Superstar Madden 2007



Superstar mode is a mode that was introduced in the 06 edition. You start out as a rookie and move up into the NFL. You get drafted and you can play on that team. In the 07 edition, if your player is on the field, you will play as him. It is a great mode that they added and I am sure it will be improved in editions to come.

When you start out, you have your apartment. You have many options to choose from when you are in your apartment. Click on one of them to see what it does.


The Mirror

The mirror is only available after the draft. When you go to the mirror, you can alter the outside of your character. The number on your jersey, weather you want sleeves or not, all that stuff. You CANNOT edit how much muscle/fat your character has. Once you see your apartment, you cannot alter that.

The Rookie Handbook

When you go to the handbook, you can alter your game settings. You can change the difficulty and you can change all the other settings.

The Cellphone

This is where you will learn about certain things. You will get phone calls or text messages from just about everyone. You will get news and updates about your website.

The Web

The web is only available after the draft. When you go to the web, you can look at different things. Your website has different stats about you and other interesting facts. When you do something remarkable, you get another "persona." NFL Standings and Rankings are also available.

The Calender

This is your NFL schedule. It has lists of games, practices, interviews and all sorts of things. Here is a list of some events that you can come across.

The Map

The map is only available after the draft. This is the map of your city. For a list of different options on the map, go here.

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chendo37 Aug 5, 2007, 06:16 am
Im not sure who made this section, but you're doing a great job. Cant wait until the game comes out
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