Besieging Rome: Total War



Besieging an enemy settlement (town) & city fights has a large percentage

of the battles, & it is the best one yet. You will have an idea

on how exactly, the Roman Besiege or Conquer a city. It look's realistic, & fighting in the streets of a fully rendered town, it's just like adrenaline-rush. & you can actually see the buildings, that you made available,



Every Battle has a time limit of 30 minutes, especially the Siege battles, but this will not get in the way of an intense battle, it?s only an additional challenge.

After 30 minutes if you & you?re enemy, both suffered a great amount lose of troops, then the outcome will be Draw Battle.

Besieging a Large Stone Wall

Large Stone Wall Provide: Boiling Oil & Iron Gate

Ladder= it can reach the top. Usually there?s an enemy guarding the wall besides the gateway tower. So it?s best to order your troops carrying the ladder to breach the sidewall, far way from the gateway tower. So they can easily reach the wall without any interference from the enemy guards. You can order another unit, to climb the ladder.

Battering Ram= before it can reach the gateway of a Large Stone Wall, it will be destroyed, courtesy of the flaming-arrows, from the gateway tower, so it?s ineffective.

Siege tower= It can definitely reach the wall, of a Large Stone Wall,

Sap Point. It?s the most devastating & effective siege equipment, it can weaken the foundation of a wall particularly a large stonewall, until it collapse.

To reduce casualties due to enemy missile (arrows) order your units to loose formation

Before you can assault a settlement, that is under-siege, you have to develop Siege Equipment, you can develop 6 or 7 of your choice, & it will be all available, after 2 turns, assuming you have enough money.

Once your units reach the wall, if there?s an enemy on the wall, attack them & when the battle start?s zoom in, you can actually see one of your not so lucky unit, or the enemy fall down on the edge of the wall.

After you defeat the enemy guarding the wall, order your units, to hurry down & secure the gateway, when a picture of a building appears on your left screen it means that your units had captured the gateway, you can now order your other units particularly the cavalry to enter the city through the gates.

If you had chosen the Hard Difficulty or especially Very Hard Difficulty on battle mode, expect an attack from both sides of the road; to prevent you from entering the city, The only way to counter this attack, you must have enough units guarding the gateway,

If you want to make sure, that you will be victorious! Use Sap Point Siege-Equipment, as many as you want 5 or 7, it will destroy & create an opening, on every side of the Large Stone Wall for an attack,


Besieging an Epic Stone Wall.

Epic Stone Wall Provide: Boiling Oil & Iron Gate. Difficult to breached almost impossible, this is the last available upgrade, for a Stone Wall so this is the best.

Epic Stone Wall it?s only available for Huge City.

Large Stone Wall for Large City.


Ladders= cannot reach the top of the Epic Stone wall, it?s too high.

Battering Ram= if it?s not effective, on a Large Stone Wall, it?s times 2 ineffective on an Epic Stone wall

Siege Towerr= It can reach an Epic Stone Wall

Sap Point= It can breached an Epic Stone Wall.

Epic Stone Wall

Whether it?s an Epic Stone Wall (Huge City) or a Large Stone Wall (Large City), after you successfully captured the gateway & all of your units are in the city. It only means that the Final Battle has just begun. One thing that is noticeable once your inside, the road or the path towards the city, are narrow. So it?s not possible to move all your units at the same time, Group your units stick them together. The best formation will be Legionnaire in front or the Spearmen, archers in the middle, cavalry at the backside.

If your Difficulty setting on battle mode is Medium, there?s little chance that your enemy will attack, while you?re moving your units, but if your setting on battle mode is Hard Difficulty especially Very Hard Difficulty, attack from both sides while moving your units are inevitable.

If you survive the attack, & they fullback, they will make their Final-Stand on the middle of the city, with their Flag in the middle of it. Since theirs a Time limit of 30 minutes needless to say you have to hurry, so click the run button, or double right click, so your units will run. Remember in a Large City especially Huge City, there?s a lot of buildings, with narrow path, & sometimes there?s only one suitable path for an army to move onto, look closely you have to figure it out, which path is the right way towards the enemy.

Hint: Before the battle start, you will have an aerial view, for a couple of seconds, before the taunting of your units & the motivational speech of your general. Look closely at the middle of the City, it?s just like a plaza, with a Flag in the middle, just like previously said that?s where your enemy will make their Final-Stand. So before you click Start Battle, you will have an idea, on where to go. If the North gateway or the East gateway, has the fastest route or path to the middle of the city, then positioned your units on that place.

Based on my experience on besieging a Huge City, my units are already inside of the Huge city, while I?m moving my units, the towers will still fire arrows. So it?s best to loose formation, while moving

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