and the nToreno cuts in and tells CJ to meet him outside. Toreno drives CJ to a boatand tells him to steal a Hydra from the military.

  GP: Grab the silenced pistol if you don't have one. Hop in the boat and head to the Aircraft Carrier.

  CS: Watch a Coast Guard boat go in the back.

  GP: Jump out of your boat and swim inside.

  CS: Shown the Hyrda you have to steal and informed that you have to turn off the SAM's

  GP: Sneak onto the ship, dispatch the guards, find the control room.

  CS: The SAM stops turning.

  GP: Go steal a Hydra. Destroy the first two so they can't follow you later. Take off in the third Hydra.

  CS: A hydra gives chase.

  GP: Take out the Hydra, then the boats. Then go to Verdant Meadows Airstrip

Money: $50,000
Spawn: Hydra at Verdant Meadows

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Home Coming Difficulty: Level 2
  CS: CJ yells at someone on his cell when Toreno takes his phone. He tells CJ he has one more job and a surprise.

  GP: Go pickup Sweet. Go into the red marker.

  CS: CJ sits on the steps waiting for Sweet who leaves the LSPD building. After CJ tells him what's been happening, Sweet gets pissed off and eventually both agree to go home to the 'Hood.

  GP: Go to CJ's house.

  CS: CJ and Sweet talk around and someone comes up to them, asking if they want to buy a blender. Sweet recognizes it as his mom's and yells at CJ to clean the 'Hood up.

  GP: Kill the dealers. Once that's done, time for a gang war with the Ballas. Kill 'em!

  CS: After the 'Hood is won, Sweet tells CJ that Kendl can come see him.

Respect: 40
Phone Call: Catalina calls thinking you're Claude.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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