Senate Mission Rome: Total War


Senate Mission

Benefits of every Successful Senate Mission

  • You can recruit new units.

  • 1000 Denari

  • Your Family Members will be appointed at the Senate Office

  • Games will be thrown in your honor at the Senate Expense

Senate Mission consist of the ff:

  • Blockade Port= Send one of your Fleet, to block this port, to increase the pressure on this faction by cutting their income. Time Limit= 5 turns

Since the naval aspect of the game is very important, for transportation of your army & You will do a lot of Blockade Port Mission, & you can do this to soften-up your enemy, by cutting their income. You must have a lot of ship, sea combat is instantly resolved by the game's AI.

  • Take Settlement= The Senate asks you to take this Settlement for the glory of Rome. Time Limit= 10 turns

Once you?ve taken control of the settlement. There are 3 options to choose: Occupy Settlement, Enslave Population, Exterminate Population, to ensure that there will be no Civil Revolt & you will not loose your settlement, choose Exterminate Population, your units will massacre the people, yeah it?s brutal but it?s good strategy, whichever you choose you will gain an amount of denari by looting.

  • Obtain Surrender= The Senate Feels that this faction has been weakened enough, send a Diplomat & demand that they become a Protectorate under Roman control. Time Limit= 10 turns

You must implement Military force on this mission, after all Freedom is Precious, so it?s a 50-50 chance that the enemy faction will accept surrender, Besiege one of their settlement, while under-siege the diplomat will not have access on that settlement, if there?s another settlement send your diplomat at that place, if that?s the only settlement, find the Diplomat of that faction, if you can?t find one, before you Besiege their settlement order first your Diplomat to talk to them. Fortunately the Senate knows the meaning of consideration, so if you implement military force, even though the Enemy faction did not accept surrender, The Senate will not Note this mission as a Failure, then afterwards they will just order you to take that settlement. For more details about the Diplomacy checkout the Diplomacy section.

Tip: If you want early access to new & advance units. Besiege & take control of a Huge City or even Large city, from whoever faction of your choice.

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KiethSomataw99 Jul 26, 2013, 06:50 am
I got a mission to exterminate a settlement, so the types of missions i got were: Take Settlement, Blockade Port, Take Rebel Settlement, Obtain Surrender, and Exterminate Settlement. Of course, if your favor with the senate is low, potential penalties include: Your secret will be exposed, your faction's characters will not be considered for elections, and you will incur the senate's displeasure.

What do you think of the Senate telling you to specifically exterminate a settlement?
jesse.mccoll.00 Jul 31, 2008, 10:53 am
were is the faction button
jesse.mccoll.00 Jul 30, 2008, 12:18 pm
where do you get military
RAGERUNNER Apr 15, 2008, 09:52 pm
leugim99,you must go to the Faction button and then to the Senate log
Select Senate Missions,there will be the locate position of the target,
press it and it will take you on the location on the map.
leugim99 Feb 16, 2008, 10:07 am
Help to my campaign im julii and i have a mission to blockade the port narbo martius but i can't see it
stormer Jan 4, 2008, 10:47 am
Yeah once i got Patavatium i think and they rioted so badly that the senate told me to get it back
vortigern8 Mar 11, 2007, 09:44 pm
@GRUPI: Bribing the garisson did not affect my diplomatic stance with the Scipii. The next turn after I had taken over the city, I got a Senate message demanding to return the settlement (I was playing as the Julii). There were two buttons, like when they demand the suicide of the faction leader, either accept or decline, to accept ment that my troops would go outside the city and the Scipii back in. I don't think you can take the initiative to give a town back to Carthago, certainly since Carthago is no Roman faction. I suggest you 'lure' them to the town you want to return, leave only a few men inside and let them take over. Or you could do this through diplomacy: in 'your offers', select 'give region', and make some demand for money or something. I didn't try this myself yet, so I suggest you try some combinations.
GRUPI Feb 23, 2007, 01:12 am
Give settlement back...?!
Can u possibly do that...?
I was playing as Seleucid once and had made my mind up 2 concer the entire map after comleting the mission (50 provinces inc Rome). Carthage was my ally from very early on the game. The game was getting a bit boring since i had destroyed the Big factions and really weakened the remaining ones. So Carthage was 2 b my last challange and for that i needed them to be strong. Hence i thought giving back to them some of the cities they had lost to the Scipii which i concuered for the sole purpose of bringing Carthage back to glory. Welthy, strategic cities including Carthage (the city) itself. They wouldnt take it back....?! It was pi..... me off...! And we had a healthy good alliance, aidding each other throughout the game..

Do u know a way how 2 make this possible (i have the game saved)

VORTIGERN... when u bribed the scipii garisson and took the settlement, was that automatically a war declaration or did ur alliance remain intact..?

And how were u going 2 giv it back...?
vortigern Feb 4, 2007, 08:19 am
You forgot one mission I only saw yesterday for the first time: give settlement back. With my diplomats, I bribed the garisson of the Scipii faction and so took the settlement. I did not give it back, since I had paid 8000 denarii for it, and the Senate offered me only 1000 in return.
alex Jun 2, 2005, 11:02 am
just to add, occasionally there is a senate mission to obtain trade rights. the time limit for this is 10 turns
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