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(Frequently Asked Questions)

This page is basically made for people who either haven't heard of the game (with the object of inciting them to get it), or are completely new to it. All questions not answered here can be easily asked

IGN: 94% "...Rome: Total War is without a doubt one of the best games I've ever played."
GameSpot: 91% "...realistic, cinematic-style battles."
GameSpy: 90% "Rome is as deep and as satisfying as they come ...visually awesome ...awesome game play."
FiringSquad: 93% "This is quite likely the best strategy game ever."
GameZone: 93% "...a great game that will provide a lot of enjoyment to action, strategy, or history fans (or all three in one)"

So, what is this game?

This game is a Strategy game. It has been decorated with the rightly-earned title of "Best Strategy Game of 2004" at the end-of-the-year E3 (Electronic Entertainment Exposition, held in Los Angeles).
It has 2 main fields of action where your armies can operate (both require a sense of strategy to operate successfully in them).
The first field is the map of Europe and the Mediterranean. Here your armies appear like toy soldiers (notice the difference between an army led by a general or without general - led by a captain with a random name). It's a lot like the model maps which were used up to World War II. In this map, however, you can manage the most important parts of the game - controlling the actual movement of your armies, capture and management of your cities. In fact, you can play on this map only, and never have a look at the battlefield itself (battles can be fought automatically - the game just calculates the armies' stats and decides who has won and how many casualties you and your ennemies have had; but then you will miss the most impressive and interesting part of the game...
The battlefield itself, where the most fascinating part of the game is played, where your armies come to life...and death, under your direct command. Here you can - contrary to Auto-battle - rout and massacre an army twice the size of yours with a clever strategy trick, or just by you troops' superior qualities.

Does this look like any game I might know?

People say it's like the Civilisation series (which were a total blockbuster in their time and are still being played by fans all over the world).
Also, this game is the third one in the Total War series: its predecessors were Shogun: Total War (medieval Japan) and Medieval: Total War (medieval Europe).

What are the PC requirements?

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Processor: 1GHz or more
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Memory:256MB RAM
  • Disk Space: 2.9 Gb (equals 2900 Mb), plus about 500 Mb for the game to run smoothly
  • Graphics: any DirectX compatible graphics card with 3D hardware accelerator and 64 Mb memory (latest drivers recommended)

Can I get this game for (any) console?

No, nothing is known of console versions.

Where can I download a demo and/or patches for the game?

Click here - this link takes you to the official download page of the game.

How can I take screens/record videos from the game?

There are 2 programs specifically designed for that: Fraps ( and GameCam. For further instructions please refer to the program's manual.

My game crashes a lot, there are huge bugs!

1-Before doing anything else, try reinstalling the game completely. 2-If the problem persists, there are two solutions:
  • If your game is original, official, legit - call it whatever you like - contact Activision Support
  • Your game might not be original, in that case, nobody can help you...

Where can I get the game online?

Get Rome Total War from, and the Rome Total War Official Game Guide, too!

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how do you
Anonymous Jul 2, 2005, 11:06 pm
It is a good site, I came to it to find out how to be all the different fations in the game
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