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(by Ringwraith)

What You Need to Know about Recruiting

All players should go to Community -> Recruiter and enable Public recruiting so you get citizens when others players recruit.

G-Unleashed has an alliance, but a member will need to invite you first, so go to the Dark Throne forum on GU and ask.

Members should go to Community -> Recruiter find the GU Alliance in the table and click 'Join this List'.

When you join a list, you will get 50 bonus citizens. You should go through your alliance lists first before using the public recruiter, because you will be contributing citizens towards your allies.

You are allowed 350 clicks per day, which you should use up if you want to compete with other players. This number includes any recruiting that you do in both the public and alliance lists. It's a bit of a pain, but there's advertising on the page and it helps the web site creators, by paying for the services required to run it. The maximum number of citizens per day that you can gain by using this method is 250.

To use the public recruiter once it's enabled click on the big 'Start Recruiting' button. To use an alliance recruiter, just click on the link to your alliance and keep clicking until you go through all the members. Whenever you visit the main recruiting page you will see statistics based on how many times you contributed and received citizens. There is a credit system, so the more you use it, the sooner you will get new citizens. When you start, you have a credit of 25 in the system. New citizens from the recruiter don't arrive right away, but if you check back after a while, they will start arriving in bunches.

Personal Recruiter

Every player has their own recruiting link which you can find on the Main -> Members page. You will see a link called 'Your Link'. Copy this and give it out to friends who play the game. If you get 25 clicks using this method, you will get 25 more citizens and 250 gold extra per day.


Building houses is part of the recruiting process although not quite as lucrative as using the recruiter. You start off with the ability to build 5 houses for 25,000 gold each, which will bring in one citizen for each house per day. For every fortification level that you gain throughout the course of the game you will be able to build an additional 5 houses, but the maximum is 100. To build houses simply go to Structures -> Housing and purchase them.


This section can be found under Battle -> Mercenaries. You will not be able to use this type of recruiting at the early levels, because it will require fortification upgrades to be made first. One you have purchased mercenary camps, you can hire the four basic types of units. With each upgrade you will receive 10 more mercenaries per day. There is a maximum of 100 mercenaries in a 24 hour period.

Camp Level Cost Number of Units Requirement
1 100,000 10 Units Village
2 250,000 20 Units Outpost
3 450,000 30 Units Outpost Level 2
4 700,000 40 Units Stronghold
5 1,000,000 50 Units Stronghold Level 2
6 1,350,000 60 Units Citadel
7 1,750,000 70 Units Citadel Level 2
8 2,200,000 80 Units Fortress
9 2,700,000 90 Units Fortress Level 2
10 3,250,000 100 Units Castle

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ringwraith Oct 1, 2005, 06:07 pm
Here is the link to a 6 frame recruiter for your clicking pleasure.
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:42 pm
Original comment by Revolution

(about clicking the recruiter 350 times) "only takes me 10 minutes, and i'm on 56k i just have 3 windows up when i'm doing that, takes much shorter timewise. Tile the windows once you open 'em and you'll get maxed out soon enough, then just go back the next day and do 'em again."
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