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Planes are very usefull. You can go with a plane to a place or stay in the air and give your teammates some air support.

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Thejebe Feb 29, 2008, 06:24 pm
Flying Fortress is the best bomber in the game, there is no doubt, but the second best bomber would be Stuka. It is quite fast, manuverable, and is extremely accurate when dive-bombing. Its also easy to land cause it has no retacheable landing gear so you dont have to wait for landing gear to open when you are in trouble. Though its not the best plane for dogfight, but if youre skilled, you will be making him knock on heavens doors.
beefers1 Mar 17, 2007, 10:58 pm
You're wrong about the Dauntless. It is MUCH slower than the Corsair at all altitudes. The Dauntless can barely make 300mph in level flight, while the Corsair can easily surpass 400mph. You're right about the disadvantage of the Corsair, though; it CAN only carry 1 bomb. However, it is very manoeverable and powerful with it's 2000hp radial engine and 6 .50 machine guns. And... the Yak 9 isn't good for ground support, but at dogfights can more than hold their own against enemies. It is extremely nimble and light and has a good top speed of over 420mph, and is armed with a .50 machine gun and a 37mm anti-tank cannon (It's good against planes too!).
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