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Welcome to the Battlefield 1942 section. Here you can find a collection of information that will help you get through BF 1942 and discover cool things you never knew.
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Next battlefield called Battlefield 2142?
There are rumors that the next Battlefield game will be called Battlefield 2142. There is also a video out: Click here to see it.
The Battlefield 2142 ( is already registered and it's registered to the same owner of all the other Battlefield sites.

Source: PlanetBattlefield
Posted by: Daniel @ March 17 2006, 9:35 pm
Another map guide update!
I have made a huge update on the map guide. I have added some things, you might want to see it.
Posted by: Daniel @ November 11 2005, 3:26 pm
Map Guide update
I've updated the map guide, I have now removed all errors.

Click here to go to the map guide.
Posted by: Daniel @ November 10 2005, 3:38 pm
Links page
I have opened a new page: Links.
Posted by: Daniel @ August 14 2005, 5:06 pm
Map guide
It has been a long time ago when I updated the Battlefield 1942 section but now I have made another update. I have opened the map guide.
Posted by: Daniel @ August 13 2005, 10:57 am
Battlefield 2 released!
Hello everyone,

Battlefield 2 has been released yesterday.. Have fun playing the game!
Posted by: Daniel @ June 22 2005, 9:26 am
Battlefield 2 Information coming soon...
Hey all,

There is gonna be some new Battlefield 2 information soon. Because now that the demo is available, I can make a little preview of the game.
Posted by: Daniel @ June 13 2005, 8:21 am
Battlefield 2 demo
This was a big week, because San Andreas was released on the PC. But thats not the only thing: the battlefield 2 demo has been released!
Posted by: Daniel @ June 12 2005, 7:56 am
Battlefield 2
Hello everyone,

I have created a new piece for the Battlefield 1942 section. As you can see there is now a new menu item called: "Battlefield 2". I have collected some info so you can see a little bit how Battlefield 2 is gonna be.
Posted by: Daniel @ May 3 2005, 10:49 am
New poll
I have added a new poll to this section. Vote!
Posted by: Daniel @ February 11 2005, 2:10 pm
Picture of the day Picture of the day

Submitted on: 26 Nov 2005
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