Skills Dark Throne



(by Ringwraith)

Skill Advancement

As you advance in levels you will be awarded proficiency points. For each level you will have 1 skill point to assign to one of the five skill types. These are Strength, Constitution, Wealth, Dexterity and Charisma. Each of attribute gives you an increase of 1% in a particular area, which I will describe below.

When you increase in level, because of experience earned from a successful battle, you will see a link to the page where you can upgrade your stats.

You can also find these under the Main -> Levels menu.


This skill increases your Offense by 1% per point. The percentage is based on how high your total offensive score is, so it will be much better at higher levels, when you have better equipment from the armory and seige engine upgrades, like a battering ram. To see how high your total scores are look at the Main -> Members page.


This skill is a measure of your Defensive strength and thus increases your total Defense by 1% per point. It works the same as Strength and is more powerful when you get to higher levels and have better fortifications and defense equipment.


You know all that gold that your miners are bringing in every turn? Well this nice little factor raises that by 1% per point. You could sit back camping for turns and enjoy the rewards of a high wealth score. Beware though, farmers tend to look for people with lots of gold, check out the section on managing your gold.


This skill is great for Elves, because they make the best spies. It represents your military intelligence and increases both Offense and Defense scores for your spies by 1% per point.


Considering you will be buying stuff from the armory all the time, this is a very useful skill. It reduces armory prices by 1%. Over the course of the game this represents significant savings, allowing you to equip your army better for less money. Unfortunately it also reduces the sale price of your items, by a smaller percentage. This is the best stat to increase at the beginning levels, because you will need to buy lots of gear to make yourself powerful. As you buy gear, you boost your other stats anyways.

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