Mining and Gold Guide Dark Throne


Mining / Gold Guide

(by Gruntarus)


Mining is number one on the to-do list. The more miners you have, the bigger your income will be every thirty minutes. If you can't attack, like when you don't have any attack turns left, or if everyone around you has low gold, mining works quite well.

Near the start of the game (level 1-10) you may want around 100 miners. That would be about 4,500 gold every thirty minutes. Ok, your wondering how those guys in the ranks have a hundred billion gold. Well those guys either attack alot or, have a very high mining upgrade with 5000 miners. Now when you advance through the game you may want about 1,000 miners, then 2,000, then 3,000 and so on.

Without miners, you won't survive very long. If you go to Structures -> Upgrades and go down to the bottom, you may notice Mining Upgrades. If you meet the requirements and have enough gold, then go and buy it.

Each miner will mine 5 more gold. That doesn't sound that big a difference does it? Well it is. 20,000 gold can make a massive difference to your account if your a level 19-25 camper, get about 3 million defense, and about 10,000 miners. Also there is another use of the mining upgrade, which I will tell you in the next section.


Wondering what that other use is? Each upgrade gives you one more deposit. You start with 3 in the beginning. Withdraw 1 gold all day, although you can't deposit 1 gold all day. You get unlimited withdraws, but only a certain amount of deposits. For each deposit you make into the bank you get another deposit 24 hours later from when you made that transaction.

Now if your scared somebody might steal your gold when you withdraw it to upgrade to something, under the upgrade you want there is a box. Click it and you can upgrade, with the gold in your bank. Beware, you will need 10% more gold, so I wouldn't suggest it! Use the calculator on your computer, add your unbanked gold and your banked gold up, and if you have enough gold open a new window. Why? Because in that new window you will have your upgrade page, on your other window you will have the banking page. Withdraw all your gold. Then go to the new page and select the upgrade you want.

Beware of leaving too much gold lying around, especially if you're camping. There are lots of players who seek out those with money and 'farm' them. Bank the money as much as possible or spend it on useful things.


Camping is simply the act of building your strength, instead of attacking and trying to attain the next level as quickly as possible. Click the recruiter and spend your money on miners to get even more gold. If you climb levels too fast, you will be too weak compared to the players who took their time to gain power before moving up.

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ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:36 pm
Original comment by Mister V

"the offense that you can buy in battle upgrades equals the defense you can buy there! by using my super-mega-hyper-computer (otherwise called the Calculator in Windows) I just calculated that for the same amount of cash you can buy exactly the same amount of D and A on the Battle Upgrades page. Ex.: for my banked 100Mil I can buy (raw) 690000 defense (about 46 towers) or 690000 offense (about 230 steeds) nice balance they got"
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:36 pm
Original comment by coolredneck090

(on getting lots of gold) "get it where you make a mil a turn (by training miners) and get good farms"
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:34 pm
Original comment by SabinN

"money in the bank is wasted money. always have 0 gold on hand and that will garauntee that you're spending it. Only buy the most expensive stuff. Training nothing but miners until you have an equiped army. my soldiers/guards have one thing it common. They all are upgraded (knights/archers). They all hold the best weapon (greatsword/longbow), they all have a battle upgrade (tower/steed). When those conditions are met I buy more soldiers/guards."
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:33 pm
Original comment by SabinN

"There's no shame in camping. Shadow and I camped for a week and saved up $$$ for defense. It's worth it. If you lvl up too fast you're just begging for a whoopin"
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