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Battlefield 1942 Tips

Welcome to the Battlefield 1942 Tips section. Here can you find all tips u need too be a good battlefield gamer.

To become a good Battlefield gamer, you need some tips. Well, you've come to the right place.

Escape from a tank's machine gun - Chased by a plane trick - Kill an enemy in a jeep

Escape from a tank's machine gun

To escape from a tank's machine gun run to the closest house, bunker or hill to hide. While running you must jump all the time. That will save you sometimes, but the best thing is to do when you see a tank and the tank doesnt see you: throw grenades!

Chased by a plane trick

When you get chased by a plane and you are alone in a plane with a machine gun, you can (when you are high) go sit in the back seat for a few seconds and shoot the plane. You can also make a looping so you are chasing him.

Kill an enemy in a jeep

OK, first you need the repair kit. Throw a few dynamite's in the jeep and go sit somewhere where you can see the jeep and dont get killed, press the right mouse button. Now you get the detonator. If the enemy enters the jeep you must press the fire button and the jeep will explode and you got the kill.

I made a movie of it, named "Gameplay Footage 1": Movies page

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