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Q. In superstar mode, I only want to play as my character, and not play if he isn't on the field. Is this possible?

A. Yes in fact it is. While in the game, pause it and there should be an option under the two teams on the right hand side that says "Team Control." If that is set to CPU, you will not play the game when your player is off the field, and User means that you will play every play, whether or not the superstar is on the field.

Q. In superstar mode, I want to control other people, even when my guy is on the field, what do I change for that?

A. Nothing, you must play as your character if he is on the field. EA added this to add to the realism.

Q. What is the highest my superstar can be drafter?

A. If you import from NCAA Football, then it is Round 2 Pick 1. If you make the player in Madden, then it is Round 3 Pick 1.

Please email me in the Contact Page if you have a question.

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