Salvatore Leone Missions GTA: San Andreas


Salvatore Leone Missions

St. Mark's Bistro Difficulty: Level 3
  CS: Salvatore plays around with Maria, while Maccer gets a knife in his happy sack. Salvatore congradulates CJ when he enters and asks CJ to do a hit in Liberty City. CJ asks for Ken, Kent & Maccer to be his back-up. When the four are outside, CJ tells them to get out of the city. They leave in a taxi.

  GP: Go to the airport, go onto the tarmac and to the waiting plane. Take off.

  CS: CJ takes a taxi through a snow blanketed Liberty City to St. Mark's, where he starts a gun battle.

  GP: Duck, grab an Uzi and unleash a fury of destruction by bullets on the evil bad asses! Two more guys come up the stairs, dispatch them. head down the stiars, dispatch the next three. Three or four more guys await downthe hall, dispatch them! Go through the door, and make your way down and through the kitchen. A bunch more show up along the way. When you get outside, take everyone else out. You'l appear back in SA in a Shamal. (Damnit, I wanted to wander around LC!) Go land at the airport.

Respect: 30
Money: $20,000
Phone Call 1: Salvatore calls to congradulate you.
Phone call 2: Wu-Zi-Mu calls you to check on CJ if he'll do the job.
Phone Call 3: Sweet calls to tell CJ not to get him out.

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Mission Guide Abbreviations:
CS: Cut Scene, a video plays.
GP: Game Play, when you control CJ and get to play.

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