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Races & Classes

(by Ringwraith)

Races of Dark Throne

There are four races to choose from in the Dark Throne game. You must choose one of them when you first create an account or if you start over by clicking the Reset button on the Main -> Settings page. Each race has advantages over the others and one special unit or weapon.


Humans are the best warriors. From the beginning of the game a Human player has a 5% bonus in offensive power. Humans tend to do better in battle with smaller armies. Human players have access to the 'Great Sword' which is worth 1800 offense points and is cheaper than a Long Sword.


Goblins fight fiercly to defend their territory. A Goblin player has a 5% bonus on Defensive power from the beginning of the game. They also have access to the 'Great Bow' which is worth 1800 defense points. It is the defensive equivalent of the Human's 'Great Sword', in that it is cheaper than a Long Bow.


Elves are masters of subtlety and make great spies. An Elf player gains a 5% bonus to spying both in the Offensive and Defensive areas. They also have access to a special unit, which is the Elite Archer. They are defensive units like a normal archer, but more powerful.


Undead raise the bodies of their fallen enemies to fight among their ranks. For every enemy unit killed, they gain additional citizens. They also have access to the Berzerker unit, which is like a powerful knight.

Classes of Dark Throne

When creating a new character, you must also choose a class. Like the races of Dark Throne, there are four to choose from. Each class offers an advantage over the others.


A popular choice, considering this is primarily a game of war. Fighter's gain an additional 5% offense bonus. Whether you want to be a bloodthirsty warlord, a mighty samurai or an honourable knight, all warriors belong to this class.


Clerics are priests of the imaginary gods of DarkThrone. They gain an additional 5% defense bonus, presumably from their skills as healers and leaders.


A Thief could be the leader of a rogue's gallery or a master spy. The bonus for this class is 5% with spying.


A professional killer. This class gains additional 5% wealth, most likely because of contracts.

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