Mini-Camp Madden 2007



This page has all of the different Mini-Camp games and the best way to do them. Use these links to get to the one you wish to know about.

QB - Pocket Protection
LB - Chase and Tackle
DB - Swat ball
DL - Trench Fight
K - Clutch Kicking
P - Coffin Corner Punt
QB - Precision Passing
RB - Ground Attack

QB - Pocket Protection

Rookie · Pittsburgh Steelers
Pro · Denver Broncos
All-Pro · Miami Dolphins
All-Madden · Atlanta Falcons

Objective · Your objective is to stay in the pocket and hit the open receiver, without being sacked.

eddaket's tips · Look for the balls being thrown at you before the receiver. It makes life much easier. Also getting out of the pocket will not kill you, so occasionally, if you have to, duck out for a throw and then get right back in. The receivers are not always lined up with the buttons either, so lookout for that.
Difficulty · 5

LB - Chase and Tackle

Rookie · New York Jets
Pro · Tennessee Titans
All-Pro · Pittsburgh Steelers
All-Madden · Chicago Bears

Objective · Your objective is to tackle the runner before he scores a touchdown.

eddaket's tips · My personal favorite one. Try and blitz through the hole that opens except if he goes outside. If it is a sweep, run parallel or towards the line at a slight angle and take him out at the line.
Difficulty · 2

DB - Swat Ball

Rookie · Atlanta Falcons
Pro · Tampa Bay Buccaneers
All-Pro · Baltimore Ravens
All-Madden · Denver Broncos

Objective · Your objective is to stop the receivers from getting the ball in any way shape or form.

eddaket's tips · Try and get the interception. Don't just swat it.
Difficulty · 3

DL - Trench Fight

Rookie · Houston Texans
Pro · Atlanta Falcons
All-Pro · Indianapolis Colts
All-Madden · New York Giants

Objective · Your objective is to get by the defenders and grab the flags.

eddaket's tips · Use the swim and rip moves and this should be a piece of pie. Mmmm pie.
Difficulty · 3

K - Clutch Kicking

Rookie · Arizona Cardinals
Pro · Indianapolis Colts
All-Pro · Denver Broncos
All-Madden · Philidelphia Eagles

Objective · Your objective is to kick field goals.

eddaket's tips · Not much to say about this one. Just aim for the middle and give the kick a little umph. The wind may throw you off too.
Difficulty · 2

P - Coffin Corner Punt

Rookie · Buffalo Bills
Pro · Pittsburgh Steelers
All-Pro · New Orleans Saints
All-Madden · Oakland Raiders

Objective · Your objective is to punt the ball into the targets in the corner.

eddaket's tips · Your first one will almost always miss. Use that as a guide to whether you aim too far left or right. Try experimenting with the up and down aimer, it may help...
Difficulty · 3

QB - Precision Passing

Rookie · Cincinnati Bengals
Pro · Seattle Seahawks
All-Pro · New England Patriots
All-Madden · Indianapolis Colts

Objective · Your objective is to pass balls threw the little hoops.

eddaket's tips · This is all about timing. Also, make sure the receiver you want to throw to is your primary target. If you get all the receivers before the turns are up, you get a turn bonus.
Difficulty · 4

RB - Ground Attack

Rookie · Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pro · New York Giants
All-Pro · Kansas City Chiefs
All-Madden · Seattle Seahawks

Objective · Run the ball up the field as much as you can before time runs out.

eddaket's tips · Touchdowns are great. It also helps to get a touchdown when you use the Highlight Stick. When your FB blocks one, truck another and keep going.
Difficulty · 3

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