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Equipment Manual

(by Ringwraith)

DarkThrone Armory

All of this information can be found in the game on the Structures -> Armory page. It is listed here simply for convenience. Later I will be adding illustrations to make it a bit more interesting. Cost and resale values will not be included because they are relative to your Charisma score.


Type I - Weapon

Item Statistics
Hatchet +15 Offense
Flail +75 Offense
Short Sword +225 Offense
Battle Axe +700 Offense
Long Sword +1,500 Offense
Great Sword humans only +1,800 Offense

Type II - Helm

Steel Helmet +105 Offense
Knight's Helmet +300 Offense

Type III - Armour

Leather Armour +375 Offense
Chainmail Armour +750 Offense

Type IV - Boots

Leather Boots +50 Offense
Steel Boots +150 Offense

Type V - Bracers

Leather Bracers +65 Offense
Steel Bracers +180 Offense


Type I - Weapon

Item Statistics
Sling +15 Defense
Tower Shield +75 Defense
Throwing Axe +225 Defense
Short Bow +700 Defense
Long Bow +1,500 Defense
Great Bow goblins only +1,800 Defense

Type II - Helm

Padded Helmet +105 Defense
Studded-Leather Helmet +300 Defense

Type III - Armour

Padded Armour +375 Defense
Studded-Leather Armour +750 Defense

Type IV - Boots

Padded Boots +50 Defense
Studded-Leather Boots +150 Defense

Type V - Bracers

Padded Bracers +65 Offense
Studded-Leather Bracers +180 Offense

Spy Offense

Type I - Weapon

Item Statistics
Dagger +95 Spy Offense

Type II - Armour

Padded Armour +225 Spy Offense

Type III - Boots

Boots of Speed +700 Spy Offense

Type IV - Cloak

Cloak of Invisibility +2,000 Spy Defense

Sentry Defense

Type I - Weapon

Item Statistics
Halberd +700 Spy Defense

Type II - Helm

Helm +95 Spy Defense

Type III - Armour

Full Leather Armour +2,000 Spy Defense

Type IV - Shield

Buckler +225 Spy Defense

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Drizzt Jul 27, 2005, 09:48 pm
Great Bow are for Goblins ;-)
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