Under-Siege Rome: Total War



If your under-siege & outnumber, it?s a common knowledge, that you have limited turn or time, before you starve to death, & eventually loose your Settlement.

Before you deploy your troops, take a look at your enemy, do they have a Onagers (Catapult) or any kind of siege-equipment, if not then you have an advantage, most especially if you have an Epic Stone Wall, or even Large Stone wall.



The best defense if under-siege, is positioned your archers on the wall, you can only do this if you already have a Large Stone wall or Epic Stone wall, enable special ability flame-arrow, to inflict more damage, only enable Fire-At-Will if your enemy are at the range of your archers, to preserve ammo. If the Besieging enemy has a Siege-Equipment, then attack it first, so they can?t use it against you.



Catapult is less effective against wall, but it can totally destroy any buildings, & burn it down. I guess it?s safe to say, that only The Roman Faction has access to Siege-Equipment, since I haven?t encounter other faction using it, even on very hard difficulty settings. But catapult is not exclusive to Roman Faction, I?ve seen the Egyptian used it, when they Besiege one of my settlements.




If you think the besieging enemy, only outnumber you by a little margin. Then group your unit?s, move your first wave of attack, on the other-side of the gateway, & your second wave of attack, preferably Cavalry, on the other-side of the gateway. Attack both the left & right flank. But don?t let your units run, they will easily get tired before the assault start, when units are tired there?s a definite chance that they will withdraw from the battle, & they will easily be beaten. Only enable run when your unit?s are in placed for an attack.

If the wall is Breached block the path, click guard mode, your units will guard that area, rain-down flaming arrows at your enemy. It?s Best to recruit Scorpion or Repeating Ballista?s-can impale several men, can use flaming-missile, Ineffective against wall-  it?s suitable for frontal-attack & at the gateway, if the besieging enemy managed to destroy the Iron Gate, Boiling Oil at the gateway will kill some of the enemy but not all. Scorpion or Repeating Ballista?s, will kill many men, but they will still need support, make sure there?s a Legionnaire or Spearmen besides them.

If the Besieging enemy successfully enter the gateway, set-up an ambush, group your units, positioned them at the both sides of the road, then attack your enemy while their moving. If all Fails & you have a general with your units, get him out of the city, if there still time he can escape on the other gateway, ?Live & Fight Another Day?. But if there?s no time left, he did not escape, then the fate of your general will be, ?He died a Heroic Death? there's no ransom on Rome Total War.

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