Final Battle for the Ballas GTA: San Andreas


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Final Battle for the Ballas

- by Desperado
Glen Park, 1980..
Ballas are coming all over the place.. Orange Grove Street has it hard to fight back.
Ryder comes up with more guy's from the Orange Grove Street Family.
Sweet yells: 'Ryder over here! You take that side and then I take this side!
Ryder yells back: 'Fa Sho homie!'
It's a heavy battle betweens gangs bullets every where, dead gang members in the water and just lying dead on the floor... After a few hours, the Ballas win, Ryder, Smoke and Sweet with a few Orange Grove Street are getting back to Ganton, there home. Ryder: 'Fucking Ballas, next time I'm going to kill them!'. Smoke: 'take it easy Ryder, first a plan and then we attack again..'. Sweet: 'I agree with Smoke.. Butt I'm getting Cj back home first!'. By Sweet's house. Sweet: Everybody sit down I'm going to call Cj and his gang and then we make a plan, and attack again!'. Ryder is getting a call: 'Yo homie, did you win?'. Ryder: 'No..'. Cesar: 'My gang and me are going to help you, see you by Sweet's house?'. Ryder: ' Fa Sho homie!'. Ryder hangs up.. Sweet is calling with Cj. Cj: 'I will be with you in 2 hours with Woozie and his gang and my gang.. O right?'. Sweet: 'O right Cj. See ya at 2 o'clock than,.'. Cj hangs up.
Smoke: 'We are getting much help from other gangs now we must win!'.
At 2 o'clock
The door swings open.. Woozie: 'Here we are, can you gentlemen come and get out side, we must show all of you something.
Everybody's walks out of the house and Cj says: 'Here we are homie's!'.
The whole street is full of Mountain Boy's, Cj's Gang and Cesar's gang..
Smoke: 'Cj, Cesar, Woozie, come with us back in side. I'll show the plan.. '.
Cj and Cesar are walking towards the front door. Cesar swings the door open and yells at the men: 'Go make a party here on the street do what you like! Butt stay close!'. All the men are getting in there Savanna's and Greenwoods and chill.. After Cj, Ryder, Sweet, Cesar and Smoke gett's the plan they step outside and get in there cars.. The door swings open en Woozie is down on the ground, all the men look up and laughs Woozie out.. Woozie: 'I must say something.. I'm Blind..'. Smoke: 'No Shit!'. Cj: 'Woozie get in the car on your left.. No, your another left.'. Ryder from out the window: 'Follow us.!'. With Cesar Driving at the front, at least 4 dozen's cars and 2 dozen's motor's are following him to Glen Park.
Ballas Versus The Grove Street Family
They all arrive at Glen Park.. One group of the Ballas are running towards the first car with Cj, Cesar, Ryder and Smoke in it.. When the Ballas group see the big amount of cars, motors and men, they run towards the leader of the Ballas.. Woozie's men are stepping of the motors and all getting on the roofs surrounding the park. Woozie with his follower are going to one of the houses of the Grove Street. Cesar is getting out of his car, and his men are parking the cars to, when Cesar's men are stepping out side from the cars.. The Ballas start shooting.. Everyone is out of the cars and off the motors.. Cj: 'Those Fucking Ballas, everyone! Take cover and return fire to the assholes!'. One of the bullet takes Smoke out... Ryder: 'Smoke! NOOOO!!!!'.
Cj: 'Let him lay there.. He was working for them!'. Ryder: 'No Fuck!, Asshole!'.
Everyone are taking cover and Ryder's men are taking the left side of cars from the Ballas out..! Sweet: 'They are coming from the back!'. Woozie calls Cj.. Woozie: 'Cj, are you winning?'. 'No' Said Cj. Woozie: 'o right then more of my men are coming..!'. Cj: 'o right.'.
Ten minutes Later..
Bullets everywhere more Ballas dead on the ground than Orange Grove Street Family..
Then a plane fly's low over.. Out of plane is coming, Twenty of woozie's men, shooting and jumping down with parachutes.. Sweet, Ryder and Cj all take a care and are getting the men. When they are there, all the men are getting in and on the cars.. Cj, Ryder and Sweet are riding side by side, and right towards the Ballas.
When Ryder's car is hitting a Ballas, four jetpacks fly over, and shoot at the Ballas with Railguns..
Ballas are going back to there home's!....
Grove Street Family won.
Cj knows one of the Jetpack men.. It's The Truth with is men.. There all talking about there victory, and woozie and his follower are coming towards Cesar, Ryder, Cj, and The Thruht. Finally, Grove Street Won!

Grove Street -4- Life!

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ultima Jul 26, 2010, 05:52 pm
Fabulous story! I wish these 4 dozen cars came to help me during the final mission's last part, although I've completed the final mission. It could have been way more easier to catch sweet before he loosed his grip with the help of those 4 dozen cars. In fact, even an Banshee could have helped....
Eturnuhtee Mar 21, 2008, 05:50 am
But here is my criticism..

First of all, the story of SA started around the very early 90's, not 1980..
VC didn't even happen yet.

Next, as everyone knows Ryder and smoke became traitors.

Third. Railguns on jetpacks? Couldn't happen. Not only were railguns not even in SA (an AK or RPG would be believable) but the recoil on a railgun would knock someone off of a jetpack. Also, the truth says clearly in the game that he cannot fly a jetpack.

But my ranting aside. It was entertaining and let my imagination wander. Spelling could have been better too
rob690532 Oct 12, 2007, 07:05 pm
not being funny but its a bit crap i mean ryder traitors you???
sawnoff321 Jun 22, 2006, 08:14 am
I read 1 chpt of 'Big War Between OGF and Ballas' it's pretty boring
purebredmutt May 17, 2006, 09:57 am
whats the hell is the grove street and the orange grove street? I'm just new to the storyline and dont recall hearing orange grove street anywhere or who they are. thx
Phaz3r. May 10, 2006, 04:17 pm
Hmm, I read all the comments. But people are so stupid -.-

When it's Fan Fiction, it's Fiction for Fans.. ya know homie?
people like to make up their own story. What cares if ryder died or the color is green, if it's in the story pink; so wot. It's Fiction!

For those people who placed a comment: I would say it's not nice for those who written this story!

OK, again... for the people who placed a comment like that? this is Fiction is:

With fiction those texts of which the tale takes place mainly in the fantasie of the author and the reader, are indicated. This in contrast to the non-fictie, that to reality is related.

Mit Erfindung jene Texte oder das die Geschichte hauptsächlich im fantasie oder der Autor und der Leser stattfindet, werden angezeigt. Dieses im Gegensatz zu dem non-fictie, das zur Wirklichkeit sind in Verbindung stehend.

Sorry, my program reacted strange on French language.

Greets, Phaz3r.
Agent_Q Oct 30, 2005, 01:28 pm
Nice fanfic! i like the way woozie and the others come to help the OG's... Taste some led you freakin' Balla!
RaptorX Jul 11, 2005, 08:33 pm
OK one more time 4 "Da new guy<SA>"
Homie you've got three grove street families.The orange grove who live in ganton.Seville Boulevard families
who live in Seville Bouleverd and you have Temple drive families who live in Temple drive(the tuning garage near madd dogg mansion)
JefsJim Jul 10, 2005, 12:27 am
Not bad this story;)
Da new guy<SA> Jul 6, 2005, 02:37 am
Oh, i know! i know! It's a - "FANTASY" - Story, isnt it?
Da new guy<SA> Jul 6, 2005, 02:35 am
THe grove street is GREEN not ORANGE, are you blind or something???!!!!
Neo_Kai Jul 3, 2005, 03:17 am
whoa i don't understand. didn't ryder die before CJ became good friends with woozie.
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