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On this page you can find a short guide about all factions in Rome: Total War. A much broader guide is also probably coming this way, as soon as I can get all the pictures of all the units...which is not so simple!


This Faction's Units
Game Description: Horse archers including armoured cataphract archers but few infantry types.
Comment: The Legionary copies are worse than the Roman originals, but the cavalry is awesome. Nice faction.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Fanatical barbarian infantry plus swift charioteers.
Comment: These people will be your nightmare if you battle against them. All their infantry have the morale of an iron bar and their heavy chariots ram into everything like a 12 o'clock express! Checks the Tips page for efficient tips on how to beat them.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Flexible selection of all troop types, plus elephants!
Comment: From my experience I can tell you that Carthage isn't bad. There is a flexible selection, yes, but alltogether its quite weak, and you need a real advantage in numbers before attacking a strong army (for example, Romans). Battle elephants are good, yes, and of course Armoured Elephants, too, but the little ones aren't worth spending your money on them. Also you may notice that the carthaginian armies are the most expensive of all armies you can control.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Barbarian close-combat infantry including falxmen but very little cavalry.
Comment: The best Barbarian faction for me after Germania. Good Infantry and heavy cavalry.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Good spearmen and horse archers with swift cavalry and chariots.
Comment: Good faction, especially on the side of the cavalry and archers. Never underestimate their chariot archers. It takes tough infantry and cavalry with good morale to beat them.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Strong close-combat infantry, but very limited cavalry.
Comment: Now this is the faction I love most. No, I haven't ever played as them, I've battled so many times against them and give you this good piece of advice: if you want to have many victories - play against them. It's after all such a joy to beat up an army of 2000 men with your 1200 and leave 0 soldiers of their army!! (Resistance is Futile!) To know how to have fun with a bunch of Gauls read the Tips Page.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Axemen and specialist infantry with limited selection of cavalry.
Comment: The best barbarian faction. Good infantry, although a grim comes to my face when I am encountered by a horde of women, and historically speaking I am appaled by the barbarian phalanxes(!!!). But they have very good cavalry, plenty of bonuses to all units and good morale in general.
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The Greek Cities

This Faction's Units
Game Description: Many hoplite phalanxes and missile support but limited cavalry choice.
Comment: I don't like phalanxes. Maybe I don't use them rightly. I just prefer some good horses and veterans with good swords. Macedon is better...
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Hoplites and pike phalanxes, plus powerful cavalry.
Comment: Well, as I said, this one is better than the Greeks. The cavalry may not be as powerful as the cataphracts, but at least there's some choice. They're very fun to battle with because they're challenging (spears impale your cavalry and your men, and the cavalry strikes...) and because they like to wander around with many big armies, each of them being one good battle.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Light desert infantry and good cavalry including camel-mounted specialists.
Comment: Despite what you may think this is a quite good faction and must not be underestimated.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Cavalry, including horse archers and powerful armored cataphracts; weak infantry.
Comment: The most cavalry-specific faction after Scythia. Too much cavalry isn't good too, if you ask me.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Flexible army of light infantry, phalanxes, heavy cavalry and chariots.
Comment: Nice faction and must also not be underestimated. Well-balanced armies.
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(all Roman families-factions have the same units)
This Faction's Units
Game Description: Legionary infantry and supporting troops, limited cavalry.
Comment: Now I find Rome got in this game a most overwhelming priority and a most unjust description. Just legionary infantry? Limited cavalry?! There's nothing in the world of Rome: Total War which can beat an army made of Urban and First Legionary Cohortes and Praetorian cavalry. This faction has also got the most advanced machinery. And I haven't noticed any real difference between the roman Families except my Julii generals seem to be nearly all Drunkards...
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Master horsemen and archers but almost no melee infantry.
Comment: These people use hit-and-run tactics and usually don't attack you, but you have to attack them and run around to catch them. They're good for defending cities as they've got awesome archers, but for any attacking action they are definitely not the best choice.
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The Seleucid Empire

This Faction's Units
Game Description: Powerful selection of phalkanxes, heavy cavalry and elephants.
Comment: This one in the beginning is quite weak and threatened by Egypt and Pontus, but if you get to high level units this faction's armies are bulldozers which leave nothing of their ennemies!
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This Faction's Units >
Game Description: good mix of fanatic barbarian and organised infantry with some cavalry support.
Comment: This sucks as greatly as the Gauls do. They don't even have archers! The Bull Warriors are good, but for the rest - not my choice.
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This Faction's Units
Game Description: Good choice of hoplite phalanxes and barbarian close-combat specialists but limited cavalry.
Comment: Weird mix. Really weird. I wouldn't rely on it.
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supa-weapon Aug 3, 2012, 09:54 pm
Honestly i dont know why most players are so hard on carthage, early in the game they are a bit weak but iberian infantry can hold a fight against hastati and spanish barbarian units. Plus they have an incredible trade position being on the central mediterrain. If you pool together your starting armies you should eaisly be able to take over sicily. Not to mention later in the game you get sacred band, sacred band cav, and war elephants. Carthage is a force to be reckoned with.
HungarianBoy Apr 8, 2010, 12:07 pm
libraxas Oct 17, 2008, 12:41 pm
I don't know how to win new factions, and i wonder if someone here can help me?
jesse.mccoll.00 Aug 1, 2008, 11:11 pm
were do you start playing
RAGERUNNER Apr 6, 2008, 02:50 pm
The guide is good but the author underestimates the phalanx and medium and light cavalry,they could be very useful,for chasing the routing enemy,and as scouts.And the Romans don't have all the same units,but different gladiators.The Julii have the Samnite Gladiators,the Brutii the Velite Gladiators,and the Scipii the Mirmillo Gladiators.The phalanx are almost invincible from the front,but very vurnerable from the flanks,and the rear.The best faction is Germania,with their Night Raiders,Berserkers,Gothic Cavalry,Spear Warband and so on.If they had onagers they would be invincible.Thrace,Scythia,Parthia and Gaul are good,too.There should be a list of mercenaries like Samnite mercenaries,Mercenary Hoplites and others.
leugim99 Feb 16, 2008, 10:16 am
Help From exterminating spartan hoplites
how can i defeat them please help me
Ravenrock Nov 28, 2007, 02:06 am
I would agree with Bodge's comment that the german spearmen are underestimated in this faction guide. I have managed to conquer Gaul, the House of Julii and remove Britannia from the mainland by using these spearmen and a few light calvary. Use the spearmen in the forests in a V formation and attack your enemy taking them offguard and skewering them. Then sound the charge and slay the routers with calvary. In this style of battle I have beaten armies twice the size of mine leaving only 10-20 survivors. I would strongly suggest playing as Germania if you wanted a faction other than Rome. Their later game units can be very effective and entertaining in combat. (Beserkers, Night Raiders, Gothic Calvary).
FaTiH Aug 29, 2007, 01:46 pm
I think the author can't use phalanx units well, too. The thing he didn't mentioned is phalanx's spears are longer then hoplite's. While phalanx units massacre hoplites, hoplites can't even hit them.
And I noticed a second thing that isn't included in guide. Cataphracts are heavily armoured then Companion Cavalry but this makes Cataphracts a little slower than other heavy cavalry and also they tire more quickly. Companion cavalry's armor is lighter but it's faster and has more stamina. And one last thing, I noticed it while author compares Macedonian Cavalry with Companion Cavalry, he says they're almost same. But there's a thing named charge bonus, it tellst how much more that unit will damage enemy at first clash(sorry for my english). This Companion cavalry's charge bonus is much more than others. Scythian Nobles' and Light Lancers' charge bonuses are great, too. This units can make half of enemy units die, and half to flee with only one strike. Except these I think the guide is perfect and well-made.
Javi_Wan Aug 12, 2007, 09:56 pm
I think that the author underestimated the thracians, they are an interesting faction to play, combining barbarians tactics (the great flaxmen and bastarnaes) with macedons phalanx, the only problem i have with them was the scythian menace. Early times are not easy to survive due to the agressive macedons, but making a great use of bribing and diplomacy you can survive and use their own armies against them. It is vital to control Byzantium and trade in black sea.

On the other hand i think that thracians should have more type of skirmish units or of a best qualitee, the peltast was a soldier of thracian origin
the legend Nov 15, 2006, 02:31 pm
can anyone help me with the cheat code process_rq ? it doesn"t work on my computer. what about the coordinates of the cheat code move_character (x,y) pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thaylan Sep 14, 2005, 02:48 am
Can somebody help me, my characters have stick feet and i want to know how to change that if any one could help me i would be pleassed.
Azlan Jul 5, 2005, 01:53 pm
The author has made one critical mistake in saying that all Roman factions have the same units. There is actually one difference: Gladiators. The Scipii have some really awesome gladiators who can only be trained at a fully upgraded Coliseum. The Julii get average gladiators who can be trained at a level 2 Amphitheatre. Finally, the Brutii get bad (this is a relative term) Gladiators who can be trained at the basic Arena.
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