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Los Desperados

- by Sharoz47
[The storyline is set after Catalina was killed by the mute (GTA 3`s main character)]

[San Andreas]

The Johnson House

{Phone ringing}

(CJ gets the phone.)

CJ: Hello?
? : I got Sweet and Kendl. If you want `em back, just does as I say.
CJ: Who the f*** is this?
? : Just do as I say. Go to Liberty City. I?ll give you the details later.
CJ: Hello, hello?
CJ: Sh*t!

CJ goes to Liberty City along with Ken Rosenberg since he insisted CJ to take him along too.

[Vice City]

The Vercetti Estate

{Phone ringing}

(Tommy gets the phone.)

Tommy: Hello?
? : I got some strong evidence against you, I can get your a** busted whenever I want. I?ll give you the evidence if you do what I tell you?
Tommy: Who is this?
? : Just do as I say. Go to Liberty City.
Tommy: Hello, hello?

Tommy goes to Liberty City.

[Liberty City]

(CJ and Tommy get a call from the strange guy and he tells them to go to the docks. CJ then tells Ken to find who this guy is).

(The mute gets a call.)

Mute: ...
? : Do a couple of jobs for me I?ll give you $1000000. Interested?
Mute: ...
? : I?ll take that as a yes. I want you to go to the docks and meet up with Tommy and CJ

The mute goes to the docks and meet up with Tommy and CJ. CJ starts fighting the mute because he tricked CJ back in San Andreas. Tommy stops the fight and calms down both of them then Tommy gets a call.

? : I want you and your new friend to go to the China town and torch 10 Triads? shops.
Tommy: Ok.

(The strange guy hangs up the phone.)

Tommy: Guys, it was him. He wants us to go to the China town and torch at least 10 Triads? shops.
CJ: Ok, let?s do this.
Mute: ...

(The three men went to China town with some Molotov c**ktails and a Flame Thrower.)

CJ: Ok, everybody ready???
Tommy: CJ, you and I are gonna use Molotov c**ktails. Mute, you?re going to use the Flame Thrower.
CJ: Ok, let?s split up. I?ll burn the shops here, Tommy you take the right and mute, you go left.

(They started burning the shops. The triads then started a fire fight. CJ, Tommy and the Mute burned the 10 shops and hopped in the gateway car.)

CJ: Everybody in?
Tommy: Yeah. CJ get us outta here quick.

(They escaped China town and Tommy makes a call)

Tommy: It?s done. Now hand over the evidence.
? : It ain`t over yet. Now be a good boy and listen to me. Go with your new friends and mess up the Diablo?s, burn the Yakima?s casino, Hit the Sindaccos, Kill the Yardaies and burn some of their hideouts, start a war with the Red jacks and you and your friends will get what they want.

(The strange guy hangs up the phone)

Tommy: Hello? Hello?! Sh*t!
CJ: What did he say?

(Tommy explains everything to CJ and the mute and they decided to do it since they had no choice. They complete every job he gave them and now all the gangs want to kill them. Now, that the jobs r done, CJ makes a call)

CJ: We did your dirty jobs, now where are they?
? : Oh, you mean Sweet and Kendl, well what you, Tommy and the mute want is in the basement of the HG cargo ship at Portland docks. Sweet, Kendl, evidence against Tommy and the money the mute wanted is in that ship.

(The strange guy hangs up the phone)

(CJ tells Tommy and the mute about the talk he had on the phone with the strange guy and then they leave for the docks.)

[China town]

The Triad?s hideout

{Phone ringing}

Triad boss: Hello?
? : The three guys who burned your shops are in the HG cargo ship at the docks. How?s that sound?
Triad boss: I am so gonna f*** `em up.

(The strange guy hangs up the phone then he tells all the gangs who wanted to kill CJ, Tommy and the mute about their location. Now all the gangs are going to be at the HG cargo ship)


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