Goth's BI Mod Rome: Total War


Goth's All Factions Mod

for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

LATEST VERSION: 2.4.1 (02.06.2006)

About the mod:
It came about as a suggestion from Jaguar on the Rome Total Realism Forums to enable the slav faction in BI. After completing this (Slavmod) I decided to do a mod enabling all the factions (Goths All Factions Mod). This mod is a continuation of those earlier Mods.
I cannot claim credit for this mod myself because 3 other mods by very talented modders play a big part in it. All I have done is tie them together and add my own touches.
So massive thanks go firstly to Seleukos whose map this mod uses, the map is nicely balanced and very challenging.
Secondly to Darth Vader for his gameplay fix 1.6 which vastly improves combat in the battles.
Last and by no means least is Atilla Reloaded whose skins that are used in this Mod are the best I have ever seen (his skins cover the WRE, ERE, Franks, Saxons, Romano-Brits, Celts and Sassanid Persians).

Changes made:
  • Larger map with new cities (Seleukos' Map)
  • Improved Battles (Darths gameplay fix 1.6)
  • Atillas skins
  • All other factions not covered by Atillas skins have been recoloured to get rid of those awful BI colours
  • All factions enabled
  • Roman units can now use shieldwall
  • Reduced cost for maintenance of barbarian units
  • Larger Hordes that are also more durable allowing them to take more cities than before
  • Allemani and Saxons now horde too
  • Brigands and Pirates now appear very rarely (they got on my nerves)
  • Added extra units to the game to give a bit more urgency to the start
  • Many other balancing issues (too many to list)
  • Sprites have been done to improve effect (they are dark as sprites instead of nationality colour, I think it works well)
  • 1 bug removed and a few more tweaks added since 1.4 version
  • Dick and Alxcruels Hun skins
  • All other Factions reskinned and modelled by Ramon Gonzalez y Garcia and Goth
  • Many Shield designs supplied by Kali
  • All skins have been painstakingly reshaded to increase battlefield Realism
  • Viper1980s new mercenary pool and game balancing tweaks included
  • Archers Skymod included

WARNING: This is a work in progress, so I will be very grateful if you reported any bugs, so I can try and fix them.
You should:
  • check that you have got Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion patched to v.1.6.
  • download the core download (MAIN) first and then apply the updates.

Click here to download Goth's Mod v.2.4.1 full
None at the moment.
You can download the R:TW - BI 1.6 patch from the official site.
Click here to download Goth's Mod v.2.4 full
Click here to download Goth's Mod v.2.3 full
Click here to download Goth's Mod v.2
Patch 2.2.1

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